ed note–lest some think that all of this political and economic turmoil–as well as all the nasties that are still to come–all just happened to ‘pop’ up out of nowhere and with no deliberate human activity associated with it on the part of ‘interested parties’ who stood/stand to benefit from it all, all one need do is to remember certain ‘coincidences’ associated with the terrorist attacks of 9/11 that include–among other things–the arrest of 5 Israeli intelligence officers who were seen filming the destruction of the towers and cheering.

As many commentators associated with Judea, Inc have made Kristol clear since the arrival of Covid, yahweh, the god of the Jews and of the Jewish state, is not pleased with POTUS DJT. Yes, he moved the US embassy to Joo-roo-salem. Yes, he recognized Jewish sovereignty over the Golan heights, but this is not enough in turning the furious gaze of that angry ‘god’ of Israel away from Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ which means to ‘divide the land’ and create a Palestinian state.

And it is for this reason then, that the ‘god’ of Israel has sent this current ‘plague’ known as Covid that has resulted in all this political instability that threatens to unseat from the office of POTUS DJT before he can begin final implementation of that ‘deal’.

Furthermore, something else that must be remembered when factoring all this ‘prophecy’ business into the present equation–The Jews have had the last 2,000 years since their infernal state and their infernal temple were destroyed to isolate every single ‘prophecy’ related to their ‘return’ to Judea, to the ‘rebuilding of their temple’ and to the final arrival of the warlord for which they have been waiting, their ‘Moshiac’, or messiah and to write all of that into present-day events in order to seduce the minds of not only their own people, but as well, deluded Christians also. 

Please note those sections in red, and particularly those sections ‘predicting’ an initial plague not very serious that would then be followed by another that indeed was deadly, something which all can rest assured was cooked up in an Israeli lab to be used at just the right moment, such as now.

Also note the words of the rabbi concerning how ‘G-d’ would protect those Jews who honor the synagogue, something that perhaps explains how/why Israel has managed to be heads and tails above all the other industrialized nations of the world in vaccine rollout for Covid and for whatever variants of that disease that are scheduled to arrive in the near future.


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In a lecture last month, a rabbi revealed a section of the Zohar which predicts that in the later stages of the final days, the world will be hit with a pandemic. As horrifying as that sounds, the Zohar goes on to predict that the initial disease will be followed by another, similar to the first but far more lethal.

Rav Yaakov Yagen gave a lecture last month concerning the synagogue and public prayer. He referred to classical Jewish sources stating that public prayer is one of the things that protects the public from plagues and disease.

‘The sages of Israel said that public prayer, honoring the synagogue, and other things like that are important and protect us from epidemic. So the more we are strengthening in these so we don’t have to panic, we can remain calm that G-d will be with us.’

The lecture was given at a time when the coronavirus was considered threatening but the measures taken to prevent the spread were relatively mild when compared to the total lockdown many governments are enforcing.

‘I’m not downplaying this virus,’ Rabbi Yagen said. ‘This could be a very dangerous thing and if, G-d forbid, this should spread, this could be the end. But G-d watches over us. We have to do our effort by respecting the synagogue more, and the rest is up to G-d to protect us.’

The rabbi then referenced the Zohar the seminal work of Jewish mysticism, paraphrasing the text.

At the end of days, when it is time for the Messiah’s arrival, there is first going to appear a virus that the people are going to have some sort of control over when it spreads around the countries of the world. And after that, it doesn’t say how much later, there is going to be another virus that is going to be similar but worse than the first virus, and the 2nd virus is going to be G-d’s way of purifying the world so that Messiah can come.

So according to the Zohar, we are at the end of the days. Not the days leading up to but we are at the end of the end of the days leading up to Messiah’s arrival. So, G-d willing, this Passover, we won’t have to book hotels and we will all be in Jerusalem and the Temple where we will all merit bringing the Passover offering.

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