TUT Broadcast Feb 23, 2019

Tonight’s program–

The recent midterm elections in the US and what kinds of (Israeli-instigated) tectonic changes occurred politically in order to keep things exactly as they were. In particular, what all can expect to see from the election of 2 Muslim women to Congress and the manner by which they will be used in furthering a particular narrative which Judea, Inc needs if that same old/same old is to be maintained.

We are once again honored to have with us–loud & proud/large & in charge–the one and only Jonathon Azaziah who is sure to fill our heads with information and analysis not heard before and in doing so will stretch our skulls to their limits. 

As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded, so listen only at the risk of being fed a bitter dose of some very difficult-to-swallow ugly truth.

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