Israel police detain 15 over campaign to stop Jewish-Arab dating

ed note–no one should make the mistake of thinking for a microsecond that this is anything other than posturing on the part of the Jewish state, the most racist and bigoted political construct in human history. Like Hollywood in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey–the tsunami of accusations against Harvey Weinstein  accompanied by a deluge of well-scripted outrage and moralizing that took place in order to give the appearance of a ‘house cleaning’ of sorts–likewise Israel is engaging in the very same theatrics in the interests of maintaining the false illusion that she is an enlightened country where racism, bigotry, etc, are not tolerated and that those who do engage in this business are considered abnormalities, when in fact, they constitute the very essence of those who consider themselves ‘God’s chosen people’ and who champion their ‘Jewish state’ as the ‘light amongst the nations’.

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