After budget passes, Netanyahu vows judicial reform will be back on agenda

Prime Minister says judicial reform will be brought back – but emphasizes he hopes deal can be reached with the Opposition.


ed note–a few pix in starting off this important discussion, ladies and Gentile-men–


The first tells the story of a baby boy having the skin of the most delicate and sensitive part of his young body–his penis–sliced off without any anesthesia and then the blood SUCKED OUT by an adult Jewish man known as a mohel. This act, known as ‘Brit Millah’ (or ‘circumcision’ in more common parlance) is the act whereby a Jewish male ‘transitions’ from being a Gentile to officially becoming ‘Jewish’.


Prior to this, he doesn’t even have a name…


The prayers that are said while this is taking place specifically recount the ‘covenant’ between Yahweh, the violent deity whom the Jews (Hebrews, Israelites, whatever) worship and Abraham, that ‘covenant’ being the ‘promised land’ which Abraham and his descendants are supposed to conquer and possess.


As far as the Jewish state is concerned, it was ‘Brit Millah’ed’ in 1948…


Next pic–


It is the Jewish religious ceremony known as ‘Bar Mitzvah’, where a Jewish boy ‘transitions’ into a man, literally, a ‘son of the law’ (that ‘law’ being the laws of Moses) that includes the creation of this ‘Jewish state’ between the Nile and Euphrates viz the ‘covenant’ between Abraham and the violent deity Yahweh who according to the Torah took up residence in Abraham’s mind.


As far as the Jewish state is concerned, it was ‘Bar Mitzvah’ed in 1967 with the seizing of Joo-roo-salem, which the followers of Judah-ism are planning to make not just the capital of the Jewish state, but indeed, the capital of the world…


Now, what is next on the list is the ‘completion’ (‘redemption’) of the promises of that ‘covenant’ between Yahweh and Abraham, i.e. the theft of that land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers as clearly laid out within the very first pages of the Torah, to wit–


‘On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, saying ‘To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates’…–Genesis, 15:18


The problem with this however is that there is a Supreme Court in Israel that–at least in appearances–adjudicates according to Western judicial norms, and has in the past stood in the way of Jewish religious law being implemented, including the ‘redemption’ of the rest of the ‘promised land’, and in particular, land that is still owned by Palestinians.


And it is this, the legal leash that has up until this point held back the ferocious rabid dog known as the Jewish state, that Netanyahu and his gang of Ju-hadists intend to eliminate through what is termed these days ‘judicial reform’ and which has sparked protests throughout Israel that has at times brought the regular daily functions of the state to a complete standstill.


Now, lest the Gentile reader come to the mistaken conclusion that the Supreme Court justices in Israel are ‘good Jews’ who oppose the theft of Gentile lands, perish the thought.


The justices sitting on the Israeli Supreme Court are educated people and know the history of their peeps very, very well. They know what happens when the more incautious elements within Jewry act brashly without thinking of the consequences…Gentiles wake up, rise up and expel the invader, just as has taken place throughout history on occasions too numerous to count, and it is with these considerations in mind that the ‘Supremes’ have at times issued legal rulings aimed at creating the (false) image that Israel is like any other Western secular democracy that is ruled by law rather than by religious superstition.


And it is this that Netanyahu and his fellow Ju-hadists are attempting to remove, because what they have in mind is a BIG FAT WAR as took place in ’48 and in ’67 and need to make sure there are no legal impediments to ‘redeeming’ Arab lands bearing names such as Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc, etc, etc.



Israel National News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Wednesday to put judicial reform back on the government’s agenda, following passage of the state budget.

Speaking with Channel 14 Wednesday morning, shortly after the final vote on the spending plan, Netanyahu laid out the Coalition’s goals, emphasizing reducing the cost of living and overhauling the judiciary.

‘This is the dawn of a new day. A good day for the citizens of Israel,’ Netanyahu said.

Regarding the judicial overhaul, Netanyahu said the overhaul ‘certainly’ will be coming back, but added that the government will continue to work with Opposition lawmakers to reach a compromise.

‘We are trying to reach an understanding, and I hope we will succeed. The Coalition will be here for four years.’

Earlier on Wednesday, the Knesset voted 64 to 55 to pass state budget, five days ahead of the May 29th deadline.

‘We won the elections. We passed a budget. We continue for 4 good years,’ Netanyahu tweeted shortly after the budget was passed.

Former Finance Minister MK Avidgor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) called the budget ‘dark stain’ on the ‘history of the State of Israel.’

‘The budget amounts, in essence, to a looting of the public coffers and leads to the destruction of the Israeli economy and fatal damage to the middle class, to those who serve in the army, in the reserves, work and pay taxes,’ he added.

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