God's Chosen Child Molesters– Dozens of pedophiles in Israel arrested after police sting

Two female police officers posed online as 13-year-olds and received lewd and explicit messages, videos and photos.


After a three-month long undercover operation in which two Israeli policewomen posed online as 13-year-old girls, dozens of suspects have been arrested for pedophilia offenses.

The men that the policewomen made contact with were aware that the girls they were speaking with were minors. They sent sexually explicit photos, videos and messages. Israel Police said the purpose of the exercise was to deter further attacks.

”We will spare no means to reach the truth and make sure that those who need to pay a price [for their actions], will do so,” a spokesperson for the police said.

Twenty suspects from across the country, ranging in age from their twenties to their seventies, were arrested Monday morning. They will be brought to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court for hearings on the extent of their detentions.

”The phenomenon of pedophilia is widespread, and it has significant social and moral consequences,” the police said.

4 thoughts on “God's Chosen Child Molesters– Dozens of pedophiles in Israel arrested after police sting

  1. They have never managed to bring down any other huge illegal trades in Israel for so many reasons, so this small nibble, whilst a good thing, is just that, a nibble at the base of a sputtering fuming volcano.
    Tackle the slave and organ trades, just for starters. I have a feeling these guys, as usual could have been nabbed because they were talking to Jewish women, not chattel.

  2. Looks like the Jews are trying to look ‘cool’ before western eyes by appearing to officially reject paedophilia, which is actually a part of their black magic cult as recommended in their Talmud.
    The black magic practice in truth involves stealing life force energy from helpless young kids, even from their own kids, the dark sexual process is also used to bond and entrain their own children psychically.
    When Jews abuse Gentile children though, the abuse enters a totally different level, it is a whole different thing, as rather than just stealing energy from the Gentile children, the Jews really get into sadistic ‘revenge’, and even killing when they get hold of Gentile kids, rather than just having sex with them.
    Maybe the Jews are simply telling their own to save the nastiness for Gentile kids.
    After all, why would Jewish police working in a Jewish state that has Jewish scriptures telling Jews to have sex with tiny children actually try to stop Jews having sex with children? It is simply a transparent attempt to stop Gentiles thinking that Jews are a bunch of paedophiles.
    This attempt at deception won’t work, we have seen the Jewish black magic ‘scriptures’ that tell the Jews to have sex with little children. The Jewish authorities are merely trying to put on a false front; their police strategy does not ring true to me at all.

  3. God’s Chosen Child Molesters?
    Well if your going to mix religion into this it should be.: The Lord’s Chosen Child Molesters.
    God would not approve something to do with moral ethics. But Lord Ba’al, hell he’d jump at the chance to sexual abuse a child.

  4. Via their control over the MONEY SUPPLY of NATIONS, they control every other aspect of life in the West. Pedophilia is just ONE ASPECT of the depravity of the so-called “Jews” ~ the “elites” of the West. They control EVERY ASPECT of life in the West ~ due to their control over the MONEY SUPPLY.

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