TUT Broadcast Nov 20, 2017

Tonight’s program–The takedown of Sen. Al Franken with the photographically-proven charges of sexual assault, taking place the same week that Impeachment charges are introduced in the House of Representatives against President Trump by Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee.

Part of Trump, Inc’s ‘Hurricane Harvey’, or something else?

Franken, despite being a true-blue ‘liberal’s liberal’ and a political/ideological enemy of Trump, nevertheless has made clear his opposition to impeachment of the President as he would then be replaced with Mike Pence, whom Franken characterizes as a ‘zealot’, all of this taking place simultaneous to the bloodbath involving the Senatorial candidacy of Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, a strong Trump supporter.

Was Franken ‘sacrificed’ by his own people in order to lend credibility to the charges being leveled at Roy Moore and as a warning to others in the Senate that if they don’t play ball the way that Judea, Inc demands vis a vis the impeachment of a sitting US President intent upon resolving the never-ending turmoil in the Middle East that they will find themselves in the same position as Franken?

As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded

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