The Story of Israel as a ‘state’ and as a people in a 60 second ad for woman’s underwear

ed note–apologies ahead of time to the viewers for the risque’ images, but there is actually an important point to be found here, even if not intended by its creators.

The video is an ad for women’s underwear and features a young She-Brew who–driving through the desert in a sports car bearing a license plate that reads ‘dressed to kill’–pulls up alongside another young woman stranded in the desert and trying to hitch a ride.

Apparently, (since we don’t speak Hebrew) the Jewess driver demands that the hitchhiking young woman surrender the pretty white dress she is wearing and the young woman refuses. What then follows is a 20 second mad drive through the desert with the original She-brew ‘wandering’ aimlessly and being followed by a flock of ravens–scavengers who feed off of dead bodies.

The video ends with the scene of the young Hebress planting a shovel in the spot where she has just buried the young hitchhiker who refused to give over what was rightfully hers.

And in this 60-second ad for women’s underwear, what the viewer encounters is the story of ‘Israel,’ both as the ‘Jewish state’ in the Middle East today and as the covetous, thieving, violent people described in the bible.

Whether it is those tall tales featuring Abraham and his wife Sarah conspiring to use Sarah’s sexuality to ingratiate both of them into the royal court of Pharaoh, or a jealousy-driven Sarah sending Hagar and Ishmael out into the desert to die of exposure, or Jacob conspiring with his mother Rebekah to rob Esau of his birthright, to the invasion of Canaan and the massacre of all the people there as described in the Torah, to the modern-day Holocaust of those Ishmaelites, Amalekites, and Canaanites represented by the Palestinians and others whose lives have been destroyed by organized Jewry, the story is the same–A covetous, thieving people who will resort to any trickery, chicanery, or violence necessary in taking from others what they themselves desire.

The ad also serves as an explanatory exercise in how we have gotten to the point where we are right now.

The young Hebress who has just murdered another human being simply for a dress she herself coveted drives off into the unknown without any negative penalties arising out of what she did. No cops on her tail, no worries or fears, just driving off in her vintage ‘muscle car’ from years past, representing the old traditions of Judaism that continue to this day to propel the Jewish people forward from place to place, robbing, thieving, and murdering those whom they happen to encounter along their journey, just as her ancestors did when the car was a brand new item for them and with no judgments or punishments from heaven for doing so.

9 thoughts on “The Story of Israel as a ‘state’ and as a people in a 60 second ad for woman’s underwear

  1. unfortunately, nowhere on the web, nowhere on the PLANET. will there be found the kind of insightful commentary as just appeared with this one post. Not even Mike Hoffman, as brilliant as he is in his study and exposition of the inherent evils of the Talmud, will touch this with a ten foot pole due to the accurate light in which the ad depicts the Jews going all the way back to the days of Abraham.

    As always, depthless gratitude to the editors of this website for not only having the vision to see such things, but as well, the strength of character necessary in exposing it and with all the risks that such work entails.

  2. The jews are the light among the nations… by light I mean hellfire. It’s God’s way of showing us what will happen to those who go astray.

  3. Jeez. That was the an ad to sell women’s underwear in IsraHel? These people are truly demented and I am looking more and more forward to 2025 when humanity revisits 70 A.D.

  4. Frightening in its barbarity
    Terrifying in its applicability to the jewish state
    Its not a video. It is a test.

    Do you recognize the monster (thanks Mark) ?
    Are you scared of the monster (bon voyage Jeremy Corbyn) ?
    Are you prepared to slay the monster (thank you syria, hezzbolah, Jim Trafficant, JFK) ?

  5. Ya know, I’ve often wondered about the exodus story. You know how its been crammed down our throats that the “poor pitiful” Hebrews were kept as slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years before Moses came along and freed them. Well if they were slaves how did they get all that gold they melted and made into that big fat golden calf they were determined to worship even after God parted the sea for their asses? And why did the pharo go chasing after them after he told them to go ahead and leave because they had become such an overwhelming pain in the ass to him that he just wanted them out of his site? The story goes that Moses put the fear of God in him and the Pharo actually witnessed with his own eyes some of the results of God’s anger like having plagues visited on his people and his family even taking the life of his own son etc. He finally just said please just leave so why would he then change his mind and go after them ending up swallowed up by the sea?

    If any of this story is true. I bet they either were not slaves at all because they got paid OR they effing stole Egypt’s gold and the pharo went after them to get it back.

    Maybe thats why they to this day are so rich.

    Oh well, guess it doesn’t make any difference now. Nothing ever makes any difference when it comes to these people.

    ed note–rest assured LB that the Exodus story is every bit as much ‘fake news’ as anything that Jollywood puts out today.

    And yes, the precedent for stealing the wealth of others is found in that same book featuring what the jews believe was the march to the rpmised land–

    ‘Every Israelite woman will ask to borrow articles of silver and gold and fine clothing from her Egyptian neighbors and from the foreign women in their houses. You will dress your sons and daughters with these, stripping the Egyptians of their wealth.”–Exodus 3.22

  6. And they have lived by these same formulas all the way from those thousands of years ago until today on our earth in present time where we all are their victims. Even those of us stupid enough to still support and befriend them.

  7. The pile of Psycotics known as jews has gone way beyond my expectations . Facebook gave me a life band for posting a clip from Brad Pitts World War Z where hords of Zombies climb over Jerusalem’s walls . Apparently this is anti jew . I add my experience at Quora where saying the Rothschild family financed both sides of WW 1 and WW 2 . Yes this got me banned . Total re writing history is a jew talent .

  8. I didn’t watch the video. I didn’t want to pollute my mind any more than it has been over the decades by their sorcery and lies when I was younger and programmed to be naive and trusting.

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