Judea Snarls– ‘The final events in human history are approaching with the destruction of Europe and the Middle East’

ed note–again, and we cannot stress this enough at this humble little informational endeavor, no one should underestimate or otherwise dismiss the deadly nature of the picture being painted by our deranged follower of Judah-ism. Just like any of history’s infamous mass murderers/madmen who scribble some rambling ‘manifesto’ prior to their planned rampage/bloodbath, likewise all Gentiles should recognize the ‘writing on the wall’ for what it is within the context of the ‘protocols’ which our deranged rebbe has listed here, which can be summed up as follows–

Judea, Inc views itself as in the final stages of its 2,000-year-long planned revenge against ‘Rome’ as manifested today in ‘the West’ and she plans to see this revenge consummated via the next world war (which she will ignite) wherein the descendants of ‘Esau’–meaning Europeans and all their colonial offshoots–and the descendants of ‘Ishmael’–the Arabs, Persians, Turks, etc–wipe each other out, leaving only the Jews intact as a functioning superpower, and with it, their Old Testament based dream of Pax Judaica.

Furthermore, what this represents is not just an example of ‘how they do it’, but indeed, and just as importantly, ‘how they have always DONE it’.

All the nonsense found within the Torah (Old Testament) featuring ‘miraculous’ events such as plagues, the deaths of first-borns, the parting of seas, pillars of fire, trumpet blasts destroying walls, etc, etc, etc, were not done via the mighty hand of Yahweh, but rather were either criminal acts of theft, fraud and murder perpetrated by the ‘children of Israel’ themselves and then ‘gussied up’ in the form of tall tales, or else were made up entirely out of thin air, as indeed most (all) Judaic lore is. 

In sum, what the world is witnessing at present is the creation of an entirely new ‘celebration’ within Judah-ism cut from the same cloth as other celebrations of Gentile-cide found within the Old Testament such as Passover, Purim, H’Nooka, etc, that–when retold in the future–will not reveal the reality of it as it empirically exists today,  (i.e. the Jews as an organized force creating wars, pandemics, economic collapse, social/moral decay from the toxic influence of Judah-ism within mass media, and all the other species of turmoil, tumult, and instability) but rather as ‘plagues’ and other ‘miracles’ wrought by the mighty hand of an angry Yahweh for the benefit of his ‘chosen’ people.


Rabbi Nachman Kahana

In order to best understand where things are taking us and the world, don’t look at current events, but rather where the events will evolve towards the realization of Hashem’s goal for our generation. That goal is the negation of the exile that was brought upon us 2000 years ago, and our return to our national-religious life in Eretz Yisrael.

We, the Jewish nation, are the focal point of all meaningful events in human history. In our generation it is the preparation of the land and the people for the final events in human history where evil vs. evil, i.e. the descendants of Esau and Ishmael represented by the peoples of Europe and the Arabs of the Middle East will self-destruct.

The Russian army is presently poised to enter Ukraine from three directions (no tears here). In addition, China is flexing its military muscle in the Pacific. The Pentagon will realize that the US military is understaffed and undermanned. Congress will restore the selective service act and draft millions of young men and women with no exemptions on religious or academic grounds, and your sons and daughters will be called to serve for unlimited time, depending on the situation.

This is one more way that Hashem is signaling his Chosen people to leave the exile before the last and next great war.

For years I have been warning the Jews in exile that the gates to Eretz Yisrael will not be open forever for aliya, so come now, as economic situations in Gentile countries will prevent people from withdrawing their money from banks, making aliya even more difficult.

Not all the Jews will hear the call to aliya, just as the 80% in Egypt did not hear or heed the call – and that is very sad.

My friends here, to a man and to a woman, call to tell me how thankful they are to be living in Medinat Yisrael, despite all the formidable challenges they face, and therefore to all the Jews living abroad, I say, make Aliyah with all your might and know that Hashem is with you, for just as He promised, Behold, I am sending an angel to guard you in the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared for you.’