The Slow Death of the Syria Cease-Fire Brings a Hybrid War with Russia Closer

russia-turkey-airplane-shootdown-e1448923961168ED Noor: Author Crooke takes an interesting approach to this disastrous situation, although there is so much more to it that his relative over-simplification of things. Syria is much more about the Greater Israel Project than it is about the current American elections and various international strategies being devised to highlight the presidential runners.

Crooke makes not a single mention of neocon involvement or a single thing Jewish, but then, you all, Dear Readers, are fully cognizant of the inherent tribal meddling to bring about their JWO/NWO endgame. These Anglo-Zionist traitors to humanity are the ones creating these international tensions, as they admittedly said, have so many times in the past, in order to bring about international collapse; America is behaving as the golem it was shaped into for the benefit of International Communism which is, basically, just what all of this is about.

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