3 thoughts on “Revealing report on anti-Muslim racism in Ireland

  1. A re-marketing of the Protestant/Catholic division. So sad, with that islands long History of instigation from the same outside sources, that even one of them could or would fall for it is an embarrassing shame. But me, I am Irish. And sadly, even in America, I stand away from my own family concerning Jewish corruptive influence here and everywhere else. But I will say now, to my own family here, and my cousins in Ireland, you should have seen and known better. And just as Wallace said about the Scots in Braveheart, if this is how the Irish are going to behave, “Then I am ashamed to call myself one”.

  2. My dear old grandmudder would never have recognized the Dublin, Ireland, of today. Were she alive she would probably have disowned me by now for my views ~ and methinks she would be very unhappy with things as they stand being the daughter of Minister and all. I know my Dad and I used to have horrendous arguments about race ~ me being the progressive liberal of the two. Now, I realize I was wrong in so many ways, despite how my own life has turned out.
    The Irish are a headstrong race tight unto themselves and believe themselves to be great fighters (and they are) against the British. Once the Jews and British peerage were done with selling off the Irish into slavery, and the land depopulated via the manufactured famine, (think Holodomor for that sort of thing) they managed to engage the dissenters in an eternal battle (a la Palestine) and have their way with the country.
    And divide and conquer they are doing a great job of. I am still astonished that these fighting people have caved in to the JWO as they have ~ and almost as shamed as I am by the actions of the Canadian PM.

  3. In Islam, the concept of “race” is entirely irrelevant.
    I remember reading the about Malcolm X years ago… it truly startled me when I learned how his entire worldview was based on and shaped by “race” prior to his awakening. To live in a prison of the mind like that, is quite unnerving and terrifying.

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