The terror group passed on information on the PIJ to Israel with the hopes of maintaining an Israeli belief that Hamas was interested in Gaza’s stability, rather than entering a conflict.


ed note–again, several protocols that all Gentiles with a vested interest in their own future survival need to know about this one.


First and foremost, Israel was not ‘caught by surprise’ with the events of Oct. 7.


Let us repeat that important fact for emphasis–




…anymoreso than her deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY in 1967 was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ as she has maintained for the last 50+ years.


Remember, this is a nation-state MARINATED on Judaic paranoia and which maintains an entire army of spies who do nothing 24/7 but scour the internet reading posts from politically-important persons on FB, ‘X’, Instagram, etc for anything–ANYTHING–that whiffs of ‘anti-Semitism’ or criticism of Yahweh’s chosen terrorists, info that is then kicked upstairs after which time a tidal wave of Judaic media assault ensues against that individual, and yet we are supposed to believe that she did not know about a military invasion on her southern border by an enemy that has sworn an oath to her utter destruction?


She knew, and even moreso, she wanted/needed this attack to happen in order to throw open the gates of the very same Armageddon which she needs to see take place if her plans of securing her ‘prophetic’ place as HQ of the ‘NWO’ is to materialize.


Yes, much (most) of the ‘pro-Palestinian’ neighborhood and all of the media outlets that promote the pro-Palestinian narrative want the world to think that this was all the result of superior planning, strategy and cunning on the part of the ‘Axis of Resistance’, but it wasn’t.


Israel knew about all of this as far back as a year before it all materialized and only a naive, self-deluded fool believes otherwise, no different than those who believed that the ‘Arab Spring’ was anything other than an Israeli/American conspiracy to replace old dictatorships with new ones, as well as to set on fire those countries such as Libya, Syria, etc, with the hopes of seeing ‘regime change’ take place without needing to put American boots on the ground.


Now, as far as stories such as those below, what the average Gentile with a vested interest in his/her own future survival needs to know about this is that it is nothing more than distraction and damage control.


The recent story published in the NYT written by the 2 Hebraic reporters detailing the fact that Israel-AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF HER POLITICAL, INTELLIGENCE, AND MILITARY INSTITUTIONS–not only shooed away warnings from various intelligence officers warning of these impending attacks, but as well, THREATENED THOSE WHO CONTINUED TO WARN OF THESE IMPENDING ATTACKS WITH COURT-MARTIAL IF THEY DID NOT CEASE AND DESIST–is as damaging to the narrative of Israel’s being the victim in all of this as are those stories involving the arrest of the ‘5 dancing Israelis’ on the morning of 9/11 in New Jersey.


Therefore in order to throw confusion around the FACTS surrounding Israel’s foreknowledge of Oct. 7 and to distract people from grasping the Apocalyptic importance involved in it all, she publishes stories such as the one below that purport to show how ‘brilliant’ Hamas was when in fact, the Jews–driven as they are by their incurable supremacist and racist protocols–view Arabs as nothing more than donkeys and semi-functioning primates who can’t manage the simplest of mental tasks.


If Israel truly were ‘caught off guard’ by the events of Oct. 7, the crippling embarrassment alone would be enough for her to prevent/preclude her ever admitting to having been ‘bested’ by an ‘Ishmaelite’. The fact that she is ‘admitting’ that she was in fact ‘bested’ means that she is strategically lying about it.


As we warn the readers on this humble little informational endeavor on a regular basis, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid. 




Hamas provided Israel with intelligence on fellow Gaza-based terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the months leading up to the former’s October 7 massacre in southern Israel, The Washington Post reported on Thursday morning.


The terror group passed on information on the PIJ to Israel with the hopes of maintaining an Israeli belief that Hamas was interested in the Strip’s stability, rather than entering into a conflict with Israel, the report noted, citing an unnamed Israeli official.


As per the official, Hamas had for years attempted to strengthen the Israeli misconception of the terror group’s true intentions through attempts to focus on civilian issues, such as working with Israel to raise the number of work permits given to Gazans.


Before October 7, Israel had issued close to 20,000 active work permits for Palestinians in Gaza, who have been unable to work since Hamas launched its mass infiltration and attacks on Israelis.



Hamas lulled Israel into false sense of complacency

In addition, Hamas sought to ‘lull Israel into complacency’ by holding large demonstrations at the Gaza border in the months leading up to the attack, ‘to get the IDF used to the sight of crowds at the border,’ the Post wrote, citing senior IDF intelligence officer Miri Eisin.



Hamas refrained from attacking Israel in previous Gaza operation


The report continued, noting that Hamas made an effort to refrain from entering into a direct conflict with the IDF since Operation Guardian of the Walls in 2021, fought primarily between Israel and the Islamic Jihad, in preparation for its long-planned October 7 attack.


At the time, Hamas was criticized by Palestinian factions for failing to join Islamic Jihad in firing rockets at Israel. Over the past few years, reports in several Palestinian and Arab media outlets have referred to rising tension between the two terror groups.

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