TUT Broadcast Jun 18, 2018

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Trump pulls out of the JCPOA, otherwise known as the ‘Iranian Nuclear Deal’ while the reaction on the part of his enemies is that he did so in order to start a new war with Iran, despite the fact that the very premise upon which the JCPOA agreement was based was a mirrored image of the same ‘Clean Break’ Document written for Benjamin Netanyahu prior to 9/11 that outlined the plan by which regime change through American military adventurism would be achieved for Israel’s benefit.

In other words, the JCPOA–exactly as Iran’s principalist leaders stated from the beginning–was an act of subversion and of war against the IRI and that Iran had no business being party to it and Trump, by disengaging the US from this agreement, disengaged as well with being party to a Trojan Horse maneuver that had as its end result the destruction of ancient Persia per Israel’s demands.

Also, the recent tete a tete between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and the manner by which this politically-important event can/will be used in pushing forward the ‘ultimate peace deal’ between the maniacal Jewish state and the Arabs who have suffered under Judaic oppression for over half a century.

As usual, not for the feint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded, so listen only at the risk of getting a healthy dose of the ugly truth.

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