Iran’s Khamenei: ‘Palestinians will soon establish government in Tel Aviv’

Hosting incoming head of Islamic Jihad in Tehran, supreme leader predicts ‘ultimate victory in the near future’

ed note–for the record, I/we love the people of Iran and–as we have made plain on this website many, many times–deeply respect and revere not only the Iranian people and their leadership, but as well, what they achieved in 1979, which has not been achieved by any other nation in the Middle East or elsewhere.

Having said that though, there is no other way to view what is taking place right now with regards to Iran and the Palestinian issue than one that hovers somewhere between mild concern to utter dread for what is coming, because what it reveals is a disconnect from reality and a refusal to formulate strategy based upon ‘facts on the ground’.

Assuming that the particulars of the story are correct vis the comments of SL Khamenei, the Palestinians are NOT going to ‘soon establish a government in Tel Aviv’. Nor did the Palestinians recently ‘defeat’ Israel, which the SL claims was ‘brought to its knees’ by the Palestinian people and the ‘resistance’ vis the recent ‘cease fire’, for which the SL claims Israel ‘begged’ following the exchange of hostilities  between the Joosh state and Hamas.

Now, if there were no dire consequences associated with all of this biz of ‘the Palestinians will soon establish a government in Tel Aviv’ and the Joosh state being ‘defeated’ as evidenced by the ‘ceasefire’ for which Israel is said by the SL to have ‘begged’, any rational person would say ‘Fine. Let them think what they want…’

But this is not the case at all, since words lead to actions and poorly-considered political positions/postures can result in death and destruction for lots of innocent people.

Firstly, Israel was not ‘defeated’ by Hamas in the recent exchange of hostilities. The hundreds of bottle rockets launched into Israel from Gaza resulted in only one death, and in this case it was not some IDF thug but rather a Palestinian. Israel ‘begged’ for a ceasefire only because Netanyahu needed to create public outrage so as to facilitate Lieberman’s resignation and the subsequent collapse of what was at that time the current government, and all of this was done PRECISELY to undermine/undercut what was about to be the unveiling of Trump’s ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’.

Next–Israel’s ‘impending demise’…

No such chance. Israel is economically robust by virtue of both its having cornered many of the global high-tech markets as well as the fact that it is nurtured and suckled by the west in terms of money, political support and, of course, military assistance.

In addition to all of this, it is Jewish interests in the West who possess a near-total death grip on all western economies, as well as media, academia, and the political systems.

But the big gorilla in the room is of course her nukes, over which she is almost drowning in her own rabid spit to unleash.

The Palestinians are indeed a brave people and one day their resilience will indeed pay off for them, but the immediate end result of those seeking to thwart or prevent altogether some sort of ‘negotiated peace’ that will establish LEGAL boundaries over which Judea, Inc is not permitted to cross are only sealing the fate of those thousands (millions?) of Palestinians who are SURE to lose their lives in the subsequent bloodbaths which Israel will UNDOUBTEDLY inflict if substantive steps–be it Trump’s ‘UPD’ or whatever–are not taken, and soon.

Indeed, as the old tv show Fantasy Island made clear, it is nice to go to some faraway place where all the rules of life no longer exist and where dreams come true simply by virtue of wishing them, but in the end, everyone must eventually wake up from their dream and return home to the Hotel Reality, and the reality of the situation is that Israel WILL–not ‘might’, ‘possibly’, or ‘maybe’, but WILL–kill every single Palestinian whose very existence is considered a pollutant upon the ‘redeemed’ Promised Land, and that is a fact that all can take to the bank.


Times of Israel

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khameini predicted on Monday that the Palestinians would soon be able to “establish a government in Tel Aviv.”

Hosting the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Tehran, the Iranian supreme leader also hailed the Palestinian “resistance” against Israel, arguing that the most recent exchange of violence between Israel and terrorists groups in Gaza, which ended with a ceasefire, heralded Israel’s imminent demise.

“Palestine will strongly persist, and by the grace of God, the Palestinian nation’s ultimate victory will come true in the near future,” the ayatollah told Ziad al-Nakhala, who became PIJ’s leader in late September.

“As for the recent years, the victory of the Palestinian people has not meant being able to establish a government in Tel Aviv;— of course that will come true by God’s help,” Khameini added, according to a readout of the meeting posted on his official website.

“However, the main victory has been the fact that the Zionist regime — which Arab armies failed to defeat — was brought to its knees by the Palestinian people and the resistance; and by God’s will, you will achieve greater victories.”

Khameini chose to refer to Tel Aviv, when the seat of Israel’s government is Jerusalem. Many in the international community refuse to recognize the city as Israel’s capital, but expect it to become the shared capital of Israel and a future Palestinian state.

The Palestinian Authority has never expressed interest in establishing a government in Tel Aviv, which it acknowledges will remain part of the State of Israel. However, Iran and radical Palestinian groups, including PIJ and Hamas, refuse to recognize Israel in any borders, vowing to “liberate” all of historical Palestine.

Speaking to al-Nakhala, Khamenei hailed the “victories of Palestinian resistance groups” against Israel, citing the decreasing number of days of fighting compared to previous military confrontations as a harbinger of the Palestinians’ ultimate victory.

“During the two last wars against the Resistance groups, the Zionist regime begged for ceasefire after 22 days in one case and after 8 days in another instance; in the most recent conflict, the Zionist regime asked for ceasefire after only 48 hours,” he said. “This means the Zionist Regime has been brought to its knees.”

These important events were “divine blessings,” he went on, positing that the reason for the Palestinians’ “consecutive victories in recent years lies in resistance.”

He added: “Thus, in the future, as far as the resistance exists, the decline of the Zionist Regime will continue.”

On November 13, after 460 rockets and mortar shells were fired at southern Israel over the course of 25 hours, the Israeli government agreed to an informal Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Hamas. It was the worst flareup since the 2014 war, which also ended with a ceasefire.

Al Nakhala, who is based in Syria and is said to be close to Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah, told Khameini that the “people of Gaza are standing up to the Zionist Regime and the so-called Deal of the Century plot,” according to the readout.

“Today, the abilities and power of the Islamic resistance in Palestine is stronger than ever, hence if war breaks out, Tel Aviv and all other cities and settlements of the Zionist regime will be within the reach of thousands of missiles of the Resistance,” he threatened.

Nakhala, who was born in Gaza in 1953, in September was named PIJ’s first new leader in 20 years.

The group is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, and the US labeled Nakhala himself a “global terrorist” in 2014.

It opposes the peace agreements signed between Israel and the internationally recognized Palestinian leadership.

4 thoughts on “Iran’s Khamenei: ‘Palestinians will soon establish government in Tel Aviv’

  • January 1, 2019 at 12:57 pm

    I’ve learned from the past to air on the side of caution when reading reports that quote Iranian leadership because they once claimed an Iranian leader said israel should be “wiped off the map” when he never said any such thing. “Vanished from the sands of time” probably has the same meaning but still…..(grin)

  • January 1, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    excellent editorial, mark, i’d be hard pressed to change a word in it.
    what’s up with khamenei, old guy going soft in the head? he always appeared to be a grandfatherly gent, posing for feel-good photo ops with native christians, karaite jews and such, so maybe that’s his role on the ayatollah team – a benchwarmer.
    or maybe ayatollah khamenei drank from antipope bergoglio’s poisoned chalice, joined greasy judeo-christian-islamic hands with simpering head-jerking brethren.
    zionist regime this, zionist regime that, we like jewish people but oppose zionist regime, toilet bowl is half full, toilet bowl is half empty, tra-la-la ♯♪☯♬
    ed note–what’s ‘going on’ is the across-the-board problem that exists virtually everywhere, and to which you have made accurate reference–a complete unwillingness to deal with the Jewish problem at its root and to instead deal with it in a remedial way by only dealing with the symptoms. They want to destroy the snake by cutting away at its tail rather than chopping at the neck.

  • January 2, 2019 at 8:08 am

    Khamenei knows it’s all pie in the sky for now, as does all of his audience, which also knows that he knows they do too.

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