Here’s what the Jewish community is saying about the end to the constitutionally protected right to abortion


ed note–we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–

The ‘Jewish Problem’, otherwise shortened to the ‘JP’–spans the entire gamut of human existence and is not limited merely to what happens to be taking place just in the Middle East. As horrendous as the suffering has been for the peoples living there (Muslim and Christian alike) as a result of what the followers of the Judaic cult have done in inflicting their religiously-decreed violence against the indigenous Gentiles already living there, it isn’t the only locale suffering as a result of this statistically-insignificant group’s organic and incurable malice against ALL PEOPLES.

The truth be told, what they have done in places such as Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc, etc, etc, as bad as it has been, has been outdone many times when looking at ‘the numbers’ where they–the followers of the Judaic cult–have had a free hand in running otherwise innocent lives–including those of the yet-to-be-born–through the anti-Gentile meatgrinder.

It was Jesus Christ who said it best and now–more than at any other time in human history–is it best understood why the followers of the Judaic cult maneuvered His being ‘canceled’ for exercising His rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion–


You are children of your father, the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies…


The Jewish Daily Forward

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade. The decision ended constitutional protections for the right to an abortion that had been in place for nearly 50 years. Abortion opponents have fought for decades to outlaw the procedure. Abortion will now likely be banned in about half of the states.

Here is a sampling of reactions from the Jewish community.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs: ‘Prohibiting abortion access is contrary to Jewish law, traditions, and our principal value of saving a life; it enshrines specific religious imperatives in American law. Judaism compels us to stand for all life, and we prioritize the life and health of a pregnant person.’

From Bend the Arc, a Jewish political action group– ‘Abortion access is a Jewish value. Abortion care is health care. We dissent.’

From the Anti-Defamation League–‘Today’s decision overturns 50 yrs of constitutional protection for an individual’s right to determine whether to terminate a pregnancy or to bear a child.’


From Rabbi Michael Adam Latz–

Dear anyone who may need an abortion, if abortion becomes illegal or inaccessible in your state & you can make it to Minnesota, I will do everything possible to help you get the abortion you need and you deserve. Because healthcare is a human right, so help me God…


From the Jewish Women’s group Hadassah–


Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, reaffirms its unwavering support for full and complete access to reproductive health services and the right to make decisions based on each woman’s religious, moral and ethical values. Hadassah will continue to fight for federal and state legislation affirming and protecting reproductive rights…


From Benyamin Diaz, the ‘Wicked Vagabond’–

Can we blame Christian imperialism, Christian nationalism, Christian hegemony, Christian brutality, and Christian supremacy now?


Keshet, LGBTQ rights–

This Supreme Court decision is the culmination of a decades-long campaign by an extremist, predominantly white Christian minority to impose their religious and cultural beliefs on the majority of Americans who support abortion rights. Keshet, and the Jewish and LGBTQ+ communities, will fight to reverse this court decision and ensure abortion access for all.


The Rabbinical Assembly of America–

The RA is outraged by the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to end the Constitutional right to abortion and deny access to lifesaving medical procedures for millions of individuals in the U.S., in what will be regarded as one of the most extreme instances of governmental overreach in our lifetime.


The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, JOFA–

As a matter of faith, JOFA supports every woman’s legal right to make decisions about, and have control over, her own body, without the involvement of the government or any other entity.

Women’s Rabbinic Network–

The Torah, the Mishnah, and the Talmud — Judaism’s most sacred and authoritative texts — do not view a fetus as a soul until it is born. Rather, a fetus is considered part of the parent’s body until delivery. Indeed, the word for soul — neshama — also means breath, because Judaism teaches that life begins not at conception or with a heartbeat but with the first breath. Therefore, forcing someone to carry a pregnancy that they do not want or that endangers their life is a violation of Jewish law because it prioritizes a fetus over the living adult who is pregnant. This must be understood as a violation of the United States Constitution which guarantees our freedom to practice our religion and also our freedom from the dictates of other religions.


Jewish Democratic Council–

This is an affront to all we stand for as Jewish Americans. We will not stop fighting for reproductive justice & that means we must elect more Democrats.


Hillel International–

Our tradition teaches that our most sacred obligation is the preservation of human life, and we’re dismayed that this ruling will make it more challenging to fulfill that promise for the students, professionals, and community members we serve.


Rabbi Jill Jacobs, CEO of T’ruah–

Today’s ruling ignores the First Amendment right for Jews to practice their religion without government interference, and will also have life threatening implications for millions of Americans, primarily low-income people of color, by giving states the power to revoke essential health care from nearly half the population.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington–

…While we respect other religions’ belief that life begins at conception, Jewish law has no such dictate. Accordingly, a ruling holding that a fetus is a person effectively elevates one religious viewpoint over others and infringes upon Jewish pregnant individuals’ right to follow the tenets of their faith…

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