How They Do It– Netanyahu’s new media adviser says Biden is ‘unfit’, ‘destroying America’ and echoes Trump’s claims of voter fraud

Gilad Zwick has criticized the U.S. president and the validity of the 2020 elections, claiming he is ‘slowly but surely ruining America’ and referring to him as ‘Supreme Leader Biden’


ed note–before we jump into all of this, a little phrase that appears here often and which must be plugged into any and all situations where ‘they’–the children of Israel–have a deeply-vested interest and are in front of the microphone, which is that–


‘no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid’.


They aren’t. They’re very intelligent, very crafty, very cunning…


They know how to bait a hook in just the right way to catch the ‘fish’ in question, and what’s worse is that in most cases, the ‘fish’ doesn’t even know he/she has been hooked until he finds him/herself gutted and in the frying pan.


In this case, what we have is the ‘hook’ of trying to paint the false picture of some friendly ‘connectivity’ between Trump and Netanyahu through the person of Netanyahu’s media advisor who is parroting the same kinds of things that dominate within Trump’s base of support–Biden’s incompetence, theft of the 2020 election, etc, etc, etc.


Now, the obvious question is why would Netanyahu want to create such an image in the minds of Trump’s base of support?


Because Trump is on the warpath and is out to make those who destroyed his presidency and who stole his re-election from him pay for their crimes, and at the top of the list of those guilty of this is none other than ‘Bibi’ himself.


As uncovered by Israeli journalist Barak Ravid in his book ‘Trump’s Peace’, the ‘bromance’ that so many one-dimensional political watchers assumed existed between the 2 leaders was in fact non-existent, a fact underscored by the 2 words which Trump used in the interview with Ravid where he stated quite clearly–


‘F*** Bibi’…


To that end therefore, Netanyahu knows that he is on Trump’s s*** list and that at any time of Trump’s choosing he can open up his bag of informational goodies and start peeling away Netanyahu’s base of support here in America, and especially THESE folks–



Who–besides showering the Jewish state with millions of dollars every year–also act as an army of political activists in contacting Congress about various items related to Israel, including foreign/military aid, shielding the American public of damaging info related to various acts of war which the Jewish state has perpetrated, as well as scuttling any political/legal actions that could result in Israel being cut off from the $30 million dollars per day she receives from Uncle Sam which she then utilizes in buying off Congress.


Again, ladies and Gentile-men, as we started off saying here, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid.


The Jewish Daily Forward

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed a new media adviser who has described U.S. President Joe Biden as ‘unfit’ for office, accusing him of ‘destroying America’ and sharing claims made by former President Donald Trump’s supporters concerning voter fraud in the 2020 presidential elections.

Gilad Zwick worked at the pro-Netanyahu Channel 14 news for the past year and previously reported for the Israel Hayom daily newspaper, which also supports the premier. Over the past two years, Zwick has utilized his Twitter account, which has garnered approximately 30,000 followers, to criticize Biden and his ability to fulfill his role as president.

Last July, Zwick shared a brief video clip of a speech by Biden accompanied by the following comment: ‘The media is doing everything to hide Biden’s incompetence, yet the Chinese, Russians and Iranians are not stupid, they understand well that there is no leadership in Washington.’


A year earlier, Zwick wrote that Biden is ‘slowly but surely ruining America,’ comparing him to the leaders of Iran and North Korea by referring to him as ‘Supreme Leader Biden.’

After the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Zwick shared conspiratorial content from supporters of former President Donald Trump about alleged voter fraud that led to Trump’s loss and Biden’s victory.

‘This election will not be settled without a fight,’ he wrote on Twitter three days after the election, when Biden’s victory was already a forgone conclusion. ‘Hopefully the right-wing elected officials here in Israel will learn a thing or two about courage and determination from their American counterparts,’ he added.

Zwick later retweeted a post that allegedly showed fake ballots being counted in Georgia, where Biden beat Trump, which read ‘Video from Atlanta, Georgia — after they cleared out the observers and the media and were told that the count was over, there were still four workers left. What did they do? They took out suitcases with forms from under the table, began to scan vigorously for at least two hours – of course without any supervision.’

Zwick even claimed that the workers ‘counted 18,000 votes’ more than the margin by which Biden beat Trump in the state. He has also shared allegations against Dominion Voting Systems, which recently won a lawsuit against Fox News for spreading conspiracy theories regarding fakes ballots in its machines in 2020.

‘Another interesting development,’ Zwick wrote on Twitter about three weeks after the election, going on to say that ‘Dominion representatives recanted and refused to appear before Pennsylvania lawmakers about the security of their machines.’ The tweet was captioned ‘What do they have to hide?’

Another of his tweets referring to Dominion Voting Systems quoted Trump lawyer Sydney Powell, as saying ‘Dominion’s machines were exposed to manipulation and forgery on a large scale, to the point of biasing the election results.’ It should be noted that Fox News had to pay Dominion approximately $800 million in compensation for spreading false claims against the company.

Another tweet by Zwick referred to election workers in Michigan who he claims testified under oath regarding voter fraud in the state, including ‘persuasion of voters to vote for Biden and duplicate ballots.’ Biden won in Michigan by a margin of more than 150,000 votes, but Trump claimed without any evidence that the results were fake and went so far as to try to prevent the process of officially confirming election results.

Two days after the January 6 Capitol riot, Twitter suspended the accounts of senior Trump officials who were spreading conspiracy theories regarding the election. Outraged, Zwick tweeted that ‘Silicon Valley has declared war against the right’s freedom of expression.’

Since returning to office five months ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to receive an invite to the White House to meet with President Biden.

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