Jewish father who knifed teenage son to death released from prison

Jewish father who knifed teenage son to death released from prison

Father who stabbed and killed 14-year-old son during psychotic episode released, alternative practitioner who gave him hallucinatory drugs indicted.

ed note–and within this one seemingly isolated/low-exposure news story we see the entirety of the 6,000 years of problems associated with what is referred to as the ‘JQ’.

When considered rationally, there is no ‘question’ (or at least there shouldn’t be) viz the historical tension/conflict between Gentiles and the followers of Judaism. Jews, as followers/addicts of Judaism and of its dark and irrational commandments, tenets, beliefs, and–lest we forget–‘protocols’, cannot function in any capacity other than as a collective irritant in any Gentile society where the addicts of this dangerous spiritual substance dwell. If today a life-sustaining planet were discovered in some solar system a billion light years across the galaxy and the followers of Judaism decided to relocate there, bringing with them their Judaic ‘religion’ and all the ‘protocols’ that this dark and regressive belief system demands, then that otherwise peaceful solar system would in due time find itself in the midst of tension, conflict and war.

It simply cannot be any other way.

Now, as far as our deranged Judaic father knifing his son to death and being released due to the fact that he was in the midst of a ‘psychotic episode’ as a result of the drugs that were given him, what this little vignette represents is a microcosm of Judaism itself and all the irrational and unjustified death and bloodshed it has brought everywhere it has gone.

LEST WE FORGET, according to the most Judaic and AUTHORITATIVE of all historical sources, meaning the Torah (Old Testament) it was none other than Abraham himself, considered the ‘founding father’ of Judaism and of the 12 tribes of Israel who also found himself hearing voices in his head instructing him to knife his own son to death and then to burn his son’s body on an altar as a ‘sacrifice’ to that same deity instructing him to do so. As the ‘narrative’ and lore of this story goes, his knife was stayed by an ‘angel’ who stepped in at the last moment and put a halt to what would have been the murder of his own son.

Now, anyone today hearing ‘voices’ in their head telling them to do the same would (rightly) be viewed as psychotic and dangerous. They would be immediately arrested and committed, pumped full of every type of anti-psychotic medication in existence, tied up in a straitjacket and locked in a padded cell with 24-hour closed-circuit tv cameras keeping an eye on him/her.

And yet, it was on the basis of this very same scenario that an entire religion was formed and whose followers today are HANDS DOWN the most powerful group of people in the world and armed to the teeth with hundreds of nukes.

What’s worse is the fact that–just like their founding father Abraham–they also hear ‘voices’ instructing them to bring about the long-awaited battle of Armageddon so that their long-awaited Messiah will arrive and make them rulers of planet earth and masters of the entire universe.

And finally, we would be remiss if we did not flesh out the entire picture in all of this. This ‘psychotic episode’ known as Judaism would not have been successful in clawing its way to the top of the food chain in terms of geo-politics, international finance and the capacity for apocalyptic war were it not for the fateful decision made almost 2,000 years ago on the part of the ‘intelligentsia’ of that nascent faith known as ‘the Way’ and dedicated to the person and teachings of one Jesus Christ to canonize, sanctify and legitimize that collection of dark, regressive beliefs and teachings as enumerated in the Torah and which–by re-branding/re-naming it the ‘Old Testament’–attempted the unnatural mixing of 2 diametrically-opposed ideologies that simply cannot co-exist/co-function within the same space and where only one can emerge as the dominant ideology, a real-life/real-time facet of reality which we are all witnessing today.


Israel National News

A father who murdered his 14-year-old son earlier this year was released after the Prosecutor’s Office decided to delay proceedings on the case due to the fact that the father was under the influence of a drug at the time, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

In March, it was reported that a father from Kiryat Gat had stabbed his teenage son multiple times before fleeing the scene. The son was taken to a local hospital, where he died of his wounds.

Israel’s Deputy Attorney General Amit Marari decided that the father could be released from his arrest after it became clear that at the time of the murder he was under the influence of hallucinatory drugs provided to him by his alternative practitioner.

Explaining her decision, Marari wrote that “in light of the unusual and special circumstances of the case, including the background against which the crime was committed, its tragic consequences, and the personal circumstances of the suspect.”

Meanwhile, the alternative practitioner has been indicted and charged with six counts of exporting, importing, trafficking, and providing dangerous drugs.

The father’s lawyers, Yehuda Fried and Tal Gabay, responded to the decision by saying, “The fact that the Deputy Attorney General decided to accede to our request and ordered in an unprecedented fashion to halt the legal proceedings against our client for the charge of murder, shows the justice of our claims from the first.”

It added that the boy’s death was a “direct result” of the fact that the father, a normative person and a loving father, fell victim to a charlatan “practitioner” who used his patients’ vulnerable state to provide drugs under the guise of medical treatment. It was the drug provided by the practitioner which according to the district psychiatrist was the direct cause of the father’s severe mental deterioration and psychotic episode, which led him to kill his son.

“Under these circumstances, it is clear that there was no place to continue the legal processes against the father, and that instead, we must do everything possible to bring the practitioner, Mr. Eliad Landau, to justice for his responsibility for the killing of the child.”

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