One thought on “Marco Rubio introduces Senate bill attacking BDS movement

  1. BDS is just another movement to legitimize Israel and their cancerous existence. By boycotting Israel and recognizing their 1968 borders, it just makes you recognize their existence.
    The correct position should be what Iran and the Muslim and Arab League has taken, of not recognizing Israel and return pre-1948 Palestine.
    ed note (tony)…The point of all this is perception vs reality. BDS is ‘perceived’ to be anti-Israel by all of the low-information voters and lemmings in the US. So, this Rubio action is ‘perceived’ to be ‘pro-Israel’.
    Believe you me. If a group that meets your approval, suddenly organizes and boycotts Israel, you can bet your bottom dollar that Rubio will be against it just the same and introduce so-called legislation against it.

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