TUT Broadcast Dec 14, 2017

Tonight’s special program–

On this, the 5th anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school, we are joined by author and broadcaster Deanna Spingola to discuss what took place in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy–The Sandy Hook Hoax Fiasco–a very sophisticated operation in psychological warfare aimed at discrediting the alternative media and ‘9/11 Truth Movement’. Deanna goes into the various characters making up the main pistons of this psychological operation, including James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracey and others who–wittingly or not–played their own respective roles as pushers of this highly-narcotic/highly-addictive/highly-dangerous substance known as ‘Hoaxerism’ that has all but destroyed the thought processes of large numbers of activists within ‘the movement’ and which has reduced the credibility of the alternative media to null.

As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded, so listen only at the risk of getting a heaping, healthy dose of the ugly truth.

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