Nikki Haley in Israel–Trump peace plan may be ‘the last chance’ for the Palestinians

ed note–no one should underestimate the ‘unspokens’ associated with Haley’s statement, and as much as she tries to ‘temper’ the discussion by saying that support from the other ‘Arab’ nations for the Palestinians might be beginning to wane, there is that other aspect to it as expressed in the quote above from Deuteronomy (that has functioned as the electrical current fueling all Israel’s massacres for the last century) has doubtless been discussed within Trump’s ‘inner circles’ and which forms much of the energy behind his ‘peace deal’.

Now, for those emotionally-driven types who reject such a notion out of hand on the basis that Trump is a ‘muslim hater’ and ‘incapable of empathy for others’–fine, examine his motives then from a purely self-interested standpoint–Politics is business on a different level, and how does someone as an individual or as a nation do business if he has no moral authority or credibility? 

The fact that the United States has suffered enormously in a political/diplomatic sense over the decades as a result of its blind, unyielding and uncritical support for the Jewish state is beyond discussion or debate and as such, the US has been waiting for the right confluence of events to arrive wherein some ‘distance’ and ‘daylight’ could be produced between the host and the parasite that affords Uncle Sam some degree of maneuverability on the geo-political level.

Yes, Trump really does want this ‘peace deal’ and yes, Judea, Inc really is opposed to it with 666% of its very essence. Yes, OJI REALLY ARE in near-total unanimity in wanting to drive DJT, POTUS from office and yes, in large part due to their fear of what his ‘peace deal’ will do to Israel’s long-range plans in the region, not the least of which is grabbing all that oil and using it as YET ANOTHER method of economic terrorism against those nations–most notably the West–who depend on all that oil for the very survival of their economies.

Times of Israel

The Trump peace plan may mark the “last chance” for the Palestinians, and the key to the Palestinians realizing this will lie with the response to the plan by Arab countries, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said Monday.

Speaking in Tel Aviv on the eve of US President Donald Trump’s unveiling of the so-called Deal of the Century, Haley acknowledged that the Palestinian leadership has “said they’re not going to come to the table.” But she urged her audience to “watch what the Arab countries do, because that’s going to be telling as to whether this can actually happen or not,”

Elaborating, Haley said that “if the Arab countries respond favorably to the plan, or even if they don’t run to the Palestinian side, that’s going to be a huge, telling lesson to the Palestinians that they may not have the backing they had before… My hope is that you see the Arab community try and move this forward because they, too, realize that this [conflict] has to get to a resolution.”

Haley was speaking at the opening event for the “Israel Center on Addiction,” established in 2018, which aims to advance addiction treatment, prevention, training and policy on a blight that it says affects 500,000 Israelis.

Interviewed by ICA Public Council member Danna Azrieli, chair of the Azrieli Group, Haley made clear that she didn’t expect these unnamed Arab countries to “wholeheartedly support the plan,” but she did anticipate what she called “an openness to come together. And that’s going to signal to the Palestinians that this may be their last chance. And I think when presented with the fact that this could be their last chance, it’s an open door.

“The sad part is the Palestinian Authority has not represented the people well,” she went on. “The Palestinian people want better. It’s the Authority that has not done a good job. And when the Authority realizes that they may not have the friends they felt they did, or they may not have the backing that they thought, I think we could see a big shift.”

Haley, who stepped down as UN ambassador at the end of 2018, and who has not ruled out an eventual presidential run, did not explain what she meant by the “last chance” for the Palestinians. She said she had seen early drafts of the US plan, and that its authors’ “number one priority was always the national security of Israel. We knew that we couldn’t do anything that was going to compromise the security of Israel. But we also knew that the Palestinians deserve a better way of life.”

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