3 thoughts on “The case for recognising Palestine as a state – Ireland should follow Sweden

  1. What good does it do to recognize Palestinian statehood when you continue to support Israel with money and weapons? What would constitute a Palestinian state? Gaza and the West Bank? The world must demand the end of the Zionist colonial project that calls itself “Israel” and return all the land to its rightful owners, the Palestinians.

  2. Not only should all nations recognize Palestine as a legitimate state, all nations need to declare israel ILLEGITIMATE!

  3. Engels To Edwuard Bernstein, March 12, 1881~~~ On Ireland I shall only say the following: the people are much too clever not to know that a revolt would spell their ruin; it could have a chance only in the event of a war between England and America. In the meantime, the Irish have forced Gladstone to introduce continental regulations in Parliament and thereby to undermine the whole British parliamentary system. They have also forced Gladstone to disavow all his phrases and to become more Tory than even the worst Tories. The coercion bills have been passed, the Land Bill will either be rejected or castrated by the House of Lords, and then the fun will start, that is, the concealed disintegration of the parties will become public. Since Gladstone’s appointment, the Whigs and moderate Tories, that is, the big landowners as a whole, are uniting on the quiet into the big landowners’ party. As soon as this matures and family and personal interest are settled, or as soon as, perhaps as a result of the Land Bill, the new party is forced to appear in public, the Ministry and the present majority will immediately fall to pieces. The new conservative party will then be faced by the new bourgeois radical party, but without any backing other than the workers and Irish peasants. And so as to avoid any humbug and trickery from taking place here again, a proletarian radical party is now forming under the leadership of Joseph Cowen (M.P. for Newcastle), who is an old Chartist, half, if not entirely, Communist and a very worthy chap. Ireland is bringing all this about, Ireland is the driving force of the Empire. This is your private information. More about this soon”. ~~from “Ireland And The Irish Question- A Collection or Writings by Karl Marx & Frederick Engels”, pages 329-330. ~~~All of us Have been used by and for this Jewish collectivization. All of us have been used before, and even now, we are all used by them. No excuses. We are all the same. All empires, past, hopeful, and present, as well as the Jewish long sought for empire of their worldly future, have before or are now being used by the jews that hate us ALL EQUALLY. Maybe if we could at least unite in this low equality we share, WE could then make a productive difference. The jews have only one goal, and that is their sovereignty against and above us. We should ALL, have the same goal, against the jews.

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