Results of The Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest 2016


Above: First Prize of the Holocaust section of the contest. This weekend I am proud to present the approximately 150 posted results of the Iranian Cartoon Holocaust Competition at Alternative Saturday Cartoons: June 11, 2016.

The contest is divided into several sections  ~ Palestine, Netanyahu, the Holocaust ~ although the site posts the results in the order they were received so there is no order to the collection as presented on the site.

5 thoughts on “Results of The Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest 2016

  • June 11, 2016 at 4:16 am

    Some of the cartoons reveal great clarity of understanding, though sadly, many still exhibit a great misunderstanding, that conflates National Socialism and Hitler with Netanyahu and modern Israel, so steeped in the lies are many that Germany was responsible for the formation of the state of Israel, whereas in truth, Hitler explicitly stated in Mein Kampf that Jews should never be permitted to have their own state, as they would inevitably use that as a criminal safe haven from which to launch criminal activities against the rest of humanity with complete impunity.

    They do not maintain any extradition treaties with any other nations, and today, just as Hitler rightly predicted, the Jews do use the state of Israel as a safe haven from from which to defraud the rest of the world, and threaten the rest of the entire world, not only through their Samson Option, with their obscene demonic radioactive nuclear weapons that they alone invented, but through many other highly destructive means used in support of their eventual aim of complete world domination and subjugation of all other races and peoples, before the eventual physical liquidation of all other races and peoples, as is intended for all of us by the Jews, that being revealed in their ‘sacred’ Zohar.

    That is the iron fist of genocidal Judaic Marxism spreading like a cancer all over the entire planet.

  • June 11, 2016 at 4:49 am

    The Iranians are brave people, God bless them.

  • June 11, 2016 at 6:38 pm

    #1 mothman. I understand what you say. Looks like the more we try to tell people the truth of what happened during WWII, the more they can’t differentiate the real criminals from the men who tried to defend their country from the real hyenas, the Jews. Some Iranians still place Hitler and the diabolical Netanyahu at the same level. Most of the defamation against Adolf Hitler has been lies perpetrated by the Jewish Press (as he used to call) and the truth is coming up to the light for every one to see.
    There is no other race on the face of the earth to be more diabolical and destructive than the Jewish race.

  • June 12, 2016 at 5:39 am

    Indeed, the massive hypno-power of the Jews over the vast majority of the non-Jews is truly saddening. It is like a mental whiplash, through the power of their controlled media system, and through the power of their ability to select who is invited into positions of influence and authority amongst them, no whites required unless they are completely slave-like, and obedient.

    Judaism and its political expression in Capitalism and Communism, and all its other current fake identities, is a poisonous cult entirely against the real God, that really should be proscribed by law everywhere, and in more enlightened times, I am sure that will eventually occur. It must eventually occur, as Judaism is fundamentally evil and Godless, and lethally malicious against all non-Jews.

    After Jews were expelled from Spain, their rabbis ordered them to return to Spain after pretending to convert to Christianity, to then obtain positions as doctors, chemists and lawyers, and then work to shorten the lives of the goyim, and it is no coincidence that in many countries today, Jews occupy most leading positions in these fields, poisoning us with fake medicines, leading us to kill each other by occupying positions in governments and constantly declaring war against other nations, without the slightest genuine necessity, but people are completely hypnotized, and are really little more than dead, when they can be convinced to needlessly lay down their own lives under essentially Jewish ‘authority’, or to needlessly take the lives of others under Jewish ‘authority’, those subjugated in such a manner being in truth spiritually dead already, but sadly, they don’t know it, and helplessly watch as their bodies and minds are played with exactly like puppets beyond their control, being viewed callously by the Jews as their men of clay Golem robots without living souls, that the Jews use in any manner they wish, even for the pleasure of watching such robotically-controlled creatures simply murder each other in wars that they constantly arrange for that express purpose.

    Their ‘scripture’ in Micah tells how Egyptian families were cursed by what is actually the black magic power of the Judaic ‘God’ Yahweh, so that brothers within the families of the the Egyptians would kill each other (when no evidence exists for any actual captivity or slavery of the Jews under the Egyptians in the first place, the Jews just make up their excuses for genocide of other peoples as they go along), and we see the same nonsense insanity even in the New Testament, where Jesus says that brother will kill brother in families where no Christians yet exist, a very psychotic and Jewish curse, and then he strangely says that even after there is a Christian convert in any household, that one brother will still kill the other, very dark stuff indeed, a very strange ‘God’ the Christians love, they must be complete masochists, or brainwashed literally to death, yet people think that is ‘good’ because it has a label on it that says ‘good’. It is not good, it is pure evil.

    No way is it good when families are gripped by completely overwhelming psychic forces to physically murder members of their own families, what sort of God does that? A demon, that is what sort of ‘God’. Again, such a criminally insane death cult a Christianity should be banned by international law for the good of all.

    Just as the Jews militate to have genocidal Noahide Laws enforced all over the globe, so we must educate people all over the world to counter that vile racism by waking them up and encouraging them to be in favour of banning that Jewish criminal terrorist cult and their murderous laws, as the Noahide Laws when fully effected will authorise the physical execution of anyone who worships any God other than Yahweh. ISIS are currently effecting that right now as proxies for the Israeli Jews and Jewish politicians around the world, discreetly supplying ISIS forces with training, weapons and pay, behind the backs of their peoples, whom they deceptively assure they are actually fighting ISIS, and we recently saw that American forces actually deliberately attacked and killed members of foreign military forces that had actually been trained by America (publicly) to fight against ISIS, then those same forces were simply butchered by American forces behind everyone’s backs, so that ISIS can continue its murderous campaign on behalf of the Jews of the world.

    American police call MS-13 a crime gang, though MS-13 do not threaten to destroy the population of the rest of the world with any Samson Option terrorist nuclear bombs, yet through sheer nauseating cowardice, sheer traitorism and treachery, the politicians in most of the world serve or suck up to Israel, because Israel has put them in office, and they are mainly Jewish agents, I do not think it is because they are actually scared of Israel, as they are mainly Jews.

    For instance, in England, nearly every single Home Secretary is always Jewish, and PM David Cameron stated, “I will empower UK Jews” before even being elected, and his election surely came on the back of that evil and racist promise, which is not in any way intending to represent the interests of any other people in the UK; he did not say, “I will empower the Welsh, or “I will empower the Scots”, or “I will empower the Christians”, or “I will empower the Hindus and Buddhists”, and he says that his party, the Tory Party, should really be called the Torah Party, because of the huge amount of Jewish politicians in his government. Many of the number of politicians who are not actually Jewish themselves simply fear a big stick, but love the trappings of being in office, and cowards respect and fear a big stick, and thus they also grovel to the Jews and Israel and thus cripple all their peoples for the Jews.

    Just as the Stalinist Jews say now that any politician or would-be politician who ever says anything that can be construed in their wild and paranoid psychotic megalomaniac imaginations as anti-semitic must be banned for life from politics, so we must strive to ensure that any Jew running for political office outside of Israel is banned for life from politics.

    It is truly bad when a death cult that has scriptures that state “Even the best of gentiles should all be killed” (I have photostats of the pages of two slightly different versions of the Talmud, published in different years, recognised by rabbinical authorities, that state that), is even allowed to put Jewish candidates up for election, when such a cult should be entirely banned from even being allowed to practice in ANY nation in the entire world.

    Judaism is a fierce war cult that intends nothing less than world domination, it is entirely above any current law, and the only solution is for opposition to be expressed by other, new, measures of legitimate expression by government forces of the rest of the world, to rid us all of living under the constant threat of the Israeli Jewish Samson Option.and other Jewish terrorism.

    As the Jews are the most fierce of all international crime gangs, being exactly like the SPECTRE crime gang that former spy author Ian Fleming wrote of and tried to reveal to us in his James Bond novels, they should be punished by law and physically restrained just like any other criminals.

  • June 12, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    The Egyptians kicked out the Jews for their perversity, for being an eternal parasite, for being lazy and trying to control societies. The Romans were aware of the perversity of the Jews and Emperor Nero sent his armies comanded by Tito Flavio Vespaciano to destroy Judea in the year 70 AD. They killed most of them and the few who survived left to never return.

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