Judea Speaks– ‘As America collapses, Israel must fill the vacuum’

Judea Speaks– ‘As America collapses, Israel must fill the vacuum’

Israel is sound and is called upon to take its place in leading the world’s values. This is the outline that G-d promised Abraham.

ed note–first and foremost, a few ‘nuggets’ from our unesteemed and deranged rebbe–

1. Note his referencing past ’empires’ which rose and fell, namely Egypt and Rome. As we like to point out in contextualizing and better understanding everything that comes out of the mouth of Judea, one must plug into whatever equation that is being discussed the fact that while the rest of the civilized Gentile world is living in the 21st century AD, the Jews as a group are living in the 21st century BC.



‘We have been called to fill this vacuum. Unlike Europe and the West, Israel leads the world in soundness of family values.’


Indeed, this is the larger agenda which Judea has planned not since 1948, but since before 70 AD. The Torah is Kristol clear on this matter, which is that the Jewish state is to become the epicenter of all government and governance in human affairs, something that is only made possible with the ‘fall’ of all other Gentile ’empires’, which of course has been the aim of the forces of organized anti-Gentilism for millennia and to which they have focused their time, energy and resources, and not just as a part-time hobby, but indeed with every ounce of moxie they have been able to muster.

Now, as far as Israel leading the world family in ‘family values’, it is not necessary to debate the pros/cons of such a statement as the ‘numbers’ used in such a debate are themselves subject to manipulation and therefore lend themselves towards ‘election fraud’.

What can be said however–UNEQUIVOCALLY AND WITHOUT AN OUNCE OF RESERVATION–is that the primary forces responsible for destroying the ‘family values’ of the once-Christian West have been by a factor of 100 to 1 those groups and individuals of the non-Gentile persuasion who have used their warchest of money, media power and the political/legal influence in instituting the various elements making up the ‘corrosive force’ of Judaism resulting in rampant drug use, alcoholism, promiscuity, pornography, abortion, gay marriage, broken homes, violent media programming, etc, etc, etc.

THEREFORE, the only reason–if indeed the numbers support such an assertion–that Israel ‘leads the world in family values’ is due only and ENTIRELY on the fact that the ‘competition’ was knocked out of the game by–again–those forces of organized anti-Gentilism who saw to the internal social/cultural/moral destruction of the West through all the aforementioned avenues/weapons they had at their disposal.


Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu for Israel National News

The great crisis that is now happening in the United States did not begin with the break-in to Capitol Hill. It began with the Democrats’ lack of confidence in the presidency of Trump expressed in stormy demonstrations across the US, and his being labeled in every possible derogatory way.

The crisis continues in the great distrust of many of the Republicans in what they see as false election results that led to the break-in to the core of the government while the electoral votes for Biden were being confirmed.

With great sadness we can now see America descending from the stage of history. It’s a sad moment, but it’s happening.

This is not the first time a superpower collapses due to a crisis of values and returns to being a normal country among other countries. This is what happened to Egypt and Rome in days gone by. This is what happened to the Turkish Empire about a century ago, to the Russian Empire that collapsed thirty years ago, both of which collapsed due to value failures that led to their disintegration and a decline in their immense power in world leadership.

It is impossible not to mention the collapse of England and France that were once considered part of the four powers that rule the world. Who remembers them today as such? They are collapsing into themselves like all of Europe that is collapsing in its values – the values ​​of justice have been replaced with those ​​of political correctness, the values ​​of the family have been replaced by those ​​of hedonism. The birthrate that collapsed below the red line forced European leaders to open the floodgates to a large Muslim migration that would fill in the gaps, and Europe began to lose its character completely.

We have been called to fill this vacuum. Unlike Europe and the West, Israel leads the world in soundness of family values. The average number of children per Israeli woman is double the average of the Western world, and this is what launches the Israeli economy and creativity forward. Israel also leads the world in the smallest number of children from single mothers.

Also on the issue of governmental soundness, we are not similar at all. There can be no governmental revolution in Israel. With all the allegations we have about such and such corruption in the systems of government, none of us have thoughts of a military revolution. We all remember the heavy price of the destruction of the Second Temple and it cannot be repeated again.

We are very far from them in terms of values. I do not know if everyone knows that just as Russia is a world leader in alcohol consumption, so is the US a world leader in drug use. In contrast, Israel leads the world in the least consumption of alcohol and drug use.

Israel is sound and is called upon to take its place in the world’s leadership in values. I know to many people this sounds pretentious, but this is the outline that G-d promised our ancestor Abraham. “And all the families of the earth will be blessed through you and your seed.”

The only ones who do not recognize this are ourselves, and the time has come for us to remember our destiny.

We must prepare for it so that we can fulfill it with all the necessary responsibility and not make their mistakes.