The Jewish Brain–‘Victory over Amalek’

The Jewish Brain–‘Victory over Amalek’

ed note–just as an accurate and rational understanding of disease and of the various properties/natures of bacteria and viruses must be done if any hope for a ‘cure’ exists, likewise with the pathologies and pathogens of the mind and of thought processes that are inherently abnormal and unhealthy. People–as individuals or as a group–who live their lives based upon ideas and ‘realities’ that in fact do not exist at some point find themselves colliding with the larger society around them which does not share their ideas, which in turn inevitably leads to conflict and even criminality.

The followers of Judaism are such a people. Like a schizophrenic hearing voices in his head who believes he is Superman and thus endowed with all sorts of superhuman qualities and thus jumps off a cliff to his death because he believes he can fly does no real harm to anyone but himself, but someone who believes he owns all the money in the local bank because he is Supreme Leader of the Galaxy and goes in with a gun and robs the place and shoots several innocent people is another matter.

The essay below–appearing on an Israeli website that bills itself as the #1 news site in Israel is demonstrative of the pathology of Judaism and what it does to an otherwise normal, healthy brain. A people whose entire identity is wrapped up in the mutually-contradictory pincers of–

1. Their own superiority (chosenness)


2. The organic inferiority of Gentiles

–Cannot arrive at any other place within human history than the one about which the entire world is made aware on a 24/7/365 day basis–the eternal victims of persecution and of ‘anti-Shemitism’.

Now, as far as the piece itself goes, nota bene–

ALL Gentiles throughout history who have chaffed at the organically-criminal actions  committed against them by those of the Hebrish persuasion and have acted out reflexively against those actions are–by the author’s definition–‘Amalekites’ whom the followers of Judaism are commanded by the violent, vindictive god of Judaism to ‘wipe out’.

What’s more important as far as today’s events are concerned, and particularly as pertains the recent coup-d’etat against the person and presidency of DJT, is that as a result of what he was trying to accomplish with his ‘Deal of the Century’ that would have seen Israel confined to those borders that fall far short of those borders decreed in her Torah–from the Nile to the Euphrates–he was by definition, an ‘Amalekite’, and since it is believed within Judaic lore that it was these ‘Amalekites’ who attacked the Israelites as they were on their way to the ‘promised land’ to begin their planned-for conquest, likewise, anyone who attempts to stop this conquest must be ‘wiped out’, and, as the yearly Judaic celebration of Purim recounts, when a nation’s king’ is punished, the entire people are dragged in as well.


Israel National News

Immediately upon leaving Egyptian bondage, the Israelites were faced with two existential threats: the Egyptian army, which the L-rd destroyed by drowning them in the Red Sea, and the Amalekites who were later destroyed by the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua.

Nationally, we have faced numerous enemies in our nearly 4000-year history.

So what was the difference with the Amalekites? Why were we told ‘timche et zecher Amalek’, (wipe out the memory of Amalek), and yet the same is not said for the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Romans or indeed the Germans?

That is because the Amalekites were the first. They were the first external nation following the Exodus to attack us, and thus, because they were not wiped out as commanded by G-d, the floodgates were opened for the rest of the world to begin millenia of persecution against us.

‘Timche et zecher Amalek’–wipe out the memory of these people, the Amalekites, for they attacked us physically; attacking from the rear where we were poorly defended; and spiritually, because they introduced doubt as to the omniscience of the L-rd.

It is a mitzvah ‘D’Oryta’, (from the Torah), to literally obliterate this Amalekite nation from the face of the earth. Today, of course, in the absence of a Beit HaMikdash, (Holy Temple), this law is relegated to theory, and of course, most ancient peoples, (Jews excepted), have assimilated into oblivion.

So what is left today of ‘Amalekite-ism’?

Answer–Any nation or people that portrays a deep, visceral, almost otherworldly hatred of the Jews, are said to be descendants of the Amalekites.

We soon will be celebrating the holiday of Purim.

The main antagonist in the Purim story, Haman, was a pure Amalekite, a direct descendant of Agag, the Amalekite king.

It was his wish to exterminate the Jews that dwelled in the Persian Empire, and it is the thwarting of this plan that resulted in the holiday of Purim.

It is usually not noted or appreciated that had this plan succeeded, Heaven forbid, the Jews would indeed have been rendered extinct; for ALL of the Jews were living in the Persian Empire, which was most of the known world.

All seemed lost, but due to the courage of the sage Mordechai, and beautiful and brave Queen Esther, everything was turned around, Haman was hanged, the Jews were allowed to defend themselves, and what was nearly an unspeakable tragedy, became a day of great rejoicing.

They tried to kill us.

We won.

In every generation, there arise enemies that wish to harm, damage and destroy the Jewish people and we are commanded to ‘timche et zecher Amalek,’ wipe them out.