TUT Broadcast Nov 13, 2017

Tonight’s program–Trump’s real agenda with ‘Hurricane Harvey’–destroying Hollywood, a nest of spies, a den of thieves, and lair of murderers, slavers, and extortionists.

The explosive news revealed this week that Harvey Weinstein–upon the advice of former Israeli PM Ehud Barak–utilized the services of ‘former’ Mossad agents in silencing the tsunami of women he had sexually assaulted, proving that there is more to Weinstein than just a fat, obnoxious Hollywood type who revels in his Jewishness.

Equally important is the fact that Hollywood has since its earliest days been a front for Israeli operations, including utilizing the ‘blond bombshell’ Marilyn Monroe as a spy in determining what a certain newly elected president named John F. Kennedy thought about Israel.

Bringing it forward to today, Hollywood is now the stomping grounds of an admitted Mossad agent engaged in nuclear espionage against the United States, one Arnan Milchon, who doubtless is running as well his own ‘honey pot’ operations in compromising powerful personages operating at the highest levels of the American elite.

And now, we have ‘Hurricane Harvey’, where every day, new allegations and new faces bubble up from the sewer known as Jollywood involving sexual impropriety and which will–in due time–include much more serious charges involving pedophilia, child snuff pornography and human trafficking, all as part and parcel of Trump, Inc’s war against Judea, Inc.

As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed minded, so listen only at the risk of an extensive mental workout.

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