Zionist Butchery in Yemen and Gaza, All for Israel


[Ariadna: Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words but there are some pictures I cannot handle very well. In his blog Goon Squad, Greg Bacon makes a powerful case showing in graphic images the trail of blood and savage butchery left behind Israel’a advancement toward its goal: Eretz Israel. He calls them “zionists,” but since the demented dream of dominion at all cost over the “nations” is thousands of years older than the state of Israel, they can be called “Jews,” “real Jews”…]

Zionist Butchery in Yemen and Gaza, All for Israel

by Greg Bacon

Can you tell which of these pictures of dead and horribly maimed bodies are from Yemen and which are from Gaza?

[Ariadna note: To see the images click here]

The first two pictures are from Bakha, Yemen and the last two from Gaza.

Yes, this is a pic of what used to be a human being, until Saudi money and SA fighter jets supplied by the USA and US bombs turned the person into pulp:

The Zionist and NeoCON butchers are having a wonderful time in Yemen, a little something to tide them over till the next Gaza slaughter.

One could post similar pics of horror from another Zionist Jew slaughterhouse, Syria.

Or from another Zionist Jew slaughterhouse, Iraq.

Or from another Zionist Jew butchery in Libya.

All of this misery and death in the ME is basically for the benefit of one nation, Israel.

Israel is the spoiled brat that usually gets what it wants and to hell with the consequences, let someone else pay the piper.

Israel wants to expand and create its dream of ‘Eretz Israel,’ which will stretch from the Rivers Tigris and Nile, to southern Turkey down to northern Arabia.

Paid for with western money and the blood of Middle East and African Muslims.

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  • September 27, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried on seeing those photos – THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SPENT YEARS FIGHTING – Any real human being, any person on this planet who is at least half decent anybody with even a small amount of love for the state of ALL World citizens who looks at these pictures MUST feel anger at what is being done by the EVIL Jews .Hell is too good a place for them only a cold unfeeling person and I am NOT ! can be unaffected by looking at them. At times I feel so helpless that I cannot do more to rid this planet of dirty -evil slime. !! -NSA/GCHQ do you not feel shame working for a race of people with ZERO Humanity ????

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