A New and Controversial Glimpse Into Israel’s Biological Warfare Arsenal


New article indicates that Israel attempted mass poisoning of Arab Gentiles during the war in 1948


ed note–As usual ladies and Gentile-men, LOTS of important protocols associated with this one… 


First and foremost is the following–


For years, and years, and YEARS, the OBLIGATORY response on the part of Israel’s defenders/worshipers when confronted with the charge of deliberately poisoning Palestinian civilians, and especially during the 1948 Palestinian Holocaust, is that all these charges are nothing more than ‘tropes, canards, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and blood libels,’ no different than the charges of yesteryear that certain followers of Judah-ism engaged in the kidnapping and murder of Christian children in order to procure Christian blood that could be used in making Matzoh bread for Passover, a charge that has now been proven accurate by none other than Jewish historian Ariel Toaff in his work Blood Passover.


Now however, we have 2 ISRAELI historical writers co-penning an investigative article in one of the most widely-read Israeli daily newspapers, Haaretz, making the same charge concerning the deliberate poisoning of Palestinian civilians in the 1948 Holocaust, so the obvious question that needs to be asked and answered is whether these charges fall into that same aforementioned category of ‘tropes, canards, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and blood libels,’ only this time, by 2 ‘self-hating Jews’ rather than ‘Jew-hating Gentiles’?


We have an old saying here that we are quite proud of inventing when it comes to decoding/deciphering anything coming out of the mouth of any or ALL of the deranged followers of Judah-ism, which is that–




Now, some of the other items contained herein that warrant very close and careful attention on the part of the Gentile with a vested interest in his or her own future survival–


The story begins with a detailed account of Israel’s attempted assassination of one of her enemies on Jordanian soil, a country with whom the Jewish state has a ‘peace treaty’ and is considered–as the article makes clear–the most important ‘strategic ally’ that Israel has in the Middle East.


So the obvious question here is the following–


If Israel would be willing to do something such as this to one of those ‘AY-rab’ countries, with which she has a treaty of peace and is viewed as the most important ‘strategic ally’ in that part of the world, what would she be willing to do to a country such as, say, America, or even the entire European continent?


Rather than waiting out the clock on this, we’ll answer it, plain and simple–


The followers of Judah-ism and their diabolic Luciferian ‘state’ will kill anyone in any place at any time, utilizing any means to do so if they–the ‘children of Israel’ as they just love to refer to themselves–feel that in some way it will benefit them.


Lest we forget–


You are of your father, the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies…


Words coming from no less an authority on the dark forces of Judaic thinking and of the Judaic nature than the ‘big guy’ Himself, Jesus Christ.


Therefore, whether it is the poisoning of an Hamas operative on Jordanian soil, or whether it is this guy–



–Assassinated on the soil of his own nation for his role in preventing Israel from acquiring the nukes she craved,


Or whether it was this–


–The deliberate murder of 3,000 Americans by Israel in order to get the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ between the Christian West and Islamic East started…


The followers of Judah-ism will kill whoever they want in order to get what they want.


Now, please pay close attention to the VERY IMPORTANT item found in the story below–


It is widely assumed that the various poisoning materials used by the Mossad for the already published cases, and few more which have remained secret, were manufactured at the Israel Institute for Biological Research in Nes Ziona, 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. The institute, which jointly belongs to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Defense Ministry, was founded in 1952…


It is this very same ‘Israeli Institute for Biological Research’ that was perfecting race-specific viruses DECADES ago, and is the most likely culprit for the creation of Covid 19 that saw this guy–



–Driven from the White House before he could put the finishing touches on his much-discussed ‘Deal of the Century’ that would have seen the creation of a Palestinian State, something that was/is/always will be MILITANTLY AND VIOLENTLY opposed by this guy–



–Who we now have learned was not as ‘friendly’ with POTUS DJT as people were led to believe.


And finalmente, ladies and Gentile-men, in putting the ‘finishing touches’ on this ed note, a little piece of historical trivia that should be discussed on every political talk show in the world and from every pulpit in every Christian church and Islamic mosque worldwide, but something that–sad to say–will get no attention whatsoever save for this website right here–


Beginning during the presidency of this guy–



–Again, murdered by Israel’s Mossad for his refusal in allowing the Jewish state to get her hands on nuclear weapons, there was another program in existence at that time, being run by the CIA and the National Reconnaissance Office, the agency tasked with maintaining America’s spy satellites…


This program, in addition to monitoring the goings-on at Dimona where JFK suspected that nukes were being built, was also keeping a close eye on the IIBR, the Israeli Institute for Biological Research, and the code name of that operation was–


Drum roll please…






On September 25, 1997, Mossad operatives from the special forces unit of Kidon (Hebrew for Bayonet) poisoned Khaled Meshal, the chairman of the political bureau of Hamas, in Amman, Jordan. One of the operatives held a small tube and sprayed Meshal’s ear with the material.


The Mossad modus operandi is to send one of its doctors into the arena of operation in case an operative is injured and needs medical treatment, without risking exposure at a local hospital. A female doctor, accompanied by Mishka Ben David, one of Mossad intelligence officers, was chosen for the mission in Jordan. They posed as an Israeli couple on vacation in an Amman hotel. The doctor and Ben David possessed an antidote, which would neutralize the poison if it leaked and injured the operatives by mistake. Israel kept a backup antidote at another location in Amman.


The mission failed. Prime Minister at that time Benjamin Netanyahu showed negligence and arrogance in executing an operation on Jordanian soil, Israel’s most strategic ally in the Middle East.


Just three years earlier, Jordan had signed a peace treaty with the Jewish state. However, the intelligence was also poor and the performance by the operatives in the field was inadequate. Mossad operatives holding falsified Canadian passports were arrested. Four others found shelter at the Israeli embassy.


Jordan’s King Hussein threatened to storm the embassy and to execute the operatives. To placate the king, Israel agreed to release from prison Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder and spiritual leader of Hamas, and to save Meshal’s life. The doctor and Ben David gave one of the antidotes to a Jordanian intelligence officer, who forwarded it to a Jordanian doctor. Israel saved the life of Meshal, a bitter enemy of Israel until today.


On top of these self-inflicted wounds to Israel’s own national interests, one of the most troubling ramifications was the fact that the Meshal affair forced Israel to publicly admit that it had used poison – a form of biological warfare by at least one measure.


Until then, the reports about the use of poison by Israeli intelligence agents were always attributed to ‘foreign sources.’


At least two other incidents of this nature were revealed in the world press. One was in 1978 after the death of Wadie Haddad, the operational officer of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine. Haddad was the architect of the spectacular hijacking of Israeli and international airliners in the 1970’s, including the Air France flight diverted to Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976. In a daring operation, Israeli commandos killed Haddad’s terrorists, who included German members of the Bader Meinhof gang, and saved most of the hostages.


The Mossad retaliated. Knowing that Haddad had a sweet tooth, it recruited one of his aides to be a spy. As instructed by Mossad handlers, the aide purchased English-made Cadbury Chocolate in Belgium. The chocolate was filled with poison prepared by Israeli scientists for the Mossad. The Palestinian aide personally delivered it to Haddad, who ate it without sharing. Haddad, who had suffered from severe underlying illnesses, died a few weeks later in an East Berlin hospital. Until today, Mossad veterans debate whether Haddad died of the poison or due to his sickness, or because of the combination of the two factors.


Thirteen years after the failed assassination attempt against Meshal, the Mossad struck again. In 2010, Mossad agents poisoned Mahmoud Mabhouh, a senior Hamas operative who liaised with Iran to smuggle weapons to Gaza, in his Dubai hotel room. Mabhouh died, and all members of the hit team returned safely to Israel. But the Dubai police managed to reconstruct the operation, revealing that the Mossad had used forged Western passports. The Mossad suffered a blow to its prestige and omnipotent image, and the affair damaged Israel’s foreign relations.


The 1925 Geneva Protocol forbids the use of biological weapons. Fifty years later another international agreement was signed: The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction, commonly referred to as the Biological Weapons Convention.


However, while 183 states have ratified the treaty, Israel has refused to join it.


It is widely assumed and reported that the various poisoning materials used by the Mossad for the already published cases, and few more which have remained secret, were manufactured at the Israel Institute for Biological Research in Nes Ziona, 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv.


The institute, which jointly belongs to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Defense Ministry, was founded in 1952, replacing the army’s Scientific Corps. Its first director was Alexander Keynan.


This unit now stars in a fascinating article revealing the clandestine history of the biological warfare that Israel conducted during its War of Independence in 1948. The article is written by two historians, Benny Morris, professor emeritus at Ben-Gurion University in Be’er Sheva, and professor emeritus Benjamin Ze’ev Kedar of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The article – ‘Cast Thy Bread–Israeli Biological Warfare during the 1948 War’ – was recently published by Middle Eastern Studies.


This article is a rarity for two reasons.


First, it was researched and published against the wishes of the Israeli security establishment, which has tried for years to block any embarrassing historical documents about that war exposing war crimes against Arabs, like murdering prisoners, ethnic cleansing and destroying villages. Second, the article is based on original documents stored in the Israel State Archive and other archives.


Morris and Kedar had already discovered that the codename for the operation was ‘Cast Thy Bread’ – taken from a verse in the Book of Ecclesiastes (11:1). Based on their research, they detail how scientists from the Scientific Corps, together with battlefield units, were involved in a systematic campaign to poison water wells and spread typhoid bacteria in Arab villages and cities. 


The purpose was to frighten the Arab-Palestinian population, to force them to leave and to weaken the Arab armies.


The order to use the biological warfare was given or at least approved by the founder of the Jewish state, David Ben-Gurion, who was its first prime minister and defense minister.


Ben-Gurion consulted with the top scientists at the time including Prof. David Erenst Bergman, considered the father of the Israeli nuclear program, Prof. Ephrain Katzir, a future president of the state, and Prof. Alex Keynan, the founder of the biological research institute.


The top military echelon privy to the clandestine operation included generals Yohanan Ratner and Yigal Yadin, who was the de facto chief of staff during the 1948 war and then-Lt. Col. Moshe Dayan.


Dayan, a future chief of staff and foreign minister, was given the tubes filled with typhoid bacteria by the scientists. His assignment was to deliver them to his subordinates. The instruction was to spread it in water wells near Jericho, where the Jordanian army was deployed, and in Jerusalem area villages.


However, one of Dayan’s tubes broke, and his 3-year-old son Assi (a future writer, actor and film director) was infected and had to stay in bed for days.


The article by Morris and Kedar also sheds light on a few more cases in which Israeli soldiers were sent with the poison to Acre and the Galilee village of Ilabun. According to British Arab and Red Cross documents, dozens of local residents of Acre were poisoned and became severely ill. An unknown number of them died.


The same method was also used in May 1948, a week after Israel proclaimed independence, in Gaza. Two Jewish soldiers from a special forces unit posed as Arabs and infiltrated Gaza with tubes containing the typhoid germs. Their mission was to poison the Gaza water well, but they were arrested, tortured and sentenced in August 1948 to death by an Egyptian military court.


Israel has never admitted the true nature of their mission but recognized them as fallen soldiers. The article does not specify what was the actual number of casualties caused by these biological warfare operations. It probably was not significant and was not widespread due to the amateurish nature of the operation Cast Thy Bread and the logistical difficulties. Yet, it’s no wonder that the Israeli security establishment is ashamed of some chapters of its past and has been trying to suppress the information.


Certainly an earth-shattering revelation that only makes one wonder what more is buried in the archives. Those who insist the Palestinians simply fled of their own accord, that Israel simply acted in self-defense and with no pre-ordained effort at ethnic cleansing and colonial dispossession of land, with no blueprint for this—they should now forever cease and desist.


The facts are clear–the land was deliberately poisoned with typhoid to kill and terrorize its Arab inhabitants and done by a state that preaches about terrorism.


It doesn’t get plainer or more concrete than this. The multiple fumblings and bumblings depicted here also deconstruct the crafted image of the heroic supermen of Mossad. Then there is ‘IDF purity of arms.’ Typhoid disseminating WMDs are not purity of arms.

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