ed note–Just as it was with Netanyahu’s bomb cartoon (veiled threat of nuclear annihilation) which he brandished on the floor of the UN General Assembly in 2012, no Gentile with a vested interest in his/her own future survival should weigh lightly statements such as this coming out of the mouth of the most dangerous terrorist entity ever to plague God’s green earth, the Jewish state.


First and foremost a few ‘protocols’ that need to be understood about the events beginning with Oct 7 and where everything is headed as a result of this.


There seems to be an unwarranted amount of exuberance-based reality-detachment amongst some of the ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups that somehow Israel was ‘caught by surprise’ with Oct 7, that Israel did not/does not want this present war and that despite the mass murder of over 30,000 innocent men, women, and children in Gaza, that ‘Hamas is winning’.


In truth, there is nothing new or novel about statements/beliefs such as these. In every previous ‘mini-Genocide’ that Israel has launched against Gaza, from Cast Lead to Pillar of Cloud to Protective Edge, after the Jypsy state had sated her bloodlust and pulled out, the near-unanimous declaration on the part of all the various pro-Palestinian groups was that ‘Hamas won’ and that Israel had been forced to leave with her tail between her legs.


Now, there is no doubt that Hamas is achieving victories in this present anti-Gentile Judaic bloodbath. Scores of IDF terrorists are being sent back to hell from whence they were spawned, and despite the apocalyptic carnage that AntiChrist, Inc has inflicted, Hamas is giving the Jews a lot more than they had thought would be forthcoming.


This does not mean however that ‘Hamas is winning’, nor that Israel is seeking to extract herself from this present Genocide in Gaza.


What seems to be missed, or at least misunderstood by all those holding various degrees of self-declared ‘expertcy’ on matters related to Judah-ism, Zionism, and all the other cancers that have erupted within the body politic of Gentile-dom since the unholy resurrection of the Jewish state from it’s divinely-declared 2,000 year old grave is that everything that has been taking place in the last century, and particularly, everything that has taken place since Oct. 7, has been–




–Meaning that the followers of Judah-ism, the ‘children of Israel’ as they love to refer to themselves, have been planning for this moment as part of their long-range agenda of ‘redeeming’ the land they believe was ‘promised’ to them by ‘yahweh’, the violent deity to whom they have sold their wretched souls.


MEANING, ladies and Gentile-men, no one should allow themselves to get ‘caught up’ in all of the now-present misplaced rapturous ecstasy that somehow, by the grace of Allah and the bravery of Hamas, that the descendants of Ishmael are going to push the Jews into the sea anytime soon.


Nor should they make the mistake of thinking that Israel has plans smaller than WWIII/Armageddon, nor that the followers of Torah-Judah-ism aren’t moving forward AT THIS VERY MOMENT with their plans of destroying all the Ishmaelite nations in the region, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, and–the crowned Jewel in the entire affair–‘Persia’, whose destruction world Jewry has been celebrating pre-emptively for the last 2,500 years at Purim.



Israel National News


The Israeli Defense Forces anticipate their war efforts against Hamas in Gaza will last the entirety of the year and possibly into 2025, an IDF official told reporters on Tuesday.


The Israeli official said Israel remains far away from achieving its goals of capturing Hamas’ leaders and disabling Hamas’ military infrastructure, according to a Tuesday Bloomberg report.


After initially beginning their military operation in Gaza’s north, the IDF has been operating in Khan Yunis over the last two months. While Israel has achieved significant military gains and greatly damaged Hamas, they have struggled to control conquered land and still face threats from Hamas terrorists.



A protracted war


Despite warnings that the Israel-Hamas War is set to last longer than initially anticipated, the IDF is reportedly close to defeating Hamas in Khan Yunis, with some estimates that the terror group’s ability to fight as an effective collective force could be broken within weeks or less.


Of the 4,500 Hamas fighters initially stationed in Khan Yunis, 2,700 have been killed, over 1,000 in close combat, and over 1,700 by tank, artillery, or aerial attacks.


Despite all of these achievements, IDF sources are unsure if they will catch Hamas’s leadership and the Israeli hostages they are holding within Khan Yunis. A rising number of IDF officials believe that portions of Hamas’s leadership and their hostages may have fled to Rafah, where there are close to 1.5 million Palestinian civilians to hide among. Additionally, another 105,000 Palestinian civilians recently left Khan Yunis for other safe zones, with around 20,000-30,000 remaining in Khan Yunis.


Around 2,000 Hamas fighters are still believed to be in northern Gaza among around 200,000 civilians and are said to be trying to reconstitute themselves as a force while Israel’s government lags in implementing its strategy for transitioning northern Gaza into a post-Hamas area.



Controversial move may bolster war effort


The IDF announced Tuesday that they have been flooding Hamas terror tunnels with seawater to hinder Hamas fighters and destroy infrastructure in a low-cost and safe manner. The move is seen as controversial, with critics pointing to the ecological damage and the potential to kill or injure Israeli hostages held by Hamas inadvertently.


The flooding system is most effective near the Mediterranean Sea and cannot be used in areas where the IDF has concerns that it could harm the Gaza land in the long term. Special IDF analysts also study different kinds of topography to see where it is likely to be most valuable in destroying tunnels.

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