‘We are determined to prepare for an expansion of the war and to go on the offensive – this is our mission.’


ed note–There is a lot of exuberance these days amongst supporters of ‘the resistance’ that ‘Hamas has won’ and that Israel is ‘retreating from Gaza’ with her tail between her legs as a result.


As we have cautioned before, this is not something new. In each and every massacre that the Jewish state has carried out, once her bloodlust had been (temporarily) sated and she slithered back over the border, the declaration on the part of various ‘neighborhoods’ within the resistance was that this represented a ‘retreat’ on the part of Murder, Inc and that the victims–who had lost THOUSANDS compared to only a small handful of the IDF, ‘had won’.


Yes, the resistance has done admirably in sending scores of Satan’s children back to the same fiery hell from whence they came. And yes, in terms of world public opinion, Hamas is ‘winning’, in the sense that Gaza’s crucifixion is causing the world to slowly understand better the demonic nature of that nation-state peopled by those whom Jesus Christ characterized as ‘children of their father, the devil…’


At the same time however, no one should make the mistake of allowing their enthusiasm to get the better of their reason.


Israel is only moving troops out of Gaza in order to proceed with the next chapter of what she plans to do, which is to drive the Palestinians out of the West Bank and into Jordan, while at the same time, ‘Gazafying’ Lebanon as part of her plans for creating the same ‘Greater Israel’ that has been on her ‘to do ‘ list for the last 3,000 years. And as much as it would be a moral and strategic mistake to allow despair to creep in and to incapacitate us all from doing what must be done in fighting this apocalyptic monster midwifed by no less than Lucifer himself, at the same time however, it would also be a moral and strategic mistake to allow unwarranted and unrealistic enthusiasm to creep in and dominate as well. 




Israel National News


MG Ori Gordin, Commanding Officer of the IDF’s Northern Command, met Friday with the heads of the evacuated councils in the north.


The meeting was held at the command headquarters and included a discussion with the heads of the local councils. In addition, a summary of intelligence and operational situational assessment, the command’s operations during the war, and the processes of accelerating readiness for continued fighting in the northern sector were presented.


MG Gordin emphasized to the heads of the councils that these meetings are an integral part of conducting the war and that the connection between the IDF and the local leadership is of great importance to the command’s operations during war.


‘Our goal is to change the security situation in the north in a manner that will allow us to safely return the residents home to a state of security,’ Gordin said. ‘We are determined to change the security reality that is already shifting these days and to prepare for an expansion of the war and to go on the offensive – this is our mission.’


‘We will continue to strike Hezbollah and to deny its capabilities. Our mission is to protect the residents and communities of the north. The way we operate, and intend to continue, is partnership, full partnership with you and the residents. The residents of the north are the ones who give us strength to continue – they are the tailwind that allows us to achieve the accomplishments we have reached so far in the north.’

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