Sheikh Imram Hosein: Preparing for Nuclear War

Zionist regime nukes

Listen to these. It is hard painful listening. You will not be the same afterwards, then draw your own conclusions. The wise man has spoken and Sheikh Imram Hosein is almost always correct. The second video is an update on the first and both mesh well.

Sheikh Hosein very clearly describes what is to come beyond nuclear war.  To be honest, I am speechless from this much information and how it was so painstakingly pieced together and presented in his concise style. The modern roles played by Turkey, Great Britain, France, America, Israel and Russia on the international stage in this conflict to come are made clear from a historical standpoint. These talks truly are not to be missed.

Jerusalem as head of the world is not something I had hoped to see in my lifetime but, if the Sheikh’s estimate is right, that only 1 out of 100 will survive these “limited strikes” I doubt I will be here to see it.  When he said, “It is a good time to be old, but a terrible time for the young.” something clicked inside: including why I never urged my children to give me grandbabies, despite that natural urge. This thought of what is now right in our faces has been with me all my life on a consciously subliminal level.

When I was a teenager my father was lecturing me over some “crime” I had committed; I can remember standing in the doorway of our home, him sitting in his Lazyboy, asking, “Do you think you can get away with things just because of the supposed threat of an A-bomb?!” Ultimate mockery of course. I wish, Dad, that I was wrong, but I wasn’t. You were so right in so many things I did not understand back then, but in this instance, I am sorry I am right.

Enjoy your summer and your loved ones. That is about all one can do. Forget your diet and eat lots of ice cream…..

Islamic Eschatology 4th June 2016 by Sheikh Imran Hosein

3 thoughts on “Sheikh Imram Hosein: Preparing for Nuclear War

  1. very sobering indeed, but a good reminder as to what we are likely facing and why we must not waste time on trivial matters.

    I agree as well–hug your loved ones as often as you can, and enjoy the ice cream.

  2. Kind of puts everything into perspective no matter what we might be quibbling over at present. I post a lot of light stuff but it is only because I am always aware of this clear and present danger the Sheikh speaks so eloquently of.

  3. Current NATO military drills in Poland and US troops heading to Estonia shows they are up to something

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