About a week ago, under the heading of The Diversity of Ordinary Americans, my first post to TUT was an attempt to gauge interest among the ethnically diverse American public about organizing a united approach towards a constructive confrontation with the existing authorities with the aim of redirecting the aims of the American nation away from establishing a New World Order, and towards serving the needs of the ordinary people of America of all ethnicities.

My impression is that the issue of the ethnic groups getting together and working together is a sensitive and even threatening prospect for many ordinary people. In scratching my head about this, fragments of a popular song of about 50 years ago kept coming into my mind – particularly the expression “coffee coloured people”.

So I searched for that expression on the internet, and found the song’s lyrics. The song’s called The Melting Pot. I’ll quote the first three stanzas:

“Take a pinch of white man/ Wrap it up in black skin/ Add a touch of blue blood/ And a little bitty bit of Red Indian boy

Curly Latin kinkies/ Mixed with yellow Chinkees/ If you lump it all together/ Well, you got a recipe for a get along scene/ Oh, what a beautiful dream/ If it could only come true, you know, you know

What we need is a great big melting pot/ Big enough to take the world and all it’s got/ And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more/ And turn out coffee colored people by the score”.

My suspicion is that all ethnic groups would find the prospect of melting into a common uniformity a real threat to their culture and values. It really is a recipe for cultural genocide. The song idealizes such cultural genocide: “Oh, what a beautiful dream; If it could only come true”.

I think this is a great example of brainwashing as high art.

So where are ordinary Americans at?

You are ethnically diverse. Your ethnic identity is important to your personal identity. Each American wants to have an equal sacred right to their ethnic and personal identity, along with their national identity as Americans.

If the different ethnic groups are ever going to get together so that they can work together for the common good, there needs to be developed mutual respect and mutual trust between the different groups.

My understanding is that those conditions are nowhere near being met. But they must be met if the ordinary people of America are ever to rise and make united demands on their governments.

Is that asking too much of ordinary Americans?

How urgent is the need for ordinary Americans to call their governments to account?

The New World Order marches on relentlessly, assuming that the ordinary American people will never call them to account because they are incapable of doing so.

Wouldn’t it be nice to prove them wrong about that?

Comments please from people of different ethnicities.

28 thoughts on “The Melting Pot – was it, and is it, a Genocidal Threat?”
  1. The problem you dont understand and maybe my previous post didnt put it correctly isnt the fact of accepting people of different skin color its the fact that the JEWS are on a world brainwashing war of forcing people to inter marry just so they can dumb down individual races who have built up a level of intelligence over 1000 years or more . You are promoting on an anti jewish website Jewish controlled integration to bring us all down to stupid goyim so that we are better slaves to Jewish big business and just say yes to anything -big boss Jew says . Why arent you posting on the Jerusalem Post website telling Israeli Jews to integrate ?? why not ? because you would be attacked ,taken off the web and strange things (adverse ) would happen to you -lose your job-jailed etc. Go East to Jew land and convince the Jews there they are only slaughtering Palestinians -men-women-children-babies -pregnant women-torturing children burning them alive because they wont integrate. The Jews have REFUSED ANY sort of integration their words =to keep our race PURE as I said removing black jews sterilising female black jews . Do that first then pontificate to us here and maybe then I would listen.

  2. Duncan, you have understood that I was advocating the melting pot ideal. I thought I had made it clear that the melting pot approach boils down to cultural genocide which of course I do not advocate.
    What I am advocating is mutual respect of the right of each ethnic group to be different. And on the basis of such mutual respect to work together for the common good of all ethnic groups and all ordinary American people.
    Do you not see a need for such mutual respect so that people can cooperate?

  3. What is an ‘ordinary American’? We are only Americans by citizenship. Who do we really give allegiance to? Our American so called culture? Or our ethnic background culture? Everyone is so concerned about their culture being forced to marry into others. How ridiculous is that?! I have observed too much in my years. My people welcome all types. When you cross the line of trust, then you are finished. Respect is a powerful word that I learned before speaking. Too much hate and misunderstanding. Humility is almost non existent, not just in America but worldwide. Where are the warriors hiding? I have my own group of warriors. I could go on but I would be called a ‘Marxist’ cohorts. 🙂 even here I’m discriminated. True fact.

  4. Okay if you put it that way I apologize and I dont do that very often . The deviousness of the Jews over many years has me “on edge ” at what I think is sly penetration of websites that are anti Jewish I have come across the most devious ways you could think of. Yes I have mutual respect of other races but that doesnt include turning the other cheek only to get your jaw broken with a sucker punch. Every race has evil people its just the Jews have a monopoly on them easily seen by their attempts to start WW3 because Jewish Profit is going down because of competition from Putin and the BRICS . They dont care if Millions die blasted apart by nukes or die slowly over months by radiation poison ,could you stand and watch your wife-son-daughter-baby scream in agony until they die ? I couldnt because I have a heart and CARE deeply for Humanity .

  5. #3 lasilencia: I’m not sure what you mean by “When you cross the line of trust, then you are finished.”
    I take it to mean that without mutual trust, constructive cooperation is impossible. Please correct me if I got that wrong. It looks like we agree that mutual respect is important, and that there is way “too much hate and misunderstanding” among ordinary Americans.
    I am gratified to read your advocacy of the virtue of humility. I absolutely agree.
    My guess is that you do not feel optimistic that American ethnic groups could work cooperatively and respectfully together. Is that so? And would you please explain in some detail your thoughts on that issue?

  6. #4 Duncan Lucas: Thanks Duncan. It looks like representatives of different ethnic groups should wear crash helmets, at least for the early discussions with others. We don’t want any broken jaws.:) I think we agree that “they don’t care” about the well-being of future generations, and that only ordinary people with “a heart” and who “CARE deeply for Humanity” can change the direction of our mad civilization. Power corrupts to the point of madness.
    Jews don’t have a monopoly on evil. Jewish usurers got to their dominance by collaborating with gentile elites. As you point out: “Every race has evil people”.

  7. I simply fail to understand what’s wrong with the ‘melting pot’ idea. Does it not itself indicate a ‘mutual trust’ so great that physical/racial distinctions no longer matter? Why would someone be so caught up with his own racial makeup that he/she can’t tolerate the idea of mixing with another race? Is it that such a person imagines that his/her own race is somehow ‘superior’ to others and it would be ‘blasphemy’ or ‘heresy’ to mix with other ‘inferior’ races and form a ‘coffee-colored’ people? If we DON’T consider that our race is ‘superior’, how would mixture be a ‘dumbing down’?

    Certainly the Jewish belief is that THEIR ‘race’ is superior to all others (the ‘inferior’ goyim). Are they correct to have that attitude, and should we mimic them – producing strife as concerning which race really is the ‘superior’ race which can’t be mixed with others?

    Is it somehow a good thing for each race to consider itself special, and necessary to ‘preserve’ that specialness? I personally can’t see it. I know that I have ‘mixed’ ancestry (though it is predominately ‘white European’), but it just doesn’t matter to me. I don’t see one bit of necessity to ‘preserve’ my ‘racial heritage’. What’s important to me more than anything else is the ‘soul’/’spirit’/’lifeforce’ (or whatever name you wish to give to the ‘eternal’ inner aspect of a person). I am not a “white European” even though I presently occupy a “white European” (predominately) body. I don’t wish to imitate Jewish ideology by focusing on the outer ‘racial’ characteristics rather than the ‘soul’ (or imagine that other ‘races’ don’t have a ‘soul’, as is good Jewish belief). I’ll advocate a ‘melting pot’ ideology over racial strife any day.

    Of course I’m sure it’s possible to seek to ‘preserve’ one’s ‘special’ racial characteristics while still respecting and cooperating with other races. If you wish to do so, that’s okay. But I just don’t see that it is necessary, and that racial mixture is somehow degrading or ‘dumbing down’.

  8. #7 mystic444: thanks for your thoughtful response. I take your point about the ‘dumbing down’ aspect.
    Speaking for myself alone, I see the issue more in terms of culture than of race. Shared language and shared attitudes, as well as the ethnic identity factor make it likely that ‘birds of a feather’ will live together, breed together, etc.
    The history of prejudice between different ethnicities, unfair treatment, conflict, hostility, etc, could be expected to predispose many people to distrust, disrespect, or outright fear people of other ethnicities to varying degrees.
    The purpose in starting this dialogue is to gauge the extent to which this unfortunate history constitutes a barrier to ordinary people of different ethnicities working together cooperatively and respectfully in order to influence their governments to serve the common good of the ordinary people of all ethnicities – and to accord such service their highest priority.
    The hope is that individuals of different ethnicities will contribute to the discussion significant issues for different groups, so that these can be known, understood, and planned for in advance.
    I agree with you that racial or ethnic strife is something to avoided at all costs, and more to the point, perhaps, repaired as much as possible with a view to respectful cooperation.
    Vive le respect!

  9. What is a Nationality is it nothing ? Most Americans say=WE are American -the same with Germans etc – each nation acts and reacts in a certain manner particular to that country its a national trait . While people are individuals in personality they have a national social physic never more so than in the US where even people in different states ridicule each other as they ridicule -hill-billies-trailer park trash – garlic breaths-Italians- pot=heads -Californians and so on people will always classify- like the US media always pushes adverse media comment on Germans and Moozlems -Germany is never left to forget the SS -Nazis etc -night and day on films as well as “evil ” Moozlems . This is ongoing as far as Jews are concerned they have as of today got the US government grant to Palestinians reduced trying to make the World a nicer place while a much greter evil should be number one on our minds is trying to divert the main topic of life itself and that is to fight body and soul against the Jews -16 million running a big country like America with population of 330 million until that is sorted out secondary issues take second stage ,unless you are saying -well WW3 is here and we should get ready for our Maker as race doesnt matter in the afterlife well neither it does but I was put here against injustice and to high light it and that wee population has created Hell on Earth ” for the 99 % . And if you say well our previous lives were bad so we deserve to suffer and the Jews are carrying out gods wishes should the good suffer as much as the bad thats Spiritual injustice and completely contradicts what Jesus says .No we are here to learn from past life mistakes and progress Spiritually. Tell me how the Jews are progressing in spirit when that wee nation is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide by using the US as its proxy killer cause-effect-action-reaction -ITs nice to be nice but this is war both literally and in the World social sense ,in war things are put aside till the main action is complete so that people arent diverted from the Truth and the Truth is-by their actions shall they be known and every man-woman-child who is not Jewish knows how the Jews behave.

  10. There are those who can transcend their race, culture and nationality; they are few in number. Most people feel comfortable with their own – it’s a vibe thing, and this will never not be the norm. But even people who operate on a spiritual level, a mystical level, that does not mean that they don’t see that the jew wants a melting pot and the ultimate destruction of defined nations other than their own, particularly white nations – see what’s happening to Sweden. It suites their agenda – divide and conquer, especially European Nation, whom they abhore and wish to exact revenge upon for having been thrown out of Europe so many times – this is not speculation. Multiculturalism is jew-speak. But here’s a mantra which covers it: Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, and white countries for everyone..

    I used to live in Los Angeles, a mecca for mult-culti. Not a chance of unifying anything there, as each group is just hustling to enhance their group, and do not see self in other.

  11. Alan, once trust is broken there can be no constructive cooperation. If I don’t trust, then I cannot respect. Human nature will only allow me to be hostile. I find that there is hate and misunderstanding everywhere, especially in Europe, but since we are talking about ‘ordinary Americans’, we will stick to that particular group of people for the moment.

    American ethnic groups working together? Not sure how to begin. The prejudice in this country is disgusting, but then again, I find Europeans to be no different. Since people want to blame the jews for everything, I blame the people who allow them to take over and who continue their prejudice views and paranoia living. Hence, people against people. The pope made an interesting statement. “There is a jew in all of us.” Think about it. People will get mad but it is a true statement. The trick is to acknowledge it and release it. The idea that cultures will be destroyed by mixing, is so damn stupid and ridiculous. No one forces two people to marry and fall in love from different cultural backgrounds. If so, there must be a lot of shot gun weddings going on. Besides, who gets married these days? Hardly anyone.

    My views are completely different. I do not preach hate, but then again I have no problems calling a ‘spade a spade’. My group of activists travel the country and promote peace, and they are very well aware of the battles that faced them. Their numbers are not large enough to make a difference. Racism is at all time high. Why? Ordinary Americans want to blame it on Obama. In a way, they are right. Do I care? No. I speak against him any way. Have I lost friends? Yes. Friendships of over 20 years lost. They were not meant to be in my life any way. There are many sub groups that people need to be aware of and stay away from. It is so important to research these groups.

    Alan, are you trying to understand the American culture? Its a complicated one and yet so simple. I am American first and then Latina. I don’t appreciate people flushing the American flag down the toilet. If we continue to allow that, then we should flush all flags down the toilet. My own personal opinion is that as long Germany and all other European nations, remain suppressed by the jews, the world will never be liberated. They had their opportunity when Netanyahu said that Hitler did not want to ‘exterminate’ the jews but ‘expel’ them. How true that statement is and yet it was thrown into the fire. A missed opportunity to correct history. But…..

    To blame ‘ordinary Americans’ for their lack of fighting or awareness is wrong. European history is taught to Americans and it is so wrong. Europeans cannot say the word ‘jew’ without consequences. I can curse a jew out to their face without any repercussions and I have many times. To this day I still fight them and will not fear them. They know this too.

    Big difference.

  12. #9 Duncan Lucas: interesting thoughts and questions. Huge modern nations are certainly artificial things. I think those who think themselves to be rulers by nature or God’s will, or whatever, find huge societies very convenient for dividing and ruling. Divide the people, get control of the media of public information, and already you’re in a position of great power. If ever the ordinary people of huge societies could get ourselves sufficiently organized to have a real say in the government of our society, and we went to pains to find out what sort of a life most people would like to live, I think we would not choose to live in huge cities in large nations with centralized government. More likely, something along the lines of decentralized government, based on water catchment and capacity for self-sufficiency in the basics of life. Anyway I won’t rabbit on about that. We’re a long way from having choices in such matters. The word “nation” comes from the Latin for birth – the land of my/our birth. As much as our rulers like to keep their livestock/us divided against each other, they do like to unite us in sport and war. And your point that “this is war both literally and in the World social sense” is dead right. Our rulers are organized – boy, are they organized – and they have us organized to function as their human livestock. In all other respects we are hopelessly unorganized, so much so that the war is no contest. That’s our biggest challenge – get more of our fellow human livestock to become aware of what our situation is, and you never know. I suspect most people are paralysed by fear of even thinking about challenging those in power over us.
    Thanks, Duncan.

  13. #10 Peter: I’m having a bit of difficulty coping with the complexities within some of the points you made. I’ll have another go later when I’m fresher.

  14. I understand Peter completely he has put forward his point like an open book -Truthful-straight-forward -completely non-devious, he is showing up the Jewish “war ” philosophy they cant get all of us at birth to “imprint ” us with Jew=Mother so must be right ,so do it on a World forceful war-like scale by sitting down and telling the US government you must do this or that so that it causes unrest in the Middle-EAst and keeps the “bad ” Mooozlums ” fighting each other rather than fighting against Israeli oppression and in progress sending refugees by the million into Europe to disrupt it and make it easier for us (the Jews ) to take over all trade in Europe by our=TTIP “”trade “” agreement which is really a Jewish/ US take-over because they dont want a European block in opposition to them so they cause disruption in many European countries and say=look -see-what we can do to you if you dont comply . So the Jews end up owning -body and soul -not only the US but the whole of Europe they are well ahead of your thinking as they are now on Russians door-step threatening WW3 -Think ! what would the US do if Russia did the same on the Mexico border – I will tell you WAR ! Its all planned out and Peter like me can see straight through Jewish actions like a knife through butter he has the World view insight to see life as it really is and not a Jewish propaganda statement of deviousness . A well known (and true ) US comment is=follow the money well the World equivalent is follow the Jewish action and you get the Truth and to play down the Jewish role by saying -the Jews get a “bum deal ” is to turn the Truth on its head . The US-UK-EU is Jewish run controlled via Jewish owned Big -Business even Cameron (jew)/Obommer admit it and Merkel being Jewish goes along with it also . You dont honestly think the US /UK are really Democratic countries do you ? Just look at the way our leaders are elected you need $200 million just to get started in the Presidential race to the White-House and you are told to vote and given 2 choices with little real difference in basic policies as long as they both obey Big-Jewish Business -And propaganda ??? 6 Jewish owned media companies CONTROL 93 % of the mass media and thats a fact I can prove to you if required.

  15. #11 lasilencia: “once trust is broken there can be no constructive cooperation. If I don’t trust, then I cannot respect. Human nature will only allow me to be hostile.” I agree that these are facts of life, and are biologically determined.
    “The prejudice in this country is disgusting”
    “Racism is at all time high.”
    “My group of activists travel the country and promote peace, and they are very well aware of the battles that faced them. Their numbers are not large enough to make a difference.”
    lasilencia: have these peace activists reported on their experiences when promoting peace?
    I’m getting the impression that the ethnic divisions are far deeper and more bitter than I had imagined.
    Such being the case, is the USA so ethnically shattered that it can hardly be considered to be a nation at all? Is it rather a make-believe nation, a make-believe land of the free and home of the brave?
    Am I going too far in drawing such inferences?
    Is the USA a land of broken trust – a land where respect and peace cannot be?

  16. “Land of the free” your joking of coarse ? every lamp post in a city has spy cameras ,the NSA has admitted it can and does spy on ALL US citizens via cell-net phones /internet /all fibre communications-spy drones over the US , the US armed Forces now due to an Act of Congress are allowed to shoot and kill its own US citizens because of false-flag-“”terrorists ” . You cant go on protest marches without being arrested / bludgeoned with night-sticks even killed . Professors by the drove are being fired for speaking the Truth if you speak out your neighbor is encouraged to report you if you say -I dont like the Government and even worse condemn the Israelis for massacring the Palestinian population the first instance -you must be a “commie ” or Red and the second you are now barred in the US for any criticism of Jews the UK Jew Cameron has now enacted the same legislation . I could give you a long list of what goes on behind the scenes but listen to this == 2 weeks ago in ST.Andrews (the home of golf ) Scotland I was in a charity shop speaking to the cashier about politics / freedom of the individual when an American woman joined the conversation she was a dual passport holder US/UK who had lived in Scotland for 40 years I asked her did she miss the US ,she didnt I said there is little freedom there now her reply that stopped me in my tracks ?? — The USA was never Free .

  17. To the author:

    Sir: From the tone of your writing I gather you are a White Anglo-Saxon American. So, if you are so much preoccupied with the American ethnic ‘Melting Pot’, you simply need to get out of America, back to the White Man’s lands of origin, in Europe (where humans became ‘white’ simply as a result of climatic influence), and leave America to its Native People, as well as to the descendants of the African People who have been forcefully deported from Africa by the white anglo-saxon and jewish traffickers, and further to all South American people who have been forced to migrate to North America because their economies have been wrecked by the U.S.

    I never hear American ethnic minorities complain about the supposed …WHAT? – Genocidal Threat of a Melting Pot…??? The real threat American ethnic minorities face is the racial discrimination they suffer at the hand of white dominance.

    And my message to all White Europeans in NATO countries complaining about Muslim and African immigration is this: They should complain to their own governments and tell them to get the hell out of ‘Black’ and ‘Brown’ countries, and to stop waging wars there to preserve the White Judeo-Western dominance. This way Africans and Muslims can enjoy life peacefully in their own lands without the need to migrate to the countries of their western oppressors and colonizers and looters, where they are met with suspicion and hostility – on top of everything else.

    But having said that, I always wonder how some people are unable to see what richness the presence and interaction of different cultures brings to each society…!

    Sorry Sir, but behind your ‘respect’ speech, I only see the usual White Nationalist disingenuous deceit by means of the usual mantras, such as:
    … personal right to ethnic identity …
    … ethnic identity important for personal identity…
    – and so on.

    Frankly, I fail to understand the purpose of your writing.
    I wonder: What conditions are to be met, according to your thinking, for ‘ordinary Americans’ (whatever that means…) to rise and make ‘united’ demands on their governments…???

    Do you mean to say that FIRST we need some kind of ‘apartheid’, where ‘respect’ means: Your ethnic group better keeps out of my ethnic group as a way of ‘respecting’ my clan…???
    And perhaps the more subtle innuendo that self-respect requires to keep to one’s ethnic clan???

    Well, I guess that after so many centuries of white anglo-saxon colonial dominance, white westerners cannot bear the thought of losing their power … which btw they are losing to the white jews. Yet they feel threatened by the presence of anyone who isn’t white.

    Bets regards
    A white European woman.

  18. The goal of Yahweh is to turn the world nto a tower of Babel,so his exclusive tribe can stay bonded ,and rule.

    The Jews promote ,” diversity”, for all but themselves.
    They believe in preserving their race. They even have sections of their publications on genetics.

    The melting pot they promote for all Gentiles is to create a formless everyman.
    A faceless blob without distinct culture or pride.

    All sovereignty but Israel’s .
    ” Thou shall hsve no other Gods but Yahweh “.

    Every race/Culture has unique qualities, and something to contribute within their own realms

    It must be reminded to many that the entire globe.. Mostly people of color where submerged under the International Jews front ; the world British Empire till its liquidation during/after WW 2.

    This is why Abraham Lincoln called the US Republic of his day ,” the world’s one last hope”.

    Today that physical Empire is gone but the International Jews financial power in the West is supreme.
    Nations mere shells of this, as are once respected companies taken over their transnational systems.

    Why are cars ,architecture ,cloths, products ,stores so ” universal ?”
    The International Jews.

    This is what they plan for people !

    Take note how both the Jewish Left ,and Right ,push an equality of result?

    The first pushed ” equality ” ,while the later ” opportunity “.
    All want the same outcomes ,and are con jobs.
    Without the natural progression of talent and hierarchy the first cannot achieve anything. Without access to capital ,the second is meaningless.

    The leveling of all,and elimination of ” race” is the Jews Invention and goal.
    You think they will participate in the coming blending ?

    How dare you ? Of course not !
    What are you an Anti Semite?”

    This is the key to understanding all of what you see,as the Jews have no concern for those harmed by ” racism ” at all.
    Their agitation for ” minority rights” ,etc is all about their own agenda.

    Take a look at Israel ? The most institutionalized racist nation on earth.

    The Jews are an artificial people.
    Their God,and all of the systems they promote

    They seek to impose this system on all that is natural.

    ” You worship the creator, and not the creation”.

    The first a made interpretation ( their own) ,and the later the free natural world,and its ironclad laws.

    The first distorts the second.

    The natural preservation of racial distinctness.

    This is not disrespectful to anyone ,but the height of respect to all.
    The Jews push the opposite.
    By demanding ” diversity” and destroying the natural rythems of people,and cultures desire to be themselves, it is they who are the true racists.

  19. Well said Dante an intelligent rebuttal of Alan,s article as are others here . He came here to put forward a thesis that promoted Jewry even if he doesn’t admit it or even realise it ,he asked for comments now I look forward to his reply to them or maybe its an Jerusalem Post Gallup Poll as to whether we can put up a challenge to Zionism in any form. I expect the replies to be in direct answer to the comments and not some philosophical daydream. That will show up motives .

  20. #17 Egeria: a joyful welcome to you, Egeria. At last the voice of a woman. White, European – that’s OK. Thoughtful, female – that’s wonderful.
    As for myself: I am white; Anglo-Saxon would be in the mix, and Celtic; not American, but Australian; male; and old.
    You correctly note my preoccupation “with the American ethnic ‘Melting Pot’”.
    There is a context here. A week earlier, I had tried to start a discussion about “The Diversity of Ordinary Americans”, and it became clear that the notion of different ethnic groups getting together to try to find out whether they might share common interests; and if such common interests be found, to find ways in which they might work together to serve those common interests. Well, it seemed that anything like that is – not sure what words to use – an issue that nobody wants to touch, even with a ten-foot pole.
    In thinking about that, the expression “coffee coloured people” came to my mind, and it became clear that this melting pot idea was in fact an attack on existing ethnic identities. Consider the logic. Your ethnic identity – like the colour of your skin – should melt away and merge into – into what? Whatever your ruling brainwashers desire. Is it any wonder that people with ethnic loyalties would be suspicious of people urging them to get together and cooperate with people of other ethnicities?
    Does that not make sense?
    As I am not an American, let me speak about Australia. It is getting on for 230 years since the “First Settlers” arrived. I’ll leave it to you to savour the irony of the term “First Settlers”. Let us not dwell on the drugs/alcohol, prejudicial discrimination, poverty, misery, mortality, high suicide rate, etc, issues. Three words remain sacred to these aboriginal people of many small tribal nations: “culture”, “language”, and “country”. Still they cling to their ethnic identities.
    Is that issue not strong and enduring?
    Is that issue deserving of respect?
    The Australian equivalent of “the melting pot” is the policy of “Assimilation”. Warning: irony is coming.
    “We feel your suffering. There is a solution to that. All you have to do is become like us – become like the people who smashed your people”.
    How low did the policy of Assimilation sink? Kidnapping of infants from their families, and allocating those children to white families to raise as black-skinned whites. The miseries to all involved are incalculable.
    Having read your message, Egeria, I think you and I would be on the same page about the Assimilation policy whose cruelty is only exceeded by its foolishness.
    Behind my “‘respect’ speech” is absolute reverence for the importance of respect in all human relationships. And I do not use the words “absolute” and “all” lightly.
    Thank you for responding, Egeria. Human civilization needs its female majority to be more respected and more heard.

  21. #18 Dante Ardenz. Gee, I just posted a reply to Egeria which consumed much time and energy, without backing it up. Hopefully it hasn’t been lost. As usual, Dante, you offer much – most of which I agree with. I need to be selective.
    You wrote: “The leveling of all,and elimination of ” race” is the Jews Invention and goal.
    You think they will participate in the coming blending ?”
    I think your metaphor of the blender is more appropriate than the melting pot.
    A blender disintegrates the blendees; destroys their cultures, their beliefs, values, and traditions, making their people amenable to brainwashing so that new beliefs and values can be implanted and new cultures developed that are more acceptable to our rulers.
    I think we agree that our rulers have no intention of blending themselves.
    You wrote: “By demanding ” diversity” and destroying the natural rythems of people,and cultures desire to be themselves, it is they who are the true racists.”
    OK, this brings us back to the paradox that I wanted to be discussed here:
    that Organized Usury (the Jews if you prefer) wants two apparently opposite things:
    1. that different ethnic groups stay separate and divided; AND
    2. that different ethnic groups are melted or blended together into a uniform new tabula rasa (blank slate) ethnicity.
    Can you see that the second is more advanced and refined than the first?
    The first aims to neutralize all ethnic groups by means of cultivating conflict among them.
    The second aims to neutralize all ethnic groups by destroying their cultures.
    In both cases the purpose is domination of all of their people.
    Thanks Dante.

  22. It looks like my response to Egeria has disappeared. Blast! I’m too exhausted to do it again. It may not be until tomorrow that I can do that. Only fools don’t back up everything!

  23. Don’t worry Alan … we’ve got plenty of time to sort it out.

    But thank you for responding.

    I still hope I did misunderstand you, but throughout the years I have heard too much ‘melting pot’ scare talk to be comfortable with it, as most people raising the topic are deep down driven by not exactly noble motives, although they are kidding themselves to the contrary.

    We as white westerners –with a background of colonizers and oppressors in foreign lands– don’t have the right to demand that ethnic minorities join us in whatever fight we have in mind for our own purposes, even if the fight is allegedly for the ‘common good’.

    First we need to fight for the oppressed minorities’ enfranchisement from the white Anglo-Saxon dominion, then we may perhaps ask for respect and invite them for a united struggle against a common enemy.

    Remember: In the White West, ethnic minorities’ foremost struggle is against the discrimination they suffer from the white colonizer dominating their societies.

    See you soon my friend.

  24. The age of miracles is not over. My reply to Egeria has reappeared from the abysmal depths.

  25. Could you tell me how many and the name of the totally Jewish viewpoint websites you have posted on telling those “nice ” Jews that they should be part of the “Melting Pot ” ? I am conversant with many Zionist websites and the posts on them so I take it I will see your posts on them telling them to be nice to Palestinians and not to blow the back of babies heads off or torture children or shoot Palestinian pregnant women -IDF shouting =two for the price of one or the prisons where the inmates have radar jammers outside their cells to cause their brains to bleed and the prison on radiated land from Israeli nuke tests so that the inmates get Cancer or the wee boy who used a 2000 year old sling shot against a helicopter gunship and the gunship using its cannon to cut him in half ? Or the sales of body organs while the Palestinian is still living or shooting women and children and watching them bleed to death shouting -DIE ! DIE DIE ! have you told them that ? if not how can you say you are fair and even handed ? Name the websites until the evil Jews are stopped -DEAD no other matter will have any effect on me no diversions /trying to use moral judgments/ pacifistic theories / trying to make people feel guilty while the real guilty ones get away with Genocide -pick up thy cross and head for Israel but you would be jailed and tortured but maybe you would be willing to sacrifice your life for others -I would.

  26. #25 Duncan Lucas: your first sentence reads: “Could you tell me how many and the name of the totally Jewish viewpoint websites you have posted on telling those “nice ” Jews that they should be part of the “Melting Pot ” ?”
    I cannot make coherent sense of it, Duncan, after about 5 careful readings so far. I occasionally provide website addresses, and some of these are wikipedia articles, and on controversial issues, wikipedia is not to be trusted.
    Duncan list the specific websites you are thinking of, and I will look at each of them.
    While you are at it, please specify which “totally Jewish” viewpoints I have expressed. I will address each and every one of them without fear or favour.
    As a man of honour, you are obligated to put up or withdraw. I am not going to guess the specifics of your assertions. You provide them!

  27. I asked you what Jewish websites you post on because you are posting on an anti-jewish website ,so I want to know for the sake of balance if you have posted the same on Jewish websites . What matters here is whether you are 100 % behind TUT in totally opposing the evil Jewish oppression of the Palestinians if you are not condemning the Jews for the evil as I said above then what is your ulterior motive ?? If it is pacifism then start with the Jews they need it.

  28. Duncan, I accept your honourable withdrawal, and admire your humility in doing so.
    Duncan, I have neither the time nor the energy to visit Jewish websites. It would take me a week or a month to decipher the lies they put out every day.
    Now you know, Duncan, I visit zero Jewish websites, and so posted on zero Jewish websites. Are you telling me that there are postings on Jewish websites being made in my name?
    There could be rebloggings – I don’t take note of such things. Maybe I should.
    I am “100% behind TUT in totally opposing the evil Jewish oppression of the Palestinians” specifically, and gentiles more generally.
    That does not mean I am 100% behind the hate-speech – yes I know that’s that’s out of the ADL hymn-book! – that some commenters “contribute”. Hatred is destructive – it curseth both the giver and the receiver. Proof? Read the Old Testament! Look at history!
    Duncan, you surely must be joking in your suggestion that I should devote my time and energy in trying to convert Jews to pacificism.
    Duncan, my gizzards will not allow me to indulge in hatred. My gizzards are wiser than I am. They know that hatred unlocks the cage of a monster who dwells in most of us – me for one.
    Cheers brother Duncan.

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