Iran and its Proxies are the Amalek of Today


This week’s Torah portion: Jews were ordered to destroy the enemies of G-d who seek to destroy them – who are they today?

Ed note–And, once again, we will remind the readers that both the story involving ‘Amalek’ and the obligation on the part of the Hebrews, She-Brews, Israelites, Jews–whatever word we choose to utilize in describing them–to utterly exterminate and annihilate them, as well as the story of Esther and the manner by which we are told she and her fellow Judaites slaughtered 75,000 Persians–neither of these tall tales are to be found within that book of ultimate evil, the Talmud, but rather within the pages of the book which unfortunately too many Gentiles (who consider themselves wise to the ways of Judea)  believe is ‘holy,’ the Torah.

It should be further understood that in each and every instance where a Palestinian is murdered, either by a ‘lone wolf’ in the West Bank or via a bomb being dropped on some home in Gaza that the justification for doing so and the ‘defense’ offered by the guilty party (s) is that Judaism commands such things be done via the various passages appearing in the Torah and that it is the duty of all ‘good Jews’ to carry out such directives.

Again, we are forced to point out these pesky details due to the utter intransigence/disinterest on the part of virtually the entire ‘movement’ in coming to some sort of rational posture vis the problems which Israel, Zionism and Jewish power have created in our modern world. The source of the problem is there in black and white and has been for thousands of years for all persons to study and understand for themselves, and yet, rather than do what a rational, moral individual does, instead (for the most part) they as a group turn a blind eye towards examining this crucial information for fear of being accused of ‘bigotry’ or of alienating/marginalizing themselves from whatever identity politics-based group it is to which they belong.

Imagine for a moment a rabid dog that has bitten/killed countless numbers of people in town, but the townsfolk–who for various reasons rooted in fear or even personal affection for that dog–refuse to do what must be done for the sake of the commonwealth.

That essentially is where the entire human race finds itself at this very moment, and even those who are willing to go to the lengths of declaring the dog dangerous still refuse to come to grips with the fact that indeed it is the rabies that has caused this condition, and with that, refuse to do the necessary investigations as to how this dog may have come into contact with this sickness so that a repeat of this tragedy does not occur.

Dr. Joseph Frager for Israel National News

Rabbi Sampson Raphael Hirsch asks the question why G-d Almighty did not destroy Amalek instantaneously as he had done to the Egyptian army at the Splitting of Yam Suf. Hashem in his infinite wisdom preferred instead that we actively wage war against Amalek from one generation to the next. The struggle against anti-Semitism requires continual vigilance.

Each generation is faced with Amalek. The Persians (modern day Iran) have been Amalek before. The reading of Megillat Esther is a rabbinic fulfillment of G-d’s command “to remember what Amalek did to you, on the way when you were leaving Egypt…You shall not forget” (Beit HaYayin). Haman was a descendant of Amalek, as the Megilla makes perfectly clear. The Megilla was written with this foremost in mind.

If it had not been for Mordechai and Esther, Haman might well have gotten his way and destroyed the Jews. Haman was a sly devil, he was a political animal who had persuaded the King of Persia to agree with his nefarious plan. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei today is no less clever and no less evil than Haman.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been Mordechai on this subject. The Republican Party in America recognizes that Ayatollah Khomenei is a Haman clone. Senator Schumer and Senator Menendez recognize this too. Hopefully, more Democrats will come around to a similar conclusion. Perhaps, even Congressman Jerry Nadler when reminded of the Purim Story will change his mind. I also recommend that he read the Parsha of Ki Tetzei over and over again. Perhaps, he will understand better the commandment to “Remember, and to not forget” that Amalek applies to Iran and its proxies today. Even Mordechai lamented the fact that there were Jews in his day who did not see Haman’s evil and plan for “the Final Solution”.

According to the Shelah the reason “to remember” and to “not forget” are both commanded by G-d, relates to two different conditions of the Jewish People. If Israel is as it is nowadays in a position of dominance with freedom to act then it must remember and wage war against Amalek.

It is only at a time when Israel is subjugated, then it at least must not forget. The Sefer HaChinuch states that we should be aware that G-d Almighty has hatred for whomever persecutes Israel, and the ultimate defeat of such enemies will be proportional to their malice and treachery. The commandment to both remember and to not forget is not just an exercise in vocalization.

Yes, one discharges one’s Torah obligation by reading the passages about Amalek in Parshat Ki Tetzei annually (Parshat Zachor). However, as Mordechai understood, it is not just enough to read about Amalek but one must confront the Amalek presented in each and every generation. Megillat Easther recounts how Amalek was indeed confronted and defeated. It behooves us all to recognize the Amalek of our generation. If one fails to see Amalek in this generation then one has not fulfilled their true obligation “to remember and to not forget.” The Prime Minister of Israel has been on top of this since the get go.

G-d will reward him for his incredible efforts. Mordechai was from the Tribe of Benjamin (they were not involved in the sale of Yosef) which was given by G-d Almighty the task of wiping out Amalek. The Prime Minister’s name Benjamin is no mere coincidence. You too with G-d’s help will succeed in bringing down Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and eradicating Iran’s Nuclear Program. Shabbat Shalom

2 thoughts on “Iran and its Proxies are the Amalek of Today

  • January 1, 2019 at 7:57 am

    Isn’t it interesting that not a single jew on the face of the Earth recognizes that THEY are the enemies of God…

  • January 1, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    Amalek is whomever the Jews feel like slaughtering or having slaughtered next. The Jews made up their slavery in Egypt and thus falsely justified the intended slaughter of all Egyptians in their terrorist pseudo-scriptures.
    When it suits the Jews, the Egyptians are replaced by name in those same scriptures by the people of another region, the Armenians or whoever and so on in successive editions of their Talmud for instance, and they go on to say outside those scriptures that all Germans must be killed, then all Palestinians as being ‘just like Amalek’, and so on, and of course, they say that none of us white people ever did anything to stop the ‘Holocaust’ blah blah blah, we whites have now been placed under penalty of death for this falsely alleged crime, yes, even the members of the former Allied nations like the UK, the US and so on who fought the Jews’ war on their behalf and died in our millions for these sadistic bastards, we, their white children and grandchildren, we too must now all die.
    Bottom line, the Jewish scriptures state that every Gentile soul is eternally guilty of all kinds of sin even before entering the womb. You got it, we are all next to be declared ‘guilty’ of some terrible crime against the Jews in the eyes of any other Gentile people that they can get to murder us, just as the Germans suffered in WWI and WWII, which were both entirely instigated by the Jews against an entirely innocent German people.Sounds a bit much that assertion doesn’t it, but read real history, your eyes will open, the rubbish they teach students at university about WWI and WWII is pure crap. Read how Natty Rothschild funded a group that tried to cause WWI as early as 1905 in ‘Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War’ by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor.
    To the Jews, we are ALL eternally irredeemable non-living souls from hell, we are simply to be enslaved, slaughtered by each other under their control and sent to hell, the whole lot of us, the blacks that foolishly think that they are well in with the Jews against the whites, the whole lot of us.
    The Jews have to be stopped by the common will of the awakened peoples of the world. To recognize that truth is not ‘anti-semitic’ hatred, it is recognizing that the Jews hate all other peoples in the entire world and that Jews desire that all others be made their slaves, then all killed, and then all sent to hell to leave the Jews alone in possession of this world.
    There is nothing wrong in desiring that such overly violent psychotics become reformed souls by having their false religion banned.

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