Putin: People Do Not Understand How Potentially Dangerous The Situation Really Is

Russia-Putin-plays-chess‘We know when the US will get new missile threatening Russia’s nuclear capability’

ED Noor: Mr. Putin is undoubtedly a true gentleman. At this point, he could be President of Planet Earth and things could only be better than they are in these exhilarating/terrifying/potentially spiritually uplifting times.

The US anti-missile defense systems being installed near Russia’s borders can be “inconspicuously” transformed into offensive weapons, Vladimir Putin has said, adding that he knows “year by year” how Washington will develop its missile program.

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2 thoughts on “Putin: People Do Not Understand How Potentially Dangerous The Situation Really Is

  1. When will Russia learn that the US is planning to nuke Russia and Russia must strike first or be destroyed.! I think Russia will learn when it is to late and the US has complete control over them. If the Russian government will not get some brains and wake up then why don’t you just give up now.? Russians, are you cowards.? Are you gutless.? Are you ball less.? You sure seem that way.! Are there any real men in the Russian government.? Do you have a yellow streak up your back.? Start flying the American flag now because your looking like a nation of she-men not willing to defend your country or your women and children. Shame on you.?

  2. Unfortunately majority of the American people either are careless or brainwashed and don’t react or don’t understand their government’s foreign policies….

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