Jewish Family Values– Israeli brothers arrested for repeatedly raping teenage sister

Israeli police arrest 2 brothers for raping sister multiple times over the course of several years.

ed note–those who would rush to the defense of Judah-ism and claim that the 2 yoots who engaged in this criminal act do so only because they have abandoned their Judah-ism and its high moral standards, remember that sexually abusing women, including by family members–is an old family tradition going all the way back to the days of Abraham selling his half-sister/wife Sarah into sexual slavery and Abraham’s nephew Lott giving his young daughters to a group of would-be rapists from Sodom, instructing them to ‘abuse them as it may please you’.


Israel National News

Two Israeli brothers will be brought Monday for an extension of their arrests, following charges that they raped their 14-year-old sister over a period of several years.

The investigation began following a report received by Israel Police several days ago. It is suspected that the minor’s two brothers – one an adult and one a minor, both residents of northern Jerusalem – sexually abused her in their home, many times over the course of the years.

It is also suspected that they sexually abused additional minors in the family.

The suspects were recently arrested and taken for interrogation by Israel Police, and on Monday they will be brought to court for an extension of their arrest, so as to allow the continuation of the investigation.

‘We will continue to thoroughly and sensitively investigate suspicions of sexual abuse, especially those carried out within the family and against minors and helpless individuals, for the purpose of reaching the truth and bringing all sexual abusers, no matter who they are, to justice,’ Israel Police said in a statement.

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