A proposal at an Israeli hasbara conference in Holon gave the idea of a survival-horror video game where players would have to escape Hamas terrorists during the Nova music festival.


ed note–as usual, LOTS to ‘unpack’ in this one, ladies and Gentile-men…


Firsto, let us state and understand the obvious–


The followers of Judah-ism, and ESPECIALLY those of the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’ pedigree, meaning the rabbinical class, understand the importance of controlling the masses under them by controlling their brains. They understand that what goes in goes out, and therefore, in creating this army for the erection of Satan’s kingdom on earth, everything–EVERYTHING–as far as ‘brain food’ is concerned, is carefully cooked up/conjured up with the express purpose of zombifying the collective mind so as to render all intelligent, rational, and critical thought processes void.


And the process by which this is done is through religious lore, and ESPECIALLY as it relates to trauma, persecution, etc, etc, etc.


Hence, we have the following–




–as well as other forms of mind control, such as this–


–and equally-silly motifs created to permanently tattoo certain ideas on millions of human brains such as this–


–And in doing so, tranquilizing/anesthetizing giant masses of people in order to make them more pliable for Torah Judah-ism’s plans and demands, not the least of which is total world domination.


And thus, the particulars found in the story below, a classic case of ‘how they do it’.


It is the same MO, the same model that has been applied for the last 3,000 years in training the Hebraic brain to think in certain ways and thus, to behave in certain ways, only this time, instead of it being written in a Torah scroll, it appears in a video game.


As we often counsel the readers of this website, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid.




A survival horror video game could be an effective way of conveying the horrors experienced by Israelis during Hamas’s October 7 massacre to campuses across the US, senior hasbara (public diplomacy) figures said Tuesday.


The concept was proposed at the HASBARA NOW conference at the Holon Institute of Technology’s (HIT) FUTURE HIT innovation and entrepreneurship center. The goal of the conference was to develop new and creative solutions to overcome the challenges Israeli hasbara often faces on US campuses.


The survival horror game is only an idea at this time.


However, according to what was presented at the conference, it would see players put themselves in the shoes of partygoers at the Nova music festival in Re’im. The players would have to escape from Hamas terrorists as they storm the music festival, where one of the worst atrocities of the October 7 massacre would take place.


In real life, over 360 people were murdered at the party, and dozens of others were kidnapped by Hamas and taken back to Gaza as hostages.


‘The idea is an explanatory tool, whose purpose is to evoke feelings of identification with the victims,’ an HIT spokesperson said.


‘One of our biggest challenges is reaching the younger generation and getting them emotionally involved with our side, to make them want to know more,’ senior hasbara figure Ilana Stein said in a statement. ‘The human story creates curiosity in them.’

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