From the Viper’s Mouth–‘The letter that we Jews must send to Donald Trump’

ed note–we’ll forego the usual extended ed note commentary in favor of highlighting a few sections of the following essay scribed by high-ranking member of the viper’s den, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and to counsel the Gentile reader to understand it for the veiled threat to DJT and his CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN that it is when he pairs the following words together–

…murdered your own Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren…

as well as–

The world is watching you, Mr. President, as is the Jewish community, along with your beloved children and grandchildren. The time to act is now.


By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

We are asking leaders and influencers of the American Jewish community to sign this public appeal to President Donald Trump. Please add your name.

Dear Mr. President,

We the undersigned leaders of the Jewish community will forever be grateful for all you did to support and defend the Jewish State of Israel. Your commitment made a unique contribution to the future of the Jewish people and its eternal homeland.

But gratitude and loyalty are different things altogether, the former capturing sentiments about the past and the latter related to the future.

Your recent dinner with Kanye West, one of America’s most vocal and rabid antisemites, along with neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes, at your home in Florida is deeply troubling and dangerous. You say that you did not know Fuentes, or the extent to which he regularly demonizes Jewry. We believe you, although we are very concerned that no-one vetted this decision adequately, to protect your Presidential credibility and ensure it is not offered to those who would abuse it.

But you certainly knew that Kanye West had been on a weeks-long diabolical campaign against Jewry, essentially describing our community publicly as leaches, bloodsuckers, and parasites. You also know that just days after your dinner, Ye declared, in a national media forum, his admiration for Hitler and the Nazis and then tweeted a Swastika embedded in a Jewish star. Elon Musk, to his credit, immediately banned Ye’s account from Twitter. We cannot comprehend why you have been utterly silent about your dinner guest, whom you personally defended after being criticized and who praised the man who murdered six million Jews. As you know, Hitler would have murdered your own Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, so why would give his supporters the time of day, let alone a seat quite literally at your table?

Antisemitism is on the rise around the world and, shockingly, in the United States. During your presidency, 11 Jews were murdered at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then another in Poway, California. A Jew was stabbed to death in Monsey and another was murdered in Jersey City. This is aside from the thousands of other attacks against Jews that continue almost daily. We are confused as to how such an incomparable friend of Israel as yourself could participate in lending credence to those who praise the Nazis and seek our extinction.

We will never forget how you moved America’s embassy to Jerusalem, recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, supported Israel at the UN, and above all else, how you removed America from the catastrophic Iran deal which showered the murderous Mullahs in Tehran with billions of dollars and legitimized their nuclear program, amid their declared intention of annihilating the Jewish state. But none of these actions excuse your highlighting neo-Nazi Hitler supporters which inevitably aids and abets the growth of violent antisemitism in the United States. Your unstinting support for Israel does not in any way excuse your breaking bread with would-be Nazis.

You are famous for your candor, Mr. President, and we therefore want to show you the respect of being equally candid.

Please condemn Kanye, Fuentes, and all of their ilk who claim to be your supporters and admirers. Pledge publicly never again to grant them a meeting or a platform until they apologize for, and utterly repudiate, their vile hate and antisemitism, or risk losing the admiration of those Jews who heretofore have been so grateful for your having stood with Israel and the Jewish people in their hour of need. Failure on your part to condemn Ye, Fuentes, and all who share their vile ideology and who call themselves part of your base, will inevitably provoke a widespread and irrevocable repudiation of your candidacy and your legacy.

The world is watching you, Mr. President, as is the Jewish community, along with your beloved children and grandchildren. The time to act is now.

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