TUT Broadcast Aug 26, 2018

Tonight’s Program–

Paul Manafort, POTUS Donald Trump’s former campaign manager is convicted on 8 counts ranging from tax evasion to bank fraud, while on the same day, Trump’s former lawyer of the Cohen-esque pedigree turns himself into the FBI and cops a plea deal to ‘cooperate’ with Judea, Inc’s ‘Russia Probe’ officiated by Special Council Robert Mueller. Trump’s response the very same day at a rally in West Virginia is to say that Israel will pay a ‘high price’ in the peace negotiations and that the Palestinians will get something ‘very good’ because it’s ‘their turn now’.

ALSO, we are joined by special guest Stas from https://stanstasblog.wordpress.com to discuss his two most recent pieces The Eternal War Between Rome and Jerusalem and You Say you want a Revolution?Yahweh the God of the Old Testament calls for endless war and Revolution as we explore–rationally, intelligently and without all the emotionalism that unfortunately attends all discussions where religion is involved–the Old Testament roots to Judaic madness and how this religiously-inspired madness has brought the world to the brink of Armageddon today.

As usual, not for the feint of heart, hopelessly closed-minded or incurably stupid, so listen only at the risk of being on the receiving end of busted fire hydrant blast of the Ugly Truth.

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