Alex Jones ordered to pay $473M more to Sandy Hook families

ed note–again, as we have stated on previous occasions in commenting on the financial beheading/dismemberment which Jones is enduring, we do so without an ounce of gloat, gladness or glee, but with profound regret, not at what Jones is enduring per se, but rather because what is going to come out of this, as well as the fact that saner voices WARNED over the course of an entire decade– somewhere between a million and a billion times–that this was coming, and all of those warnings were for the most part ignored and ridiculed.

The first thing to understand about the controlled demolition of Alex Jones is that he is not the ‘target’ in this. The ENTIRE ‘alternative media’ is, as well as certain voices within the ‘right wing’ and ‘conservative’ media including Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, and others, who–although certainly problematic in their refusal to discuss the PREDOMINANT AND IMPOSSIBLE TO DENY role which the organized forces of anti-Gentisilim play in what is the obvious controlled demolition of America and the west, neverthless, who DO manage to skate closer to the edge of the ‘truth’ than anyone else out there who is ‘mainstream’.

Having said that, what needs to be understood is that the ENTIRE ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ fiasco was and remains to this day an intelligence operation run out of Tel Aviv, DC, New York, etc. It’s main goal was to destroy the credibility of any and all ‘alternative’ voices and the outlets they utilize–Alex Jones being the biggest and most prominent–who choose to unravel and expose events such as 9/11 and other tectonic events leading to even-more serious and apocalyptically-dangerous geo-political earthquakes.

As a result of all the craziness surrounding the ‘hoax’ nonsense (the central tenet of which is that ‘no shooting’ took place at Sandy Hook, that ‘no one died’ and that the entire event was a scripted, made-for-primetime ‘hoax’ that was cooked up to look real) those responsible voices, including this guy–

Who singularly solved the giant mystery surrounding the assassination of this guy–

Got thrown into the morass and the mess of the Sandy Hook Hoax nonsense and in the process, watched as his unparralelled life’s work got flushed down the toilet.


Now, as far as the bankrupting of Jones–

With these OUTRAGEOUS amounts levied against him, amounts that would normally only be seen in a case involving some major corporation being sued class-action style with hundreds or even thousands of plaintiffs who somehow were harmed by some product which said corporation sold, the engineers/architects of this operation have now achieved 2 main goals–

1. To threaten OUT IN THE OPEN guys like this–


and this–

–and others who are becoming more ‘bold’ in their reporting/discussion of the tectonic events taking place these days that they–JUST LIKE JONES–can easily find themselves on the receiving end of a court’s judgment against them for BILLION$ based upon someone being ‘harmed’ by what they have said/written,


2. To further decertify, debase and de-platform those ‘responsible’ journalists, podcasters, researchers, etc working within that now discredited ‘alternative media’ that anything they say is ‘fake news’ and not to be taken seriously.

And, just as in the previous 2 part delineation of the ‘why’ of all of this, there is another 2-sided coin attached to the tragedy of it all, to wit–

1. All of this was warned a decade ago, and yet ‘troooothers’ numbering in the thousands–maybe even in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS–not only ignored these warnings, but indeed, ridiculed them and accused those few voices who dared to utter these warnings of being ‘government shills’ and ‘seekrit operatives’ for CIA/Mossad, 


2. The tragedies that are about to befall the world will have been made MUCH, MUCH easier to inflict as a result of stupid people ignoring the warnings and who chose instead to ‘go with the flow’ and to ‘not make waves’ by denouncing Jones, Fetzer, Rense, and the rest of ‘the gang’ who brought the ticking time bomb into the very home of the ‘911 Truth Movement’, and in the process of ignoring the lit fuse coming out of that gift-wrapped box, blew all of us trying to save the world to kingdom come.


Associated Press

Infowars host Alex Jones and his company were ordered by a judge Thursday to pay an extra $473 million for promoting false conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook school massacre, bringing the total judgment against him in a lawsuit filed by the victims’ families to a staggering $1.44 billion.

Connecticut Judge Barbara Bellis imposed the punitive damages on the Infowars host and Free Speech Systems. Jones repeatedly told his millions of followers the massacre that killed 20 first graders and six educators was staged by ‘crisis actors’ to enact more gun control.

‘The record clearly supports the plaintiffs’ argument that the defendant’s conduct was intentional and malicious, and certain to cause harm by virtue of their infrastructure, ability to spread content, and massive audience including the ‘Infowarriors,’ the judge wrote in a 45-page ruling.

Christopher Mattei, a lawyer for the Sandy Hook families, said he hopes the award sends a message to conspiracy theorists who profit from lies.

‘The Court recognized the ‘intentional, malicious … and heinous’ conduct of Mr. Jones and his business entities,’ Mattei said in a statement.

On his show Thursday, Jones called the award ‘ridiculous’ and a ‘joke’ and said he has little money to pay the damages.

‘Well, of course I’m laughing at it,’ he said. ‘It’d be like if you sent me a bill for a billion dollars in the mail. Oh man, we got you. It’s all for psychological effect. It’s all the Wizard of Oz … when they know full well the bankruptcy going on and all the rest of it, that it’ll show what I’ve got and that’s it, and I have almost nothing.’

Eight victims’ relatives and the FBI agent testified during a monthlong trial about being threatened and harassed for years by people who deny the shooting happened. Strangers showed up at some of their homes and confronted some of them in public. People hurled abusive comments at them on social media and in emails. Some received death and rape threats.

Six jurors ordered Jones to pay $965 million to compensate the 15 plaintiffs for defamation, infliction of emotional distress and violations of Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Jones, who lives and works in Austin, Texas, has bashed the trial as unfair and as an assault on free speech rights. He says he will appeal the verdicts. He also has said he doesn’t have the money to pay such huge verdicts, because he has less than $2 million to his name — which contradicted testimony at a similar trial in Texas. Free Speech Systems, meanwhile, is seeking bankruptcy protection.

Bellis found Jones and Infowars’ parent company liable for damages without a trial last year, as a consequence for what she called his repeated failures to turn over many financial documents and other records to the plaintiffs. After the unusual ‘default’ ruling, the jury was tasked only with deciding on the amount of compensatory damages and whether punitive damages were warranted.

Jones says that he turned over thousands of documents and that the default ruling deprived him of his right to present a defense against the lawsuit.

The punitive damages include about $323 million for the plaintiffs’ attorney fees and costs and $150 million for violations of the Unfair Trade Practices Act.

In Connecticut, punitive damages for defamation and infliction of emotional distress are generally limited to plaintiffs’ legal fees. The Sandy Hook plaintiffs’ lawyers are to get one-third of the $965 million in compensatory damages under a retainer agreement.

But there is no cap on punitive damages for violations of the Unfair Trade Practices Act. The plaintiffs had not asked for a specific amount of punitive damages, but under one hypothetical calculation they said such damages could be around $2.75 trillion under the law.

In a similar trial in Texas in August, Jones was ordered to pay nearly $50 million to the parents of another child killed in the Sandy Hook shooting for calling the massacre a hoax. A forensic economist testified during that trial that Jones and Free Speech Systems have a combined net worth as high as $270 million.

Jones hawks nutritional supplements, survival gear and other products on his show, which airs on the Infowars website and dozens of radio stations. Evidence at the Connecticut trial showed his sales spiked around the time he talked about the Sandy Hook shooting, leading the plaintiffs’ lawyers to say he was profiting off the tragedy.

In documents recently filed in Free Speech Systems’ bankruptcy case in Texas, a budget for the company for Oct. 29 to Nov. 25 estimated product sales would total $2.5 million, while operating expenses would be about $740,000. Jones’ salary was listed at $20,000 every two weeks.

On Wednesday, Bellis, the Connecticut judge, ordered Jones to not move any of his assets out of the country, as the families seek to attach his holdings to secure money for the damages. Jones, meanwhile, has asked the judge to order a new trial or at least reduce the compensatory damages to a ‘nominal’ amount.

A third and final trial over Jones’ hoax claims is expected to begin around the end of the year in Texas. As in Connecticut, Jones was found liable for damages without trials in both Texas cases because he failed to turned over many records to the plaintiffs.

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