Shortly before the 2014 Gaza operation, Israel’s leaders learned of an Hamas plan for a massacre in southern Israel and the abduction of soldiers and civilians as bargaining chips.


ed note–lots to ‘unpack’ here, ladies and Gentile-men…


On the most recent TUT Podcast, we discussed at length the Judaic concept of the ‘Golem’, this mythical creature within Judaic lore made of mud, unable to think on a rational human level and who is tasked with doing whatever ‘chores’ it is that the Jews need done, including revenge against the Gentiles amongst whom the ‘children of Israel’ happen to be living.


In this discussion, we explored the various ways in which today, all Gentiles, including those who represent certain ‘neighborhoods’ that are anti-Zionist/anti-Israel/anti-war/anti-genocide/pro-Palestinian, nevertheless have been ‘Golemized’ to some degree viz some of the various beliefs they hold that in the end, despite their stated position of being anti-Israel, nevertheless, actually assists the Jews with what it is they are out to achieve.


As examples of this, we pointed to the manner in which HUGE swaths of ‘anti-Zionists’ bought into the ‘Arab Spring’ as the ‘real deal’, believing that it was going to result in the liberation of the Middle East of Zionist/Western domination, that Israel and the West ‘didn’t see it coming’ and that this was Allah’s deliverance for the long-suffering people of the Arab Middle East.


Others however, including those of us here at this humble little informational endeavor, did not buy into this. Yes, we acknowledged that the rage on the ‘Arab street’ was indeed genuine, but the notion that the West and Israel–with the HORDE of spies and informers they maintain within that same ‘Arab Street’–didn’t know this was coming is simply not a credible position, and that those who buy into this notion are doing so for reasons rooted SOLELY in their own emotionally-based desire for it to be so.


And, predictably, we and others who maintained this more skeptical and cautious position were accused of ‘betraying the cause’, and in some cases, were accused of being ‘seekrit ajents’ working for Mossad/CIA whose ‘mission’ was to ‘demoralize’ the ‘resistance’.


In the end, we were right. The West and Israel not only knew about the impending ‘Arab Spring’, but indeed, had been for at least a year prior its eruption, setting the stage for the planned ‘regime change’ in Libya that resulted in the murder of Ghadaffi and the creation/release of ISIS into Syria that–absent the assistance provided by the Russians and Iranians–would have resulted in Assad being murdered as well.


Now, with the events of Oct 7, large swaths of the Golemized ‘resistance’ is doing it again…


Despite the mountain of evidence indicating otherwise (as well as the most powerful indicator of all, i.e. plain old common sense based on what the entire world knows about Israel and her intelligence services) nevertheless they are claiming that Hamas ‘bested’ Israel, that Israel ‘did not know’ that this event was coming and that everything taking place now, including the mass murder of as many as 30,000 innocent people, was all part of ‘the plan’ whose intended end result is the entire world turning against the Jewish state and Joe Biden being politically pressured to push for a ‘2 state solution’, and this despite the fact that all the while, he has been supplying the feral dogs of the Jewish state with all the money and munitions they have needed in carrying this massacre out.


For the most part, those advocating/propagating this ‘theory’ base all of it on what one guy–ONE GUY–has said ever since the events of Oct 7, Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector, who has been making lots of waves on various podcasts and programs claiming that indeed, despite what everyone has known about Israel’s intelligence capabilities for the last century, that nevertheless, THIS TIME, as a result of Hamas’ cunning and a little bit of help from Allah, that the ‘good guys’ won and Israel got caught off guard.


Well, we’ll say it again, ladies and Gentile-men, despite what will be the flood of accusations, recriminations, and protests–


Israel–and especially Netanyahu–was not taken by surprise. Oct 7 was EXACTLY what his new Torah-based government needed in setting the entire Middle East on fire, just as Torah Judah-ism commands be done–and the story below is just one more piece of evidence indicating this fact.


Israel knew, just as she knew about the impending events taking place on 9/11, and the only, repeat–ONLY–player in all of this that benefits from the ‘Israel didn’t know’ narrative is Israel herself, because the alternative, i.e. that–




–being realized, believed, and accepted by the masses of Gentile-dom would unmask the fact that the feral, Armageddonist Jypsy state is out to see WWIII started, and the mass-awareness/acceptance of this fact might–repeat, MIGHT–actually result in IMMENSE political pressure being put upon the leaders of the West who have been assisting Israel in her plans of that same WWIII/Armageddon…



…and hence WHY Israel must maintain at all costs the delusion that has now been swallowed whole-hog by virtually the entire world that the events of Oct. 7 were all the result of the same kinds of ‘intelligence failures’ that also–not coincidentally–were offered as the ‘explanation’ as to how America got ‘bested’ by Osama Bin Laden viz the events of 9/11.


As we like to remind the readers of this website, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid…






It’s amazing to be shown over and over how clear the writing was on the wall –the long period during which the murderous plan that Hamas carried out in a string of Israeli border communities on October 7 was known to Israeli political and military officials.


‘Everything has been known since 2014,’ said someone this week who served in an important security-related position at the time. ‘There’s nothing new under the sun,’ quipped another source. ‘What happened on October 7 was born prior to Operation Protective Edge,’ he said, referring to Israel’s major military operation in Gaza in July 2014.


People with access to the complete State Comptroller’s report on Protective Edge have told Haaretz that the confidential section of the report includes a detailed description of a similar plan to that carried out by Hamas on October 7.


Many hundreds of terrorists would infiltrate into Israel through underground tunnels, ‘armed from head to toe, on jeeps and motorcycles,’ said in describing the 2014 plan. The goal was to commit a massacre in Israeli army positions and residential communities adjacent to the Gaza border, and to abduct soldiers and civilians as bargaining chips.


The prime minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu, was well-aware of the danger. At a security cabinet meeting in June 2014, just prior to Operation Protective Edge, he characterized the Hamas plan as ‘a concrete threat to the State of Israel’ and explained:


‘The scenario is different because abductions or infiltrations into our territory would change the balance between us and them…A force of up to a battalion that enters and also kidnaps and also kills. It’s hugely demoralizing. It wouldn’t defeat the State of Israel. Even missiles still haven’t defeated the State of Israel, but it would deal us a terrible blow.’


The information about the Hamas plan, which was due to be carried out in the summer of 2014, found its way into the hands of Israel’s Shin Bet security service in April of that year.


One person described the information as ‘outstanding, confirmed by several sources, both human and technological.’


Members of Hamas’ elite Nukhba force were known to have been rehearsing raids on models of Israeli communities, and the menu also included infiltration with gliders and naval commandos. The hope, from what the material shows, was to reach Be’er Sheva.


A source who worked with Netanyahu told Haaretz that the head of the Shin Bet at the time, Yoram Cohen, met with the prime minister and presented him with the details of the plan. According to the source, ‘Cohen thought if Hamas tried to carry it out, it would necessarily lead to war, and Netanyahu himself took the information seriously.’ Another individual in a senior security position at the time said that Netanyahu ‘was the only one at the political level who deeply understood the horrible significance.’


The explosive information was also provided to the Israel Defense Forces’ chief of staff at the time, Benny Gantz, and to the head of the Intelligence Corps, Aviv Kochavi. Minutes of a meeting attended by the head of the Southern Command, Sami Turgeman and Shin Bet representatives stated that it wasn’t simply a contingency plan.


Turgeman also believed that if the plan were to be carried out, it would mean war.


While preparing a defense, Turgeman told his colleagues in the General Staff: ‘I don’t want to call you on Saturday morning to report to you that five kibbutzim had been captured and that 80 terrorists were moving around in each of them.’


The state of alert was raised and at a closed-door meeting, Chief of Staff Gantz said an escalation on the Gaza front ‘was getting closer.’ In June of that year, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon called it ‘a strategic operation that was about to be carried out.’


For those in on the secret, it was also clear that Hamas wouldn’t set an agreed-upon date to attack. ‘It’s reasonable that most of the systems won’t know [the timing for it being] carried out until the last moment,’ minutes from an IDF Southern Command meeting stated. Intelligence Corp officials warned: ‘We have to be prepared for the possibility [that Hamas would attack] without [our] being able to provide a warning.’


The security cabinet was only brought into the picture in July of that year, several days after Operation Protective Edge was under way. Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen, who presented the members of the security cabinet with the details of the Hamas plan, described it as dramatic. For his part, Gantz added: ‘There’s a complete understanding’ that if it were to be carried out, it would bring about ‘a widescale military campaign.’ Netanyahu summed it up: ‘At the moment, the goal is to prevent the Hamas operation.’


In the non-confidential portion of his report, State Comptroller Joseph Shapira refrained from getting into the details of the Hamas plan, but between the lines and quotes from senior political and security officials, one can get a sense of it. ‘A significant hostile operation from Gaza towards Israel was ready months before Protective Edge,’ he wrote. In Protective Edge itself, documents were found that added details regarding the plan.


‘Their way was blocked through the tunnels, so they went with breaking through the [border] fence,’ a former senior security official told Haaretz. ‘There’s no doubt about one thing – political officials and military officials had already known about Hamas’ intentions for a decade, and they were obligated to look after defending against such a possibility.’


Speaking to Haaretz this week, a source who worked closely with Netanyahu noted remarks that Netanyahu made in July at a memorial ceremony for soldiers killed in Operation Protective Edge–


‘On the eve of that operation, we already knew about plans to send in hundreds of terrorists,’ the prime minister said, ‘to enter our communities, to enter kindergartens, kibbutzim, cities, to abduct soldiers and civilians, … to kill and then to sneak back into Gaza.’


The state commission of inquiry that will investigate the failures of October 7, the greatest failure in the country’s history, will need to look back 10 years to understand how the country’s political and military leadership, which was well-aware of Hamas’ ‘grand plan’ allowed it to be carried out.


The failures come into even sharper relief in light of the fact that over the past year, there were those in the IDF Intelligence Corps who were warning that Hamas had not abandoned its plan and that it was still clandestinely working on it.

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