As Reported Here First–Russia says Ukraine making nuclear ‘dirty bombs’ at Chernobyl

Russian news agencies quoted ‘a representative of a competent body’ in Russia on Sunday as saying Ukraine was developing nuclear weapons at the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

ed note–and what other reaction can we elicit here at this humble little informational endeavor other than to say ‘CHA-CHING’ ladies and Gentile-men…

The readers of this website will recall that it was here, and, as far as we know, ONLY HERE, where the issue of ‘nukes’ and specifically ‘Chernobyl’ were raised as being the primary and PRINCIPLE reason (s) for Putin choosing at this time to initiate military actions in neighboring Ukraine.

Now, as much as it may appear that we are engaging in some degree of running a victory lap, it isn’t…

Well, maybe a little, but we feel we earned it… 

The real reason for pointing this out is to underscore–in the interests of doing a much-needed service to the public –just how INEPT AND UTTERLY INCOMPETENT the bulk of the ‘alternative media’ is in reporting, analyzing and peering deeper than merely the superficial level into the mechanics of major world events taking place today, and furthermore, why the bulk of this INEPT AND UTTERLY INCOMPETENT ‘alternative media’ needs to be seen for what it truly is–a very, very small ‘neighborhood’ located within what is now referred to as ‘the Deep State’ and therefore why it should be avoided for being the disinformation/misinformation plague that it is.

An honest assessment of the history of this ‘alternative media’ and its various shenanigans in recent years includes but is not limited to the following–

–The various ‘hoax’ theories surrounding events such as Sandy Hook to the Boston Marathon Bombing and beyond…

–Its adoption of the same anti-Islamic ‘protocols’ which NeoCon, Inc got started on 9/11 that might be best typified with the words  DEM MOOOZLIMS…

–Rancid public spectacles on the part of various White Nationalist/Neo-Nazi ‘outfits’ and individuals that have brought us political clusterf*** disasters such as Charlottesville…

–Those whose claim to fame has been the senseless bleating and braying that DJT and Putin were ‘seekrit Jooz’ taking orders from Netanyahu and that anything that suggested any pushback on the part of the 2 world leaders against Israel’s demands was just ‘political theater’…

–Those websites today maintaining a running list of various high-profile political personages who have ‘secretly’ been executed by the ‘good guys’ at Gitmo, including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, etc, etc, etc, and that the persons today being seen on video footage are in fact ‘actors’ and ‘doubles’ who were put in place to hide these ‘executions’…

ALL OF THE ABOVE EXAMPLES (and others not mentioned) are the reason (s) we all find ourselves right now staring down the barrel of a BIG gun that is loaded with thermonuclear weapons.

Now, as far as the particulars of this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND REVEALING NEWS PIECE–

Chernobyl is already a ‘dirty’ nuclear bomb. It is just as dangerous to all persons living on God’s green earth today as on the day it ‘went up’ in 1986. All that would be necessary in ‘activating’ this ‘dirty bomb’ would be for some ‘adventurous’ individual or a group of them working for Mossad/CIA to arrange an ‘explosion’ at the giant dome presently containing all the radiation located within reactor #4 and–VOILA–a brand new disaster, the blame for which would fall squarely in the lap of–

Drum roll please–

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom Israel and America want driven out of the Middle East so that the forces of international Zionism will be free to continue on with their murder and mayhem–particularly in Syria, Lebanon and Iran–as part of the ‘grand design’ of ‘redeeming’ all that ‘promised land’ between the Nile and Euphrates rivers as Judaism dictates must be done prior to the arrival of the ‘Moschiac’, or Messiah.



Russian media cited an unnamed source on Sunday as saying that Ukraine was close to building a plutonium-based ‘dirty bomb’ nuclear weapon, although the source cited no evidence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, with the aim to ‘demilitarize’ and ‘denazify’ its pro-Western neighbor and prevent Kyiv from joining NATO.

The West, dismissing that rationale as a pretext, has responded with harsh sanctions on Moscow and heavy military and other aid to Kyiv.

The TASS, RIA and Interfax news agencies quoted ‘a representative of a competent body’ in Russia on Sunday as saying Ukraine was developing nuclear weapons at the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear power plant that was shut down in 2000.

Ukraine’s government has said it had no plans to rejoin the nuclear club, having given up its nuclear arms in 1994 following the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Shortly before the invasion, Putin said in a grievance-filled speech that Ukraine was using Soviet know-how to create its own nuclear weapons, and that this was tantamount to preparation for an attack on Russia.

He cited no evidence for his claim.