How They Do It– ‘How Are Hanukkah and Christmas Different?’

Both are widely observed gift-giving holidays that fall in December, but the similarities stop there.

ed note–key to understanding just how we have gotten ourselves into the mess we are in resides in our understanding of how the ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’ protocol on the part of Judea, Inc is applied, not only in spreading deliberate lies, untruths, and disinformation, but as well, in depicting situations in such a way where vital information is missing, similar in many respects to sketching a picture of a wolf where its mouth is closed and thus its teeth are therefore not visible.

Indeed, as our Hebraic author states, Hanukkah falls in December.  Also, as our Hebraic author states, Hanukkah celebrates that historical event when the Jews revolted against the Greek King Antiochus.

But, just as it is true that Purim is a yearly Judaic celebration typified by costumes, pastries and drunken revelry, there is the dark side of it all deliberately kept out of both earshot and eyeshot of Gentiles who might just learn a thing or 2 about their Judaic counterparts that could prove problematic to the ‘balance of power’ that presently exists and which favors Jewish interests.

Hanukkah does indeed celebrate the war against the Greek King Antiochus, but this ‘liberation’ was not as much against ‘Greek rule’ as it was against Greek culture and civilization. After Alexander the Great introduced the more enlightening and liberating aspects of Hellenization to the Levant region and along with it, a culture that was devoid of the paralyzing effects of the 613 Laws of Moses that served as the ‘constitution’ of sorts for Judea, many Jews embraced this new-found freedom and abandoned their Judah-ism.

The result was that the Jewish priestly class that has always (and continues to this day) lived parasitically off of the productivity of the Jewish working class saw the eventual elimination of their ‘elevated’ status and thus sought to bring an end to these new ‘market forces’ by fomenting a religiously-mandated reign of terror led by the Maccabees, prototype for and forerunners to today’s ISIS. This group began their ‘struggle for freedom’ by massacring Jews who had embraced Hellenism and then afterwards, stealing for themselves the property and wealth of those they murdered. From there, they began expanding through bloody conquest the boundaries of what was at that time Judea and began what was in effect the ‘Greater Israel’ project that is part and parcel of what Israel is trying to do today.

In addition, the fact that the symbol of the modern Jewish state is the Menorah which also–by sheer coincidence, all can rest assured–serves as the symbol of the Maccabean Massacre and of the entire ‘Greater Israel’ project should not be overlooked either, as Israel considers herself to be the modern-day reincarnation of that yesteryear revolt against Greco/Roman influence.


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Both Hanukkah and Christmas are widely observed gift-giving holidays that fall in December. But the similarities more or less stop there.

Christmas is perhaps the most significant Christian observance of the year, marking the birth of Jesus. Hanukkah was until modern times a fairly minor Jewish observance and is not mentioned at all in the Bible. The rabbis established it much later to commemorate events that took place in the second century B.C.E.

Hanukkah Falls on a Different Date Each Year

Christmas falls every year on December 25 of the solar calendar. Hanukkah also falls on the 25th of the month — but of the Hebrew month of Kislev, which is determined by the lunar calendar. As a result, Hanukkah falls on a different date each year on the secular calendar.

They Last for Different Lengths of Time

Hanukkah is an eight-day holiday because it commemorates the miracle that one vial of oil, sufficient to light the ancient Temple light for one day, burned for a full eight. Christmas lasts one day, however some Christian denominations celebrate Christmas as a 12-day festival known as Twelvetide.

They Commemorate Different Historical Moments

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The story that Hanukkah commemorates took place more than a century before, when the Jews revolted against the the Greek King Antiochus.

They’re Celebrated Differently

Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting candles, giving gifts and eating fried foods, while the main moments of Christmas celebrations include going to Christmas Mass, enjoying a hearty dinner, and opening presents left under a Christmas tree. Going to synagogue is not actually an important part of Hanukkah. There are special blessings incorporated into regular services during the days of Hanukkah, but there is no special Hanukkah service.

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  1. “Hanukkah was until modern times a fairly minor Jewish observance and is not mentioned at all in the Bible. The rabbis established it much later to commemorate events that took place in the second century B.C.E.”
    Much later means VERY much later, in order to “compete” (as if Hanukkah could actually compete with the birth of Jesus) with the Christmas season which actually begins with the Season of Advent and ends with Candlemas on February 2nd. In traditional Catholicism there are ember days in December which require abstinence from meat and fasting. And before Candlemas the Feast of the Epiphany is commemorated on the 6th of January.
    Here’s a great site for further information about the Christmas season and all things regarding traditional Christianity.

  2. I think you are right Mark. The colonization of the Jeweish mind starts with their ghastly rabbinate. Since time immemorial, the ‘Levites’ of old demanded sacrifices in the form of the first-born child. Thuswise, the priest caste has always lived parasitically off the productivity of the Little Jewes.
    Hence their determination to keep the tribe intact … i.e. as protection for themselves and their parasitic ‘lifestyle’. Hence the myriad, quibbling, nit-picking, maddening ‘laws’ governing Jeweish behavior … and ‘correct’ Jeweish attitudes to non-tribalists … namely, the ‘goyim’. Laws that can and must only be interpreted by said priestly caste.
    To this day, they demand a sacrifice in the form of the foreskin of the male child. This genital mutilation of the very young is, I have no doubt, a form of trauma-based mind control designed to put them on alert from the get-go. And to let them know that a ‘higher authority’ called the shots. Once you’re inducted into the cult, there’s only one way out … feet first.
    One of Christ’s gross acts of sedition, perhaps his most seditious act, was to counsel his followers that they did NOT need a priestly caste to tell them right from wrong. Each and all has a DIRECT line of communication with the Almighty. Via what is conventionally known as a Conscience.
    Of course simply having a Conscience does make it easy to understand God’s will. But it does put the onus on the individual to wrestle with God in his own way. And NOT to rely on a parasitic rabbinate to do the job for them.
    Oh lordy
    Trouble so hard
    Oh lordy
    Trouble so hard
    Don’t nobody know my troubles but God
    Don’t nobody know my troubles but God
    – Vera Hall

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