Lest We Forget–Human feces and menstrual blood In Contemporary Jewish Art


ed note–nothing out of sort with this whatsoever…

Like chimpanzees and other primates that sling their own filth as part of their language and discourse, organized Jewish interests–through their control of media at all levels–engage in the very same activity, albeit in more ‘sophisticated’ ways. They do not elevate the human spirit or human intellect with higher thoughts, but rather keep everything ‘below the waist’ as a means of suppressing enlightened, rational thinking, which has always been the greatest threat to their dominance of Gentile societies. Whether it is this deranged ‘artiste’ painting pictures with her own menstrual blood or the Jewess who filmed herself crapping on various flags or Sarah Silverman pretending to have sex with a dog, all acts bear the signature of minds that have been darkened by Judah-ism (religious or secular, it does not matter) and which cannot function in any enlightened, rational society.


By Gilad Atzmon

As we learn to accept that art is in a state of spiritual bankruptcy and visual artists are impoverished, it is quite encouraging to discover that young Jewish progressive artists are once again leading a revolution. Unlike conventional Goyim artists, the Jews have found the means towards beauty within themselves, literally, inside their own bodies.

A few month ago, Jewish Cosmopolitan Natalie Cohen-Waxberg filmed herself poo-ingover many national flags including Arab ones in the support of both ‘peace’ and the ‘revolution.’

Now Portland Jewess Sarah Levy has used her menstrual blood to portray Republican presidential primary candidate, Donald Trump. One practical question comes to mind about her technique. How did Levy collect so much blood, was she sitting on a bucket for a long time?

Needless to say, the art world has been overwhelmed by the beauty and the astute political commentary produced by the two young Jewish artists.

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