Lest We Forget–Jewish family values… ‘Artiste’ Natalie Cohen Vaxberg’s ‘Shit instead of Blood’ masterpiece

ed note–assuming that the subtitles are accurate translations, please remember as you listen to this vile discussion with this clearly insane woman that she was hailed by the pro-Palestinian community for her ‘bravery’ and ‘humanity’ in ‘speaking out’ against the Zionist occupation, yet another example as to ‘how they (organized Jewish interests) do it’.


9 thoughts on “Lest We Forget–Jewish family values… ‘Artiste’ Natalie Cohen Vaxberg’s ‘Shit instead of Blood’ masterpiece

  1. I Disagree with the Editor and his/her editorial. I listened and watched twice and did not fine her as a person or artist to be insane. On Contrare ~ she is more sane than most.
    This isn’t the only stab at the Israhell society she has made. Good OnYa fellow artist Natalie.
    ed note–there was nothing artistic, enlightened, or ‘gifted’ about Mz. Vaxberg’s ‘performance’, and it certainly does nothing to bring positive awareness of Palestinian plight to the rest of the world. What she does in effect is to further entrench those who have a negative or even ambiguous position vis a vis the Palestinians with her barbaric, backwards, bowel-based commentary and makes the oppressors/occupiers of the Palestinian people look civilized by comparison. And yes, she is clearly insane.

  2. Mark, being a MD I completely agree with you. You can almost smell this special kind of jewish insanity.

  3. Darwin26, your ignorance is due to spiritual blindness. The Jew, Judaism, Zionism–it’s all about destroying Logos, God’s Order, to make the world and even heaven itself conform to THEIR order, their TYRANNY, their CHAOS. They do this through corrosion–moral, spiritual, artistic, linguistic. Christ IS the Logos, and in choosing Barabas, the revolutionary, in choosing their own “super DNA” their “magical genes,” they are always trying to revolutionize/destroy reality. Check out E. Michael Jones.

  4. I think she is entirely without pride and dignity. She brings us women to shame. Insane or not, she is so shameless. What has the world come to?
    Faithful Palistinians are very respectable people and for those of us on the side for the Palestinian cause should treat this matter with honour.
    Defeacating is a very private matter and should belong in the privacy of the bathroom.

  5. she and her art
    belong in a museum
    for future generations
    what’s the word

  6. Anyone who plays with bodily waste, uses poop or blood as a “creative medium”, belongs in a crib with the other babies who dip into their soiled nappies to paint the bars or some such silly thing as one of my brothers did whilst still an infant. They usually only try it once then move on.
    Her eyes are the eyes of a mad person but that is translated as “passion”.
    We have covered this person before here, I could not listen to or look at much once they got into the memory films of her actions. And why waste time listening to the crud she exudes from her mouth? I mean, she is no William Bouguereau, trained and skilled to actually DRAW and paint!

  7. I’m an artist/stone carver ~ all of my life and still practicing these arts daily. What this so called artist has done is make a Political Stmt…essentially its Not art… No, i wouldn’t walk across the street to view these works of political ie geopolitical stmts.
    i had never heard of her till this article appeared here… and of course she has achieved her goal…spreading her effluence around the globe; so much smaller than the days of Adolphe Bourguereau ~ The movement of ‘modern art’ was a reaction to the trivial pursuits of Willy…(a good technician like Dali) the Norman Rockwell of his times; However it was as stifling as as any constraint used in the torture chambers of the Xian.
    Every art student wants to shock the world and in that this sophomoric attempt to shock has reached its bottom, to be sure. I’m self taught and not looking to shock the world…or be the most perfect painting as was the academic course in WAB’s day.
    Judgments by the viewers, like or not or ‘so what’ will be attached to every viewer… Any viewer or person who comments that this person isn’t insane will of course be held as insane… back in Willy’s day, they would get the women and children off the streets esp pregnant women for viewing Modern Art for fear it would ruin them for life.
    I didn’t say i liked the work but i’ll be judged on the statements, i didn’t find her Insane for producing such uncomfortable political stmts. I find there is much more vile stuff ‘out there’ masquerading as wholesome…
    This pc of political stmt is not art, imo…and i regret i didn’t point that out ~ but to categorize her as ‘insane’ is no different than in Bourguereau’s day, the Impressionists were considered insane and a threat to ones life.
    The sense of grandiosity afflicts many in the Art world ~ and this is a case in point. While the actual work stinks it’s the ‘application’ imo that this person is using to compel the world to change its course> It is however not nearly as brutal as A-bombs on Hiroshima…another form of grandiosity that ‘murikkka was trying to perform. It seems that what this person is trying to point out is completely dwarfed by the means and method of the composition.
    I reject the label of Insane where ‘absolute dislike’ would be a better. Further, judging this person on one ‘piece’ of shit doesn’t make me want to go see more but it is shortsighted.,,as judging her on her ‘eyes’ or looks.
    What is most shocking is the media (wherever this bm was made) is taking it as news. It’s just poor in the extreme, in its endeavor to blame flags for the state of the global imperialism. I don’t think it will catch on.

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