Lord Baron Rothschild on the Balfour Declaration

In the following video you have the oh! so British sounding Baron Lord Jacob Rothschild addressing the creation of Israel, due to the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration which the Jewish Theresa May Government is making into an annual British event (UN)worthy of celebration. Here the despicable old creature boasts of how that document is the greatest writing in thousands of years of Jewish history.

This is their version of events. The Balfour Declaration was a major reason for the first World War which carried on into the second, which many consider WW1 Part 2. British Jewry promised to bring the USA into the war, against the will of the American people ~ to help Britain on behalf of the Jewish bankers beat Germany during WWI. They promised the Zionist Jews Palestine. This was intended to result in  the eventual creation of the State of Israel ~ the deluded egotistical angry wasp beneath the international saddle blanket.

The Israeli state has been embarking on aggressive expansionist policies in order to be considered the regional superpower, eventually on an international level through the implementation of the Oded Yinon Plan, something we have spoken of here for far too many years.

Personally, my stomach kind of roils when I watch and listen to these creatures. So I advise you to keep a bucket nearby. I do have one pertinent question to ask, however:

Why do we never see a Rothschild wearing a kippah?

Do an image search on this and you will find every high ranking person on the planet wearing a kippah but never a Rothschild. Just a silly gentile observation when watching this video and noticing that the interviewer had his pate covered but the proud Jewish modern “King of the Jews” did not.

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