How They Do It–Schumer vows to force votes on impeachment witnesses

ed note–again, in re-iterating a theme covered here earlier, Judea, Inc wants it known–at least to the political class in DC and beyond–that it was/is Jewish interests gunning to bring Trump down as evidenced by the fact that the point men in all of this–Nadler, Schiff and Schumer–are 3 high-ranking operatives for Israel with deep ties to Israeli intelligence. 

Nadler represents the most Jewish district in America. Schiff represents Hollywood–an extension of Mossad and it’s mind-control/blackmail operations and is as intrinsic to Israel’s deep state operations as are CIA and other entities, and Chuck Schumer, well, what more needs to be said, as he is ‘Mr. Israel’ himself. 

Those ‘eks-purts’ within ‘duh muuvmnt’ who can be counted on to chirp like Mockingbirds that Trump just can’t be–CAN’T BE–running a sophisticated, multi-layered political operation that– although in some respects gives the surface-level appearance of him being the most ‘pro-Zionist’ president ever–and yet who ASSIDUOUSLY and some might even say FANATICALLY refuse to plug the glaring facts involving the aforementioned 3 high-level Israeli operatives (to say nothing of the David Frums, Jennifer Rubins, Charles Krauthammers, Bill Kristols, Eliot Cohens, Kagan brothers, Max Boots, etc, etc, etc,) into their calculus in determining that indeed a political assassination is as much underway as the events taking place in Dallas on 11/22/63 need to be avoided as ‘credible’ sources of political analysis as those mental misfits who conjured up now-infamous narratives involving mass shootings that never took place.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday that Democrats will force votes on witnesses at the start of the impeachment trial even as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has secured enough support to delay the decision until mid-trial. 

“Make no mistake, on the question of witnesses and documents, Republicans may run but they can’t hide. There will be votes at the beginning on whether to call the four witnesses we’ve proposed and subpoena the documents we’ve identified,” Schumer said. 

He added that “America and the eyes of history will be watching what my Republican colleagues do.” 

“If every Republican senator votes for a rigged trial that hides the truth, the American people will see that the Republican Senate is part of a large and awful cover-up,” Schumer said. 

Schumer’s pledge that Democrats will force votes on witnesses at the start of the trial comes as his negotiations with McConnell are at a standstill. 

McConnell wants to pass two resolutions: The first, at the outset of the trial, would only deal with the rules. The Senate could then pass a second resolution, after opening arguments and questions from senators, that would determine which, if any, witnesses will be called. 

McConnell appears to have the 51 votes necessary to set up the impeachment rules without Democratic support. 

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), a key swing vote, threw her support last week behind delaying a decision on witnesses. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), another swing vote, told reporters on Monday night that she also supported limiting the first resolution to just trial rules, and that a decision on witnesses should wait until after the trial starts. 

But the rules resolution is amendable on the Senate floor, meaning Democrats are able to force votes to shoehorn in language calling for specific witnesses. McConnell will need, and appears to have, the 51 votes to shoot down any attempt by Democrats to change the language of a rules resolution to include witness.

Democrats want to compel a slew of Ukraine-related documents and four specific witnesses, including former national security advisor John Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney. 

“The Republican leader and several Republican senators have suggested that each side complete their arguments and then we decide on witnesses. The idea is as backwards as it sounds,” Schumer said on Tuesday. 

Schumer added that Republicans were “dodging and twisting themselves into pretzels” when asked on Monday about if Bolton should testify. 

“A trial isn’t a trial without evidence. A trial without all the facts is a farce. If the president is ultimately acquitted at the end of a sham trial, his acquittal will be meaningless,” Schumer said.

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