If Trump Is beholden to Russia, then Israel faces dire threat to its existence in Syria

Under the current circumstances, can we rely on Trump to protect Israel if and when it faces a direct threat from Moscow? Under such dangerous circumstances, Trump could very well turn out being not the friendliest American president in Israel’s history as Netanyahu portrays him, but rather the most dangerous.

ed note–and, once again, as we like to say here often, if indeed, as the narrative goes, that mighty yahweh, the god of the Jews, the deity who brought the plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, the pillar of fire at night and the sandstorm during the day, if indeed this is all ‘his plan’ as Israel’s supporters claim, then let the Jooz rely on him to protect them cuz’ they sure as hell don’t need Uncle Sam to do it.

Next, we can already see here how they are laying the groundwork for rejecting Trump’s ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’, by making the claim–based on Trump’s recent decision to pull out of Syria–that Trump is unreliable and does not have the security needs of the Jewish state in mind, and therefore, how can dear, little, defenseless, pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow Israel, yahweh’s chosen people, the rose of sharon and the apple of his eye, count on DJTPOTUS to have the best interests of dJooz in mind after throwing them to the wolves with his Syria pullout?

And, as we like to say here, –Wait for it, watch for it, because just as sure as s*** it is coming.


Following a hiatus of introspection that lasted close to two decades, starting with the collapse of communism and ending with Putin’s consolidation of power, Russia has once again adopted an imperialist strategy in the Middle East by turning it into a Russian sphere of influence. Control of the region is necessary, among other things, in order to serve as a forward post and as a counterbalance against U.S. forces in the Gulf and in Europe. All U.S. presidents, from Eisenhower to Obama, were forced to deal with containing Russia’s Middle East ambitions, each in his own way and own success, or failure. But no one doubted their commitment to fighting Russia off, until Trump became president.

Trump is still seen as a good friend of Israel, but the withdrawal from Syria has eroded the public’s confidence in the stability and reliability of his support. The exit from Syria has been interpreted as an expression of his isolationist tendencies and his wish to extract the U.S. from costly military interventions, as he promised during the campaign. During his Christmas visit to U.S. troops in Iraq, Trump presented his more transactional view of international affairs: Israel gets $4.5 billion a year, he said, as if that was the only nature and extent of support that Jerusalem could expect from its friends in Washington.

Questions of deterrence, projections of power, international leadership or the traditional Middle East view of hasty withdrawals as tantamount to cutting and running are either foreign to Trump or pale in significance in his eyes compared to fulfilling his “America First” ideology, which, it now turns out, could exact a steep price from Israel.

But it’s one thing to ascribe Trump’s withdrawal to his beliefs – self-centered and muddled as these may be – and quite another if his behavior, including the Syrian retreat, stems from a far more sinister place. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has yet to unveil a smoking gun pointing directly at Trump but what is already known is enough to raise suspicions that the president is beholden to the Kremlin in one way or another.

There’s no doubt that Russia devoted enormous resources and many millions of dollars to boost Trump’s candidacy and there’s no doubt than an inordinate number of his closest confidants met frequently with representatives of the Kremlin during the election campaign in order to advance the same goal. Even if Trump didn’t play an active role in a conspiracy to collude, he should certainly be aware just how much he owes the Russians.

Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo said this week that the question of collusion is beside the point. The Russians examined the candidates and came to the conclusion that Trump best served their interests. After making the decision, they used disinformation and psychological warfare and deployed an army of cyber bots to distribute them far and wide. Given that only 70,000 votes in three states were needed to make Trump president, one can hardly discount the claim that were it not for Russia’s intervention, Clinton would now be sitting in the White House.

But whatever his true motivation, by any results-oriented yardstick Trump has proven to be a Russian dream come true, advancing the Kremlin’s interests as if he was a hired hand; He disdains allies, praises enemies, weakens NATO, bickers with China, revokes sanctions against Putin’s cronies and repeatedly hints that the West should come to terms with the invasion of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea – never mind the division and demoralization that he sows inside the U.S. Throwing away the keys to Syria is part of the same trend. Under such circumstances, can one rely on Trump to protect Israel if and when it will face a direct threat from Moscow? Iran, maybe. But Russia?

Under such dangerous circumstances, Trump could turn out to be not the friendliest American president in history, as Netanyahu portrays him, but the most dangerous. Even if one accepts the contention that it was Obama who opened the doors for Russia to enter the Middle East or that it was Obama who first abandoned Syria, the 44th president frequently confronted Putin’s ambitions and pushed back. The fear that Clinton would continue the same line and even toughen it is what convinced the Kremlin to support Trump in the first place.

The detachment of America from the Middle East is worrying enough for Israel in the arena of its fight against Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, which all enjoy Russia’s patronage to one degree or another. But it is a clear and present danger if Russia knows that Washington won’t resist any pressure or threat on Israel: The void creates a clash that’s just waiting to happen. The Israeli army is strong and resilient but still a midget compared to Russia’s million soldiers, 3500 jets, 15,000 tanks, 55 submarines and thousands of nuclear bombs. For Israel, a direct clash with Russia is the worst of its nightmares and the sum of all fears. This is true in normal times and doubly so when the U.S. president cannot be relied on even during Israel’s most dire need.

As conservative columnist Bret Stephens wrote in the New York Times this week about the impact of Trump’s Syria retreat: “During the eight years of the Obama presidency, I thought U.S. policy toward Israel couldn’t get worse. As with so much else, Donald Trump succeeds in making his predecessors look good.”

In political terms, a confrontation with Russia could serve Netanyahu’s election campaign. It would enhance his image as Mr. Security while distracting from his legal complications. But it is a gamble nonetheless: Another run-in with Moscow could undermine Netanyahu’s claim to have reached understandings with Putin. Worse, it could shine a nasty spotlight on his total and potentially fatal decision to invest Israel’s all in Trump.

Such a perception could boomerang against Netanyahu on April 9, though one should always consider the possibility that the Kremlin has already evaluated the various candidates and decided that Netanyahu would best serve its purposes and interests. In which case, any loss of public support for Netanyahu for mishandling Israel’s global relations would be more than offset by legions of Russian cyber bots, sent out to spread lies and animosity, as only they can.

7 thoughts on “If Trump Is beholden to Russia, then Israel faces dire threat to its existence in Syria

  • December 28, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    What a hoppin’, heapin’ hill of hebrew horse shit! Russia, Iran & Hezbollah wouldn’t BE in Syria had jewry not schemed & pushed for the overthrow of Assad and the destruction od Syria, a la Iraq & Libya. Today’s situation in Syria was totally created by Rothschild jewry and it FAILED. Now deal with it you lying jew bastards! You evil pariah & threat to Humanity! You septic bacteria!
    Israel is mad because it’s the jews who are supposed to control the world and whoever stands in their way is the enemy of the west & Rothschild Jewry’s NWO. WHY can’t stupid Americans see right through the jew media & their abject lies? Jeeezz.

  • December 28, 2018 at 5:45 pm

    the more i look at this, the more i see two essential realities.
    • first, that at the most fundamental level, the nature of physical and spiritual existence is binary, e.g.:
    0=agency of lie, chaos, evil, ugliness, destruction, perversion, cruelty, suffering, treachery
    1= truth, justice, organization, tranquility, harmony
    so that jew is simply being jew, which is to say that he is firmly anchored to the destructive principle (“0”) and escaping this bondage is one of the hardest tasks possible, as Virgil’s famous Aeneid stanza runs:

    Facilis descensus Averno; Noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis; Sed revocare gradum superasque evadere ad auras, Hos opus, hic labor est.

    the descent to Avernus [the underworld] is easy : the road to evil is smooth,
    night and day the gloomy gate of Hell stands open,
    but to recall your steps and escape into the upper airs,
    this is the [life’s] work, this, the struggle

    and for this reason, those jews that got themselves shorn of judaism, properly unjewed, such as sadly missed roger dommergue are such a gift to humanity, because they saw and smelled evil up close and personal and had the strength of character and soul to tear themselves away and ring the alarm bell for the world to awake.
    • secondly, that our principal task is to face the rreal threat: those among us who through plague of intellect or morals have fallen into jew’s servitude and by that i principally mean The Protestant tribe who are to jew as jew is to lucifer and invented specifically for that purpose, to dig a protective trench, a moat that keeps us from going after jew directly.
    but at least they cannot fling the odious, omnipotent charge of antisemitism/holocaust at us if and when we do understand that never was there an enemy of jew-satan (John 8:44-45) of note who wasn’t as such suppressed by the utterly mindless, soulless protestant posse, fed daily sludge of misdirection towards the jesuits, feudal nobility, illuminati, rosicrucians, islam and whatnot – jesus, hitler, stalin, putin – TRUMP!, the operative motto being
    an Enemy of Jew is an Enemy of Mine
    and any sensibility not soaked in the heady spice of cognitive dissonance is cause of unbearable agony.

  • December 29, 2018 at 5:51 am

    Well said Jim

  • December 30, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    Jim’s on point.When Western media asked why Russia is aiding the Assad government, prez Putin quite clearly stated that he is there to support the “Syrian state”, for another failed state in the midideast,Vladimir Putin saw as a clear and present threat to Russia,I mean what borders Russia’s southernmost borders, ‘yes ,Islamic Republics, e.g.,all those various Turkic countries ,all were potentially ripe for salafist infiltration.Russia is in Syria to protect ,” Russia “,if a amateur pundit/layperson like me can figure that out why can’t those idiots in Washington or msm???,the reason is they know, and that was part of the goal of ultra liberal/ZioCon elite,all to get fanatical religious maniacs to their dirty work,Not caring even if Europe got disabled by rising Islamist terror threat, China also came to the conclusion that Natofied Mideast countries were a threat to them as well,for Russia it was the Chechens and China it was the Weger threat,so I say F*UK Israel and their ZioCon US agents because they don’t care if any of get slaughtered, whether Westerner or Arab ,Muslim or other,to the Zio elites we are all Nothing of worth…

  • December 31, 2018 at 3:21 am

    Don’t worry Israel so long as you leave official “visible” Russian troops and assets alone Russia will not stop you bombing Assad/Hezbollah or Iranians. You can bomb the crap out of the Wagner mercenaries all you like as the US did not long ago as they don’t officially exist according to Russia, besides they are illegal in the Russian Federation anyway.
    200+ attacks on Syria in 18 months and Russia allowed you to do it and after the Ilyushin was shot down then complaining that Israel showed bad faith by only notifying them a hand full of times.
    Putin claimed after that the Ilyushin was just a ‘chain of tragic accidental circumstances’
    So far Syria was attacked yet again on December the 25th which you all know about but conveniently forget about, and those S300’s that were going to make Syria a no fly zone for Israel?
    NOT USED even though they are deployed but i suppose the excuse will be that the Syrian operators (pull the other one) have not yet been trained and all missiles were intercepted anyway so they were not needed.
    Sorry my faith in Russia has deserted me and probably a few other people.

  • April 29, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    I’m with Derek.
    And “lobro” makes me cringe and laugh sardonically at the same time.
    May IsRaHell “dry up and blow away.

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