Kristol Clear Judah-ism–The world hates the Jews because we are messengers of morality

The Torah is the epitome of morality, and we delivered the Torah to the world.


ed note–Yes, you are reading it correctly, ladies and Gentilemen, and no, this isn’t a joke or a spoof. It didn’t come from the Babylon Bee, the Onion or the now-defunct Weekly World News.

It’s as much the ‘real deal’ as everything else that we reprint here on this humble little informational endeavor and which began its life as a mental stool sample floating in one of those internet toilets where the followers of Judah-ism, ‘God’s chosen people’ and the ‘children of Israel’ as they fawningly refer to themselves, go to do their ‘business’.

The next thing to keep in mind is that the stinky, steaming stool sample appearing here is nothing special. It is as ordinary as everything else that has emerged out of the deranged Judaic mind for roughly the last 6,000 years. There is nothing new or innovative about it, and all the buzzwords and concepts thrown around these days involving ‘Khazars’, ‘Israelites’, ‘Edomites’, ‘Talmudists’, ‘Zionists’, etc–‘red herrings’ that serve only in adding to the present wall of noise and veil of confusion preventing Gentiledom from getting down to the ‘meat of the matter’–are nothing more than deliberate concoctions meant to hide what is the ugly truth of the entire matter, which we will partly demonstrate with a lil’ visual testimony–

We apologise to any and all offended readers for the visual assault to Gentile morals and civilized sensibilities (and particularly those awful pics featuring the feral, fever-brained, inbred, diabolically-possessed Jewess Sarah Silverman, in one pic sticking her fingers into her private parts, in another, pretending to have sex with a dog and another, pleasuring herself sexually on the floor with a teddy bear) but we really needed to ‘shake things up’ here in getting the discussion started off on the right foot.

The above pics–that had we wanted, we could have included thousands of others–feature various well-known followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’ as they love to refer to themselves, engaged in what is patently immoral and godless behavior.

More to the point however, what needs to be understood within the context of the following DERANGED essay on the part of our DERANGED Hebraic author is that they and THE MILLIONS OF OTHERS JUST LIKE THEM who on a daily basis act as Jermites in chewing away at the morals of any and all Gentile nations in which they dwell are only carrying on what has been a ‘family tradition’ for the last 6,000 years and counting, and all of it described in great detail in that ‘family album’ which our deranged Hebraic author uses as the focal point of his essay, the Torah, which he claims is the basis of all known norms of ‘morality’ in human history.

Just a few factoids that the Gentile reader needs to keep in mind as he/she wades through the detached-from-reality thesis that our Jewish author asserts concerning the ‘morality’ of the Hebrews, Israelites, Judah-ites, Jews, whatever combination of vowels and consonants we wish to use in describing them–

1. Abraham and Sarah, the first ‘Jews’, ran their own little prostitution/escort service in trying to climb the ladder of power and wealth wherever they went…

In fact, it was Abe and Sarah LYING to Pharoah, saying that the 2 were only ‘brother and sister’ and Pharoah–thinking it was safe to sleep with Sarah, only to have his entire household later come down with Syphillus–that resulted in the very first act of ‘Jew hatred’ in history, after Pharoah learned the truth and expelled the both of them.

2. Abraham’s son Isaac and his wife tried to do the same…

3. Lott, Abraham’s nephew, gave his 2 virgin daughters away to a group of rapists, telling the gang bangers to ‘abuse them as it may please you’…

4. Later, after (we presume) being gang-raped, the same 2 daughters get Lott drunk and engage in incestuous sex with him…

5. Moses was a murderer, having killed an Egyptian official for his engaging in some sort of ‘anti-Semitism’ which the Torah never fully describes…

6. The Israelites murdered en masse all the inhabitants of the ‘promised land’, except the little virgin girls who they were told by Moses they could ‘keep for themselves’...

We could go on, and on, AND ON with other glaring examples, (but won’t for the sake of brevity) but will instead close with that catchy little phrase which we coined here at this humble little informational endeavor and which we encourage all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival to keep in mind whenever they are ingesting some piece of info/misinfo/disinfo coming out of the deranged and fevered brain of any run-of-the-mill follower of Judah-ism, which is that






Hillel Fuld for Israel National News


Ever since I can remember, I have been confused by antisemitism. I get it, they hate us. But why?

Well, Jewish scripture says ‘Esav sonei l’Yaakov’—Esau will always hate Jacob. But that doesn’t sit well with me. They hate us just because?

I need an explanation. But I’ve never found one that satisfied me.

Until recently.

Here is where it gets controversial and politically incorrect. If you’re easily offended, stop scrolling. Here goes:

Let’s examine the time periods in history in which antisemitism was high. You’ll notice an inverse correlation: The less morality in a society, the more antisemitism there is.

Think about it: Ancient Egypt, the Greek empire, the Roman empire, the Nazi empire and we’ll get to today soon. All those empires tried to annihilate the Jews. All those empires lacked morality. They behaved in promiscuous ways, they tried to deny God and put the human being and his ego in the center of the world. They tried to convince the world that the planet revolved around them. They wanted no part in morality.

Let’s remember what the source of all morality is: It’s the Torah, the Old Testament. Call it whatever you want, but the world knows it’s immoral to steal, lie and murder from the Torah. The Torah is the epitome of morality.

Thus, the messengers of morality are those who delivered the Torah to the world—the Jews.

I am not saying that anyone who is not Jewish is immoral. What I am saying is that moral human beings learned what morality is, whether consciously or unconsciously, from the Torah.

So, Hitler, for example, comes to power and wants to convince the world that the ultimate morality is to cleanse the world of anyone who is not of the Aryan race. If you read his book Mein Kampf, you’ll see that, to do so, Hitler sought to forge a ‘new morality’ that would supersede the ‘old morality,’ which held that killing is bad.

How could he do that? Well, he couldn’t kill God. He couldn’t make the Torah disappear. What he could do is kill the messenger. Get rid of the messenger, get rid of the message.

Hitler hated and the world hates the Jews because we are the messenger of morality in a world that doesn’t want ‘old morality.’ It doesn’t want right and wrong. It only wants ‘different.’ Moral relativism. No right and wrong. Just different.

All morality is gone and things we’ve accepted as truth for thousands of years—gender, for example—are now fluid. Morality is irrelevant.

But you know what happens when morality is thrown out the window? It starts slowly but ends tragically, whether it’s in the form of genocide or, in today’s world, a clothing brand accepting and promoting pedophilia. Because when everything else is ok, where do we draw the line? Maybe pedophilia is just another preference.

It sounds sick, but we’re there. If you haven’t heard, Google the recent Balenciaga campaign. Google the term ‘minor-attracted person.’ I am not joking. I wouldn’t joke about such a serious topic. This is being legitimized right before our eyes.

All morality is gone and things we’ve accepted as truth for thousands of years—gender, for example—are now fluid. Morality is irrelevant. Science is irrelevant. All that matters is the new ‘ism’ of our generation.

But there’s a paradox at work: On the one hand, the world needs to get rid of the messenger who reminds them what morality is. On the other hand, those same people can’t bring themselves to completely give up on what is right. They don’t want to be reminded of it, but they also don’t want to totally forget it.

So, despite assimilation, despite the Jews in America trying to be more American than the Americans, despite Jews trying to hide the light of their message, Jew-hatred is at an all-time high, because the world yearns subconsciously for that light and hates itself for doing so. So, they blame the messenger. They blame the Jews.

This explanation, which I heard from a friend, really resonated with me. Morality cannot be erased no matter how hard they try. Jews can’t extinguish their Jewishness and the light that accompanies it no matter how hard they try.

In every generation, there is a new movement that seeks to erase morality and drives people to try to kill the messenger of morality. And in every generation, Jews are their own worst enemy, because they think that, if only they are like everyone else, no one will know they’re Jewish and they will never experience antisemitism.

You can try to wear a robe to cover the light, but when the room is dark, the light will shine through. It will escape. The darker the room, the more the light will illuminate the room. It can’t be truly hidden.

We Jews bring the light into a very dark room. That light blinds the world to the point that they want to extinguish it. But they also feel the need to know that, if they want out of the dark room, the light will guide them. When we, the Jewish people, as a nation, embrace our light, when we own our light, we will be able to return to our role as the messenger of morality.

The world will try its best to ignore and even eliminate the messenger, but they will fail. Ultimately, morality will prevail, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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