ed note, MG–I have been personally contacted by one of the readers here with a complaint about the following picture that appeared on the site last week entitled ‘BIBI’S THANKSGIVING MESSAGE TO AMERICA‘.

The reader’s criticism appears as follows–

‘Thanksgiving is a sensitive issue in this country and 9/11 is also a very sensitive issue especially to New Yorkers. There isn’t a day that does not go by that someone is insulting the memory of those who jumped out of the window or burnt to death on that day. I don’t expect TUT to act in such a manner.

Therefor, the thanksgiving posting that was put up by Sabba this morning is a direct slap and totally disrespectful and unprofessional towards all of us who are fighting to keep some sanity in this country.

Muslims don’t like their prophet thrown into the fire. Why should we put up with that posting by Sabba in which bibi is wishing Americans a happy thanksgiving? I have a lump in my throat and totally turned off by it and I’m sure many others feel the same way. Europeans are not exactly the brightest people either. Lets wish Paris a happy day as well for allowing those people to be killed in their so called terror attack. Lets wish Germany a happy day for being the most suppressed country, and not stand up and fight to be liberated by bibi and crew, etc…….

I hope you understand where I am coming from. I am a perfectionist and expect the same from people in my life.’

To which my response was as follows–

‘Did you read what was in the picture? What Sabba did was to take the picture that Netanyahu put on his facebook page wishing Americans a HTG day and then listed under it all the evil things that he and his fellow tribesmen do to us for which he and Israel ‘give thanks’.

It is a way of underscoring how the Jews have a different meaning than we do when they say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’.

Go back and read the words and I am sure you will see where she is coming from, and as far as others being turned off by it, right now the only comment left concerning it reads ‘excellent commentary’.

And to which our reader responds with–

‘I did read it more than I care to. Did you lose anyone on that day? Did Sabba? Did you know anyone personally that perished on that day? Did Sabba? I lost friends on that day. Just because Bibi wished Americans a so called Happy Thanksgiving, does not mean that anyone should lower themselves to his standards by posting such disgusting comments? I still believe it to be unprofessional and totally uncalled for, but that is my feeling. I asked Jason to tell me if I am wrong. He agreed with my sentiments.

One comment (“Excellent commentary”) versus many others who will remain quiet, means nothing. Did that individual lose anyone on that day? I seriously doubt they did. Were you or Sabba here in NY when the military police state took over right afterwards? Now the rest of the country knows what police brutality is all about and so will France. I stay away from postings about 9/11 as much as possible. There are too many conflicting theories being thrown around. Yes, it was definitely an inside job or outside job infiltrated, but lets call a spade a spade. Who are the real ‘jews’ that allow this to happen? Christians allowed it to happen. Muslims allowed it to happen.

I expected you to defend Sabba. I just don’t believe in lowering myself to Bibi’s sentiments. There are enough postings about what he is doing and his freakish people, but that includes world leaders who follow his footsteps. So, lets give thanks to all countries worldwide, who remain ignorant. Maybe you don’t see it, and definitely Sabba does not, there is a rising in America.

I am an American and defend my country as best I can. 14 years later, you can’t expect me to not remain sensitive.

Anyway, I could write about this topic forever, but will stop here. Its just how I feel.

AND TO WHICH I responded with the following–

‘Years ago, I wrote the following article–

It is written entirely in the spirit of withering contempt and sarcasm, juxstapositioned with its title ‘Israel, we bless thee’. It is used to make a point, and–unless I am WAY off base here, and I doubt that I am–this was the same effect Sabba was trying to create. She is not insensitive to the horrible tragedy that took place on 911 or the suffering that Netanyahu causes innocent people around the world, quite the opposite, as she is every bit as much on the same page as you, I, and everyone else, so for the life of me, I can’t even begin to imagine what you are reading into this.

I am sorry that you were offended by the post, but honestly, I can’t see it. Comparitively it is like someone getting angry over my essay where I am ‘blessing’ Israel, telling me that Israel is an evil creature (the point of the essay to begin with) and describing to me their life as a Palestinian who has had their loved ones murdered (the point of the essay to begin with) and that only a monster would write such a piece.

To be fair, I will see what kind of indigestion is created by Sabba’s post and if enough people complain about it I will issue an apology on the home page of the website.’

Suffice it to say, the affair has not ended on that last note, as the offended reader has responded with more commentary that has left me perplexed.

So, in the interests of being fair, open-minded and everything in between, I am now asking if anyone else reads into this picture the same thing that has grieved our offended reader.

Thanks to all who respond and I apologise for taking up valuable time with something that–by comparison to what is taking place in the word right now–seems trivial, but as I said, I want to be fair and open-minded about this.


post script ed note–as a courtesy to our aggrieved reader and in the interests of keeping this fair, I am not making the responses to this public, pending approval from the aforementioned aggrieved party.



35 thoughts on “Feedback requested from the readers of TUT”
  1. No way I could understand how in the world someone could be offended by this picture, unless he is pro-Israel.


  2. well, I don’t understand what the whole fuss is about.
    The photo is somewhat sarcastic because the whole ‘reality’ in which we operate is ‘unreal’. Media, politicians, and all sort of ‘officials’ create the ‘reality’ which is is not of the Truth.
    It is a parody of the Truth. They create a sort of a ‘cabaret’ and many people willingly want to participate in this charade. They create on and on the Big Lie and majority of people joyfully buy it.
    For whatever reasons. Out of ignorance, laziness, indifference, FEAR , etc.
    It does not even matter why.. But they accept it. They believe in it. They participate in it.
    They follow it. They perpetuate it.
    Lies that are not contradicted with the truth start to dominate and, in time,will devour all the truth and all of us along with it….

  3. Seriously Mark, that offended reader sounds like dumb american which makes me feel like vomitting and gagging every time i saw one gghhh

  4. I read the post and took it in the spirit in which it was intended, a facetious listing of what Israel has cause to be thankful for to the US. There is absolutely no offence intended to families or friends of victims of 9/11 or Palestine. There is only a gentle dig at Israel’s complicity in the harm caused. I can sympathise with the sensitivity of the complainer, but really I can see no logical reason for her to take offence. I find it perfectly obvious that humour was intended, not offence. It’s possible she’s one of the many paid trolls whose job it is to tie up your time with replying to rants about anti-semitism etc. I’m not saying she definitely is, but the fact that she’s managed to make you spend so much time in replying to her makes me just a little bit suspicious of her true motives.

  5. Sabba’s irony was not at all directed at the idea of “Thanksgiving” but at the contempt of Americans underlying Netanyahu’s expression of love for Americans.
    What is the complainant complaining about?
    The allegations of Israeli abuse of its beloved ally?

  6. Let it go. You did what you had to do. You apologized for the fact that the reader was unintentionally offended. It’s a question of perception and sometimes it’s not possible to see or understand what triggers a person’s response.

    You’ve apologized. The storm will pass. Time to move on.


  7. You know I think that we’ve had so much sensitivity training the last forty years in this country that we have a generation that can not stomach the truth. The rest of the world sees truth but we just can’t handle it ourselves.

    There was a time when schools used paddles for those who needed it but now they will put you in jail. Just look at the football player who was correcting his child. I can’t remember his name.

    We now have a generation that has been brought up with no fear of any correction and morality has just went out the door.

    The church was the watchman but it is nothing more than a cult that has mixed itself with the world and allowed this lower grade of humanism where we lift ourselves up thinking we are so high and mighty but we are nothing more than children with temper tantrums.

    The sensitivity training has taken the authority away from parents and given it to those now in control of our schools and government. Children now decide what is right or wrong with programs like the DARE drug programs and other programs we’ve allowed to control our children.

    These children have grown up now as those in authority like our police who decide to shoot or not to shoot without moral training they should have received from the church.

    What people cannot stomach are those who have left in them some morality that is trying to bring them to understanding what is going on in our world.

    Thanksgiving has with it ‘Black Friday’ that will get you trampled to death if you get in the way.

    Who ever this person is looks only at a problem that was allowed to fester and grow because this country never stood up to it’s obligation to God as the morality keepers they were in charge of.

    The bible says they have become blind children that set themselves up for their own destruction.
    Isaiah 10:1-25/Nahum 1:1-15; says they will be utterly cut off. They are about to get an ass whooping from God. It’s called a paddle.

  8. It’s an old saying, but sometimes the Truth hurts!

    The offended party forgot Netanyahu in the front of the line of the Je Suis Charlie Hebdo. It’s OK to offend Muslim sensitivities but not Jewish ones?

  9. As Americans and as human beings we all lost many someones that day and we all have lost many things since. I wonder if “Offended” has sent letters or emails to those he or she holds responsible for 9/11.

  10. Mark, I spent more hours than I care to remember in the rubble of ground zero, lost people I knew personally, almost lost my own mother and found nothing offensive whatsoever. The thought never even occurred to me.

  11. I think it’s a great pic, still waiting on Charlie
    Hebdo taking the piss outta the paris attacks like it done after the Russian plane was brought down killing more than two hundred people onboard.

  12. A typical American jerk. We are expected to cry forever because of what Mossad did to him in New York while he completely ignores the millions his government and people like him did to innocent children, women and men in dozens of other countries.

  13. Americans do not speak, Sarcasm, Satire, Irony or Hyperbole, and they are soooooo sensitive.
    Tell him/her/it to suck it up and go and find a “safe room”.
    I seriously doubt that anyone who lost a loved one on 9/11 would find anything offensive in your post.

  14. Perhaps a little too much sensitivity training for the malcontent. This is not a time for sensitivity, this is a time for the gloves to come off.

  15. This lady doth protest too much methinks! I smell something unpleasant in all this. No one and no thing is above criticism or caricature or ridicule – whether the bullshit official narrative 911 or the ridiculous uber evil of Satanyahoo and his minions – its all are fair game. No one should have to tippy toe around TRUTH!

    Fuck anyones crocodile tears or faux sensibilities or their convenient cloaks of worn out pseudo patriotism – My spidey sense is saying hidden agendas and general mischief making here. Freedom of speech and expression in paramount. If you don’t like it – well then either suck it up – or move right along – as you Yanks say. lol

  16. Don’t waste any more time on it; that’s my advice. The guy may be genuine but I doubt it. If potentially offensive satire is to become as taboo as so-called ‘Holocaust-denial’, then we really are finished. I have had many similar complaints about 9-11 Israel did it in the 4 years since it was published. They remind me of those pictures of collective Jewish wailing at their supposed victimhood – pathetic and utterly self-centred. I have learned to ignore them as either self-pitying ignoramuses, or (more often) Hasbara trolls

  17. Don’t have a gripe with this incident, Mark. What the grieved reader is offended by is more than I can see. My guess is the reader doesn’t really know/believe that Mossad/Israel was the primary contractor of 911, and thinks TUT is being insensitive to those that suffered and died that day. I do not believe that TUT could be guilty of such insensitivity, and can’t for the life of me understand what the reader is reading into this. Troll action, maybe?! Thanx for your openness, though.

  18. Dear Mark,

    what is commendable is your extraordinary patience and obvious desire to do the right thing.

    As you certainly know, Fairness is the inappropriate lexical choice when you fight against a collective that is dedicated to your destruction by using any means necessary, from openly vile crimes to covertly deceptive twisting of narrative.

    In this fight, fairness is due only to the defense of the wretched victims, not to the tyrants.

    In this fight in our abysmal era you Mark Glenn and everyone at TUT, fly Freedom of Thought and Liberate the discourse from ubiquitous stifling perpetrated by the enemies of humanity. The latter arguably being essentially joos and their collaborators, as the former despise goyims (racism by all definition) and the latter being spineless corruptible traitors not only to their respective nation or culture, but also traitors to Mankind, traitors to Peace, traitors to Prosperity, traitors to the Pursuit of Happiness, traitors to Justice, traitors to Equality…

    In the matter of concern here, I have the following comment to make.

    Three things are striking me:

    1. the person who protests first protests because it is “thanksgiving”, and then shifts his protest against those who question the official narrative of 9/11. It can not escape to our attention, that while Sabba’s sarcastic post exposes the jewish state’s exploitation of the USA while committing crimes against it, the protestor resorted to slanderous twist, by making the ludicrous false claim that Sabba mocked the people who “jumped from the towers” Does it not remind you of all the “anti-semite” whining, all the “holocaust” imagery used as a weapon to stifle the debate? The conflation to Paris’ events by the person who protests Sabba’s post is simply ignominous.

    2. The person who protests used specific two words in his second diatribe, specific two words that are the core of the matter to understand where he comes from, and what are his methods, and what he aims to. These two words are “disgusting comments” in the sentence “Just because Bibi wished Americans a so called Happy Thanksgiving, does not mean that anyone should lower themselves to his standards by posting such disgusting comments?” Haven’t we heard these two very words used by so many zios, anti-zios, holocaust using judeo-centric dishonest brokers in direct association with the type of mew religion myths that they want NOT to be debated, to be even PROHIBITED to be debated, “holocaustism”, “nazism”, “Judaism” and whatever FACTS that any honest broker would take into consideration. It appears that this person who “protests” tries by other means, to simply stifle the debate. I for myself find it absolutely revolting, that this person can come here and pretend that what is said in Sabba’s post, is “disgusting”, while all he does is mentioning facts about the jooish state extracting ressources from the USA.

    3. The individual who protests does not seem to have much “lump in the throat” for the millions upon millions who are victims of the use of 9/11 as a pretext, or the millions worldwide victims of jewish-israeli war mongering and false flag terrorism, or the pauperization of the USA’s majority in order to wage genocidal wars against Muslims worldwide, and total destruction of entire countries. Never mind even having a “lump in the throat” for the disgrace “thanksgiving” may be when you consider the treatment of the indigenous nations of what is now the USA. Instead this individual has a “lump in the throat” when you criticize “bibi” and the jewish state.

    I am personally almost shocked that you Mark Glenn would consider apologizing for that. Have we not have enough disgrace and shame and subservient behavior of the very few public figures who dared to say a few words, and then immediately apologized, because some ADL punk, or jooish creep came whining “holocaaaaaaaauuuuust” or “anti-shemiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite”

    Since you asked for feedback, i would resume by reminding you that the enemies of mankind are using every trick possible, to stifle the debate, silence us, prohibit any free scrutiny of their crimes. As far as I am concerned, this protest of that “aggrieved” individual, has all the markers of this very methodology. Modus Operandi (of this stifling attempt), Qui Bono (of this stifling attempt) are identical.

    Bowing once to such trick, will be perceived as success, and they will use that method on and again, until bowing is normality.

    So to do the right thing, dear Mark, it is up to your heart. Unlike this individual who blames you for doing the right thing, I doubt honest readership would protest in the manner he did.

    In Solidarity,


  19. I don’t see a problem, but then I didn’t lose anyone either. Having said that, the complaint sounds pretty contrived to me, like it may have been someone handed a script saying that to garner sympathy. I have no doubt that many Israeli trolls work off of a script and specialize in making statements that would cause a fuss and evoke sympathy for their position. If I’m wrong, so be it. Sorry about that. Can’t always be right, now can we? I think your post was right on target. No love lost for the devil.


    Part Two

  20. A picture says a thousand words. This picture would need a million words to reveal the crimes and atrocities Bibi and Israel have committed.

  21. Are you saying that if anyone posts a comment, the comment must first be approved by the offended person? He/she must be Very Important!
    There is nothing sacred about thanksgiving day unless you find the conquering of a nation sacred. Every day is a day of thanks. We should first give thanks we weren’t born jews and raised under that toxic “religion” and culture. Then we should give thanks that we, personally, have not yet been killed by our govt. in a false flag and that a bomb hasn’t blown us into tiny pieces.
    Life is sacred but the 9/11 jew attack on non-jews, their favorite pastime, is far from it and should be mentioned whenever possible whether in serious discussion, comedy, or satire as long as the jew is the punch line.

  22. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the photo / post from the readers own point of view !
    There heart is in the right place, but the photo fully exposed what the Jews/Israel where complicit in on 911.
    I appreciate their views in every way.
    But they should look ,and contemplate the satire again.

  23. Mark, Perhaps I have been on your list for about as long as anyone. I like what I can find time to read. Even Sabba’s stuff. I do feel that you have too many editors now (which results in more than I can ever get read (4 part time jobs might be a factor, not so much me being a slow reader or old timer)…anyway, it seems like more than if I tried to read the GhuYorkTimes. I had been thinking to ask you to take me off your list…and IF I ever do, it will NOT be because you all have said something that I found offensive and this temptation ensued when my computer hard drive died a few days ago…tis in the shop now and will cost me a bundle (well, it is a pittance to one of them jooze, but they would never admit that!) to get it going. Keep me on the list, it is MY problem for being…seemingly…interested in absolutely everything and I need to admit that I am miles ahead of most folks who don’t read…even if I only understand 10% of it…heh heh. and that I need to gain discernment about what to read…reading the subject lines takes awhile when we get 30 or more per day. Don’t turn Sabba off, but maybe suggest that they all use good judgment about what they send…we are mostly on the same page about it all and the problems and the troublemakers and I wonder if we are gaining any ground in the battle. Know what I mean? Thanks and blessings to the family and all others… Richard Henderson ________________________________

  24. No disrespect for 9/11 or Thanksgiving intended, I’m sure. Sabba was merely pointing out the obvious. On a day set aside to be thankful for our blessings, Bibi has a lot to be thankful for. He’s got the U.S.A. to do his dirty work for him. He’s got our veto at the U.N., so Israel is never held accountable for its actions. He’s got an endless supply of American taxpayer dollars. He’s got a lapdog Congress and White House. He’s got AIPAC and the countless Jewish billionaires running our sham elections. He’s got a sycophantic media. He’s got John Hagee and the vast herd of Xtian Zionists. Bib’s cup runneth over.

  25. Mark – I am like you in not quite being able to comprehend what the commenter finds so offensive. I enjoy the satire and sarcasm of many of Sabba’s posts (as well as other posters), and I found this post very effective in getting across its point. I hope you don’t wind up posting an ‘apology’ for this picture.

    I didn’t know personally anyone who died on 9/11, but I can’t imagine it would make any difference if I did. Perhaps I would appreciate Sabba’s sarcasm even more, though! To me it’s like those who insist that we shouldn’t question or criticize the official story about 9/11 because to do so somehow insults those who died; from my perspective it’s just the opposite – to blindly accept the official narrative is an insult to those who died. Just so, to refuse to mock and satirize Netanyahu, Zionists, “Israelis”, etc. (or to try to stop those who do) is an insult to those who died.

    I realize that there are people who simply don’t have a sense of humor, or who don’t ‘get’ satire; but I don’t believe the rest of us should feel it necessary to curtail our use of humor and satire simply because some people can’t understand it.

  26. Obviously, she is confused and ignorant about 9-11; It was MOSSAD who attacked us on 9-11, along with the traitorous NeoCons embedded in Washington/NYC and their Shabbos Goy. We have no mercy on these criminal maggots! They should all be rounded up and SHOT!

    Stupid Americans smell the stink, are looking at the bottom of their shoes but can’t find its source.
    They’re howling at the moon and chasing their tails, but can’t see what’s right in front of their faces!

    It’s Jew shit, stupid! And we’re all covered in it! Top to bottom! Stop watching the Jewish Main Stream Media! That’s #1. It is America’s worst enemy. Nothing but lies, censorship, propaganda, distraction and mind-numbing commercials! My TV went airborne off the porch 7 years ago!

    With the Internet, there’s no excuse for being stupid.

    Stop believing the USA is an independent country and that we “choose” our leaders! Nothing could be farther from the truth. The US, like Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia and others are conquered and occupied by the Jews. Period. Our politicians are butt-boys for the Jews.

  27. You are absolutely right Mark, this “insult to our sensibilities” is a very trivial matter in comparison to the much greater issue of a world subject to the attacks of the Organized-Jewry-led New World Order agenda.

    I suspect this reader’s statements of grief for it’s victims and his supposed loss of friends etc. due to some of the terrorist attacks since 9-11 inclusive are quite disingenuous and almost certainly not true. Rather they are intended to prevent us from examining these matters in order to determine who is responsible. He is using a very Judiac psychological trick to wit: “This matter is too sensitive to discuss, let’s move on”.

    I am the one who wrote “Excellent commentary” to Sabba’s “BIBI’S THANKSGIVING MESSAGE TO AMERICA” satire.

    I am a former New Yorker who was working in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001. I witnessed the horrors and suffering visited upon New York City’s population including the aftermath of misery and chaos.

    It is necessary to use whatever language works best to illustrate the matter of our enemy’s thinking and actions to bring about as great a percent of the population of the world as possible to the understanding of who the perpetrators are (perpe-traitors actually), so that they may be brought to justice and the lives of the innocent avenged.

    Keep up the good work Mark. Stick to the path of the truth and expose the lies.

  28. Sabba. I am with you 100%. No one can tell the truth about anything because there is hundreds and thousands of Yiddish complaining about it. Go ahead Sabba, you are perfectly fine with me and I enjoy your comments.

  29. I did not see this post by Sabba at the time so I am glad for the opportunity to become aware of it even under these circumstances because it is EXCELLENT.
    I find it hard to believe the writer is offended by it because he lost friends at 9/11. (In general I am tired of this “personal connection” bull, by the logic of which we should be unmoved by the slaughter of more than a million Iraqis, close to quarter of a million Syrians, not to mention the ongoing slaughter of Palestinians because we don’t have “close friends” among them.)

    Someone aggrieved by 9/11 (and who isn’t?) does not urge that it not be mentioned, on the contrary, wishes it to be to be shouted from the rooftops and investigated properly.
    The asides of indignation against Israel seem contrived to me, as if the writer tries to pass himself off as someone other than who he is.
    What exactly “offends” the writer is not clear unless it is, as I suspect, that Israel is shown up for what it is in sarcastic juxtaposition to Netanyahu’s good wishes for Thanksgiving, a job Sabba did spendidly.

  30. I noticed this image last week in my unceasing search for my Saturday post. I rejected this one simply because of too much better material available. It was obvious to me that this was just good old turning the facts around and speaking the truth hidden in Netanyahu’s Neocon mindset. Just another meme… I noticed nothing untoward about it.

    It was obvious what the point of the thing was. Maybe I am an insensitive West Coaster, but I honestly cannot understand the kerfuffle from the complainant.

    To be honest, we have much more important things on our plate than misinterpretation of a single meme that has riled the sensibilities of one individual.

    However, hopefully things will get cleared up. Perhaps, this individual has just gotten so into this diversionary discussion that they just don’t know how to back out of their original stance?

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