Trump–‘4 embassies were about to be attacked’

ed note–please pay close attention to the first 4 minutes wherein the President basically validates what we theorized here from the beginning–that large scale attacks were about to take place that would have forced his hand politically in engaging in military action along the lines of what the little monkey George W. Bush was forced into doing after 9/11.

Also, nota bene–when asked about briefing Congress, he specifically mentions Adam Schiff and how suicidal it would have been to give him any info about any impending American military activity. Of all the various people Trump cold have referenced–including Speaker Pelosi–he referenced Schiff SPECIFICALLY due to the fact that Schiff is a high-level operative for Israel and that had Schiff been given this information ahead of time, Israel would have been given that information and the military action Trump was planning would have been a failure, giving Judea, Inc yet another noose to hang around the President’s neck.

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