TUT Broadcast Dec 3, 2017

Tonight’s program–Judea, Inc has just moved things up a notch with regards to its plans of removing Donald J. Trump as POTUS. Besides the scandal involving Sen. Al Franken, who despite being an ultra-liberal Jew inimical to every microbe making up the person of Trump, nevertheless Franken’s opposition to Pense (who he described as a ‘zealot’) meant that Franken had to be made into an example of what others can expect if they don’t play the tune and pay the piper as J-expected of them.

Added to this is that John Conyers, ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, has been removed and replaced with Jerold Nadler, the very first member of Congress to utilize his office to begin the preliminary maneuvers in getting the impeachment process started, and only a mere few weeks after Trump was sworn in.

But, the fly in the ointment for all of this was the recent news concerning the guilty plea entered by Trump’s former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn, who indeed admitted to meeting with the Russians, but not for help in winning the campaign, but rather–as Flynn claims–to save Israel at the UN in the waning days of the Obama Administration.

What is Judea, Inc to do now that Flynn has thrown the entire ‘RussiaGate’ scandal into the territory of pandering to Israel? How will Netanyahu–who is secretly operating the levers of Jewish power in America in trying to see Trump removed–going to play this out, that Trump is an ‘enemy of Israel’ when Flynn has just agreed to go to jail based upon (what he claims) was a move to save poor, little Israel from last year’s historic UN resolution condemning the settlements?

As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded

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