TUT Broadcast Aug 19, 2018

Tonight’s program–The implosion/controlled demolition of the ‘Truth Movement’ via Alex Jones, his propagation of the Sandy Hook Hoax nonsense and the all-too-predictable imposition of censorship protocols by Youtube, Facebook, Twitter et al in the interests of avoiding crippling lawsuits/legal action, all of which was warned years ago would arrive but which was roundly ignored.

Also, Trump’s offer to speak with/meet with the Iranian leadership and their recalcitrance on this matter and the manner by which Judea, Inc will use this in sketching in all the necessary background scenery so that when something blows up and is blamed on Iran it will be believed by 300 million American dolts.

As usual, not for the feint of heart, hopelessly closed minded, or incurably stupid, so listen only at the risk of receiving a jolting shock of the Ugly Truth.

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